Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Piglets At Karaoke.

today got class but we still manage to go karaoke! guess it haven't you?! lolx!!
i play truant! yea! for the very first time in my college life! and damn it feels good!! lolx!
went to karaoke at Sungei Wang. did not really had a good time there la because it was like kinda rushing. we don't really have very enough time to sing and then to rest and then to sing and then to rest again. we was like sing sing sing sing sing, toilet because really cant stand it already, then continue sing again. practically no rest! damn! it was so rushing and we cant get an afternoon session because it has all been fully booked and thus no student discount! damn! i know that it is still cheap without that discount but still~~~T.T
my rights as a student have beeen robbed away right in front of me!!
oh well, i went 2 of my best buddy in college and all is worth while!*smiles* and i screamed my lungs out!
and this thursday got accounting coursework test and i have not master it all!! uurrgghhh~~
see the rajiness of me la~ tsk tsk tsk...^.^

then we go shopping, window shopping to be exact! and someone shop till there isn't a single cent in her purse!! darn! lolx!!

little Japan.
a shop name Yokusuki, if i have not get the name wrong... they sell all stuffs from Japan and those promoters girls are asked to dress in fake kimonos!! lolx!!
but damn pretty la the shop i meant and i have not came across this shop in Sungei Wang lo..

and we realise that this Sungei Wang also is having a total "make over". as in the shop from selling really damn cheapskate and no taste clothes to really high class and elegant clothings! one word, CHIO!!! i damn like! lolx!

then we accompanied one friend to the optical shop because she wants to use contact. note, first timer in using contact lens and to those that uses contact will surely understand the difficultness in putting it into our eyes for the very first time.
over all, had a great laugh there, but she was way better than me la.
because my place, we are charged to learn to wear that lens. so i bought it back and learn to wear it myself from all the advertisement that i saw before.
it took me 45 minutes to put one into one eye!! ONE eye leh~~~
and another 45 minute for the another la~
and she only do it in 45 minutes for 2 eyes.
good right!!!^^

then walked back to T.S and i saw the christmas decorations there and i thought that it is kinda overly done but yet, nice... and it got me all tingly inside!!^^

my camera not that nice and was down the escalator..
this tree is overly done la~ haix~

all i want for christmas is.... bla bla bla bla..
i forgot the lyrics...heheheh~~ but i want to do a list!!lolx!! so damn kiddy!!


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