Friday, January 30, 2009

Hate it

i have been sitting in the computer room way too long till i feel so lifeless now. and all those movies on mysoju is either unloadable or broken. how the hang can the vids be broken i also don't get it. could it be that so many people watch it before me and when i want to watch it now, it is broken. T.T
then crunchyroll says that they doing maintainance!?*now i can't spell that either, bother~*
so long in this room that the room smells like me now.. ahahaha~

yesh, msn really really so spamable!
and i hate it! darn it!
while i am surfing the net and watching vids and dramas, there would always be a freaking nudge and a pop up chat room from my friend list. so without checking whether they online or not, i just open up the cbox and thought they want to chat or what la. then only i realized is those stupid links. my friends call it virus. you know what links?! i will tell u~
links like...! what turf! and they comes with a private message like 'come see me naked!' , 'i have just uploaded my most turn on pictures.' , 'i had found the most horny girl.'... blablabla~
and i'd go what turf!

at first i thought that my friend simply sent it to me for some joke or what la kan. then i realized that they are actually offline. so, all those lonely websites used my friend's email address to sent and make some pathetic publishing of their pathetic sites. and it is so damn irritating! it comes every 5 - 10 minutes after i close the previous box.
and my poor friends, i had to block some of them just for the sake of not seeing those stupid links and annoyed me. sorry peeps..
but... on the other hand.. i had got this naggy feeling.
how can those people get my friend's email and hack it i presume.*fark, another one now*

^^sailormoon wont be giv up wat i going 2 do!! says:
are you horny?! Go check these sexies babes & hunks,

there! i don't know how to paste the whole cbox here so i just took what they sent! shyte..
and i was thinking that prolly my does go to this kind of sites and so they got their mail and use them illegally?! woot~
damn irritating! can anyone enlighten me on how to make it go away?

i was watching a documentary about mosquitoes just now. yea~ what turf right? about mosquitoes! lolx~ and they say that the animals differentiate between themselves by their pitch of their humming. the flapping of their wings. they said, 'mosquitoes differ themselves by fluttering differ pitch of tone. if male flutters at a higher pitch then the female will flutter at a lower pitch and vice versa.'
ok~ what the heck was that?! read again and try to indulge on what they say then u will know why i went =.=
which means i can choose to be female or male la is it? that means if i am in the naughty mood, i can trick the other to think what i am not la?*as in mosquitoe*

haix~what a documentary i watch just now~ waste of time.
and then they showed pictures of swan. suddenly. just like that and they are still on that topic and once again made me think.. 'what if this pest went and bite on crazy dog's blood then they came and sting me??!'
yerr~ and i saw this picture! yerr~

what is wrong with him?!
what turf! no eye see and this picture made me shivers~

maybe i got too bored or what but i feel so irritated la~
have been hearing Rehab by Rihanna for the 5th time today and the radio station still dare to cheat listeners by saying that they will not repeat the songs that they played! what the! u treat all your listeners deaf ka?! darn it! not hating the song but the bullshitting of the station.

i truly adore this girl! she is so successful and at such tender age~ not that tender but not very much older than me too but she is like so way richer than me already. she is like gold dust and i am like a speck of dust around the corner of your house! what the hang~
and she is coming and i am not going because~ i am not sure where will she be and prolly i am back to college already.
is she coming?? or has PAS made stupid comments again that they are restricting her from doing a concert here? what turf la you guys! just sit back, relax, enjoy the show and shuddup la~
you don't want her, well, heck! prolly 2 million people want her here. and she helps you freaks boost economy ok~ do the maths la~

ok~ that was so random. not PMS-ing or anything la~ just irritated by hornymatches! what turf!


Mr. Awesome said...

bla bla bla. u love talking to me on NuffNang ChatBox. =]

righttttt socks? =D

Muhd Naim said...

For the sake of commenting, LOL.

Heya Mozilla FireVox!

To Awesomeness Aaron, don't perasan. MWAHAHAHAHA.

Voxy said...

to naim:ish~apala~

to awesomeness:=.= pengsan~

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