Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Emo Post

yea this is going to be an emo one cause cause cause~haix*teared*

you had decided me to be part of you outta few hundreds and hell yea i protected you like you were of my own flesh and blood. we talk, we eat, we see, we slept in class, we bitch about others, we share secret remedy, we cry, we stalked, we giggle our heads off, we talk about boys and admirers.. all of that in a TOGETHER word. don't you remember that??

don't you remember how i had always looked up onto you cause you were elder, you were thinner, you were obviously smarter and you always love it when i made you smile or laugh your head off and in return, you gave me a soft pat on the back and that made-me-tingle-inside warm hug! have you also forgotten that??

*tears flowing like craze*

for all the times that i had stand up for you, in defense mode for you and for all the people that i had made known to you... and all that in return was back stabbing, ignorance, and discrimination?? how evil could be more of you, seriously i have no idea!
people come up to me to tell me to get the heck of you outta my mind, but you know what, mine is a master data and things can't be deleted once it is written there, and so you are not going anywhere except for lingering-ation in my mind. and i know, it hurts me loads, like thousands of tiny needles smuggingly poking and piercing my lil' heart, but STILL i would behold you in my heart till the day that i die.

you were the best that i ever had and the best and only one that i had ever known..
Why did you act like i had never existed in you life before??
Why did you act like i was the one that betrayed you instead of the other way round??
Why is it that you single-ed me out on everything and i have to get to know from the others??
Why is it that i am the one receiving question about our relationship from pestering people??
Why is it me to be blame when you are the one who took away my all??

you know what~ its too painful.....
*in tears*


Isaac Wong said...

you'll always have the rest of us... =)

Victoria said...

thx~no mood to LOL today so i hehe ony la~
thankx fer reading

Jeffro said...

Awwwh.. poor Voxy *hugs* Who the fella, who the fella, lai lai we go bash him up.. =D

Victoria said...

*hugstight* *blow nose at jeffro's shirt then wipe wipe* lol what turf~

girl la~u wna bash her up meh~dun la~i still love*sisterly*her la~she is like my bestest besttie~

till now i think~haiah~

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