Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Nails!! Awww~~

im so emo now! what turf!!!
i got all emo-ed up after i saw what happened to my nails! what tur~
after all those nail polish and drawings and all, my nails not nice already!!! all turned yellowish! and it looks fugly now~

seeeee!!! see what i mean??!! the white color parts are not as white as of those french nails anymore and not as healthy as it was last time!!

and if you notice, i had the two thumb's nails cut short cause one, the thing chipped off cause of lotsa swimming and secondly, wearing my lens! what turf~ i tell you~i tore one side of the lens last time. i remember i post it here. but i duno was it because of my long nails or what~ haix~

guess that i can have 2 things at one decision huh??
and imma so random! cause i a m so sad to see the state of my nails!
and you shall see my having nice chunted colored nails a few days later~ lol


YL said...

nail polish 'eats' up the nails :/ quite sad. haha. that's why i dont do it =)

Victoria said...

@yi ling:
yea i know but it is kinda like my hobby!^^ i love nail art! said...

i dunno why but me having long nails = acne
maybe i'm not hygienic?

Victoria said...

hey rei mui:
i dont think so la cause people say nails are like poisons to facial skin so when u have long nails try not to scratch your face too often with the nails la. but if ur face is itchy, just rub ur fingers on face slowly lur..

i dun scratch my face at all~^^

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