Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kick Fool You Day and Welcomes May Day


Today marks an ending of the "Fool You" month and a whole new beginning of May Days! And the best thing for the first of ever tomorrow is.. LABOUR'S DAY!

Let's all say yeah cause for once, we don't have to wake up super early to get ready and to beat the traffic. Let's all sleep till 12p.m to get up for brunch and to sleep again! Lol what turf~ And yet again a boring day today! Why must i choose this job or should i say why are the people so ignorant or should i say why people hate being asked loads of questions???

"Hello, Good morning/afternoon, this is Victoria calling from International Data Corporation. May i speak to [name] cause' we are currently carrying out a survey regarding uses of external consultation in an organization, so i would very much appreciate it if you would participate."

Was what i said the WHOLE fucking day today! And some of them were being overly rude, some on average, some being overly nice till it creeps me out. Cause there are a lot of gays and les on the "other side of the world" ya all! LOL~ So i am very much the person to be all huu haa about LABOUR DAY!*sigh*

Anyway, got a new shoe today! Yipee~ Till then all~Toodles~

p/s:i have no idea what got into you that made you change and so if you had just wanted to play, say so, i WILL surely play along. and i am going to stick to what i had been sticking to all this while and grow roots to which the grounds i stand.

An Outing With BenjicaJess, YennieDoll, Jloi & Coco

This is actually the photos that i just got from the outing the other day. Since i had already put loads of picture there, i thought of doing another post of it but this time more pictures and less blabbering. So here they are~

Finally met up with Benjicajess, my hot pretty jie jie~ ^^
Pictures ahead~

Summary:: Jessjie loves to take pictures on the elevator! LOL

The "ALL" of us and PYSCH that bernard, he is so engrossed with his game and reluctant to turn around for just that second. I thought jess is going to copy paste his face?! LOL~

Toodles all~
Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Work Beckons!


Who want to see the place i worked at!? It is so "cool" i tell you that it made me grab my sweatshirt tighter and the hairs on my back stand. Fuu~ Brr~

TADAA! Cool right?

Ok i don't work at the hall way but i was there at 7 A.M! Blardy 7 A.M! Work starts at 7.30 but i was there like super early due to traffic. So i just sat there and wait, and wait and wait. I could swore that i nearly fell asleep cause i was so tired and i hate place that has got no one. It just makes me bored, sleepy and prolly hallucinate what turf cause i hear footsteps! Yea! Blardy invicible footsteps at 7A.M and who would prolly be there as early as there! and who would just stomp and WALK at the same place for a whole 10 minuteS!*shivers*

So i braced myself and a forced a smile while listening to the steps! what turf! I feel like crying! But i was there, no where to go! So i went and stand near the lift so when there's anyone that arrives, i could just pretend that i just came out from the opposite lift and pretend to walk together back to that alley! what turf! T-T

Another thing, I WORKED there but i need to get this blardy VISITOR pass! The last time i was there, i was given this superbly cute white card that i use to pass and i don't need to wait.*sigh*now i have to walk to the next road and returned it. I was really tempted to keep this till the last week! Not nice, but it safe me the time to queue up for it!*doublesigh*

And oh, call that number all you one cause it is INVALID! lol~ I was so bored that i kept dialing that number! LOL~

my messy messy table and the "phone" that i don't even bother to put nicely and untangled it. And Cleo is still my best break companion!


though i have to wait one hour for it to stop rain cause this smarty pants thought it ain't going to rain till next year so lose the umbrella! LOL~

By the way, i am telemarketing to Australia so i have got this weird super early time to work but HEYY! Look on the bright side, i end work earlier than the most of you! Who works that is! I offduty at 3p.m, which leaves me an extra 2 hours to SHOP! Well, window shop to be precise! Oh, If i were rich~~~

Toodles all~


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I was so damn tired when i reached home last night. Poundings in my head and i feel lethargic. I think too much of screaming and running around the karaoke room and also the blasting of the songs contributed to the headache! And i think Evelyn(YennieDoll)must have been scared looking at how we roll! Lol~ Nonetheless, yesterday was Krispy Kreme's opening day and so i got the opportunity to meet up with BenjicaJess(Jessjie), Bernard(GreenTeaBern) and a whole loads of other bloggers. So here it is, after resting early last night! Lol~ And i want all the pictures la you all! Why did not send to me!!


I was welcomed to Times Square with a bunch of people queing up in front of the new opened Krispy Kreme. According to YennieDoll, there were even a group of students that has been camping there since saturday till the opening of it which was a Monday! what turf! They don't have to study? No assignments ka? Lol~ This picture seems less cause i took this around 12.30 where the people that has been waiting since dawn had prolly get their share of the goody delicious donaught and ran to a corner savoring it. And this were the late comers, but still, they get donaughts while waiting ok! what turf! Then can i just pretend waiting and stand there to get one donaught and then scurried off! ROFL..

Yeah! Finally i met up with my Jessjie! Fuu~ She's a whole lot of characters, she loves to talk and she is very very friendly although her looks might deceive you! Lol~ she went ooh and ahh and ehh and a whole lot of expression when we brought her to I-Socks. She saw a manequin dressed up like Amy Lee and she quickly went and "molest" it what turf for a good whole of 10 minute! Lol~ She takes pictures a lot, on the ELEVATOR, and the pictures are with her. So imma just gna wait, wait, wait and wait cause YennieDoll say it takes her ages to upload! Lol~Take your time jie~ Lol~

After a not-so-productive 2 hours of shopping cause there weren't really much things to buy there, not much choice, ok~ Not our style of a lot of choice, we tolled ourselves to the next building for karaoke. Thanks to me*erhem*who asked them to make a booking first and so we did cause we never expect to have so many people there on a Monday! Fuu~ All this people is either jobless or on holidays like me and my peeps. Lol~ Cause the counter is so busy that we had to stand and waited for 5 minutes before we are served and given our rooms.

They were having don't know what kind of promotion that day but i saw "Happy Hour" stickers stuck to all the beverages and foods and we need to wear that tag on my hand whenever we go out to stack up F&Bs. And i think the way they charge has differ too! Ohmygod! Still not expensive cause we had student card but a tad bit more than the last time, which was 8 weeks ago! what turf.
So time waits for no man and definitely food waits for no man too, so i quickly lashed up my tag and pulled one of my friends out to grab the snacks and drinks.

Snacks weren't a lot of choice but hell, there were a lot of choices of drinks! And all the drinks can really help regenarate your sore throat if you screamed too much. Lol~

Anyway, among all the good drinks which i did not try all, i still love this best. This is Orange Ice which was stated there but it tasted like those tropical fruit drink but ice-blended. And they even stcked up Coco de Nata for us, so apalagi, I put a lot! Lol~

There were 5 of us who went to karaoke cause Jessjie needs to go back to work(aww)so she cant join us and the rest of them went bowling. So here are some of the pictures, with my damn handphone that can't take nice pictures under dim lightning!

My besttie of bestties. She looks so darn happy here cause she is! Lol~

My 2nd besttie of bestties which luckily could join us later and luckily she escaped from her doctor that talks a lot, says she! Lol~ cause we aren't going to see each other for the next 3 weeks! omfg! can die ok! *sigh*

The Tweety Bird singing! Lol~

and guess who is this! she really enjoyed herself and scared of us i think! Lol~
Jeng Jeng Jeng~

EVELYN! Yenniedoll..
She is the oldest! Lol~ and she is not charged according to student price but what the heck, al last they count one less, shall tell you that! what turf this greenbox people! My earned,your loss sucka! Lol~

Overall, it was such fun that even my three world of friends, one from secondary, one from blogging world and the other two from college could mix and played well. We took lots of pictures but it is all scattered among handphones and cameras.. We even took pictures sitting on the table beside the tv, posing in front of it, camwhored and loads more~

so much fun that one of my besttie took off her shoes and went sofa jumping instead! what turf~ Lol~

The standard must take picture, the bill.
Upon seeing this, i don't know how they count it and my bestties said that they count one out so we Untung la~ But i feel angry too, why the heck we need to pay for the service that they provide which they did not provide any good attentive service to us but to take Yennie's Krispy Kreme away! Lol~ And the tax kena round up some more! what turf~

But i had a great time! I plumped to my bed as soon as i reached home. So the late post!
Tralalaa~ XOXO all! Till we meet again! Toodles all~
Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do I?


What do you treat me as?
No doubt, knowing you has been the most great opportunity i can get and i was asking no more than FRIENDS. Getting more and more of you as the extra daily dose in my life's spices has totally changed the way i live life and my life will surely change, if not a lot then a little and that makes much difference too.

You were there for me when i thought that no one will be there for me anymore. You were there for me when i thought all had moved on and i was the only one left behind screaming "Hey wait for me!". You and yes, only YOU was there to cheer me up and be there for me when i feel that the whole world is closing on me, when i thought all are turning their backs on me, when i thought i will cry silently alone. Yes, YOU were there for me even though you have never ever see me. How can that be? Why would you spend so much time on someone you never could possibly meet EVER! Why?

Earlier on, you really gave me the thought that i was just a substitute of your loss. A freaking fucking SUBSTITUTE! what turf~ so i rest on that and dare not to move on. FRIENDS is okay for me. Later on, you begun to show it. I don't know it cause i don't want to think about it. I don't want to care. I just don't want to know. Cause reality hurts, reality is like a slap to my face. I hate reality and now i.. I don't know what i feel for you now. I was a noob for not realizing it, actually i KNOW but i choose to ignore and i choose to resist myself from admitting what i think i am feeling for you. I want you to do it, to say it, to carry it out FIRST. It must come from you and the result from me but even so, i think the result will definitely be a jolly one cause after a while, i think i know what i want.

People tend to say "Grass are greener on the other side of the world" and i think i have to agree on that now cause i think i finally found someone, and that someone is YOU!

Do you know, I actually missed talking to you? I miss the lame jokes you do. I miss the bully thing you do to me and then the sayang-ing back. I miss the time you spent talking to me on the phone, big sacrifice yes and i think i don't mind it now cause i think i am immune to it. I miss your accent. I miss the sound of the wind that bothers us talking on the phone. I miss your huffing sound while you climb the mountain and talking to me. I was in doubtly sad when i know you suddenly had a change of plans and making me unable to see you. I really want to see you in person but i feel jiggy and giddy cause you might think that i am not what you think i were, i am scared that you will depise me. I am bad at expressing myself to you when you asked me cause this is how i am but deep down inside i really want to scream "I LIKE YOU" cause i am not sure about LOVE. What is love anyway?

I really hope when you are all done with your things that you would come here and read all this that i wanted to tell you all along but no guts to do so. Till this day i still don't get what you really want and so i don't get what i really feel. But all those were what u feel up till today and i think i had fall for you.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Victoria's Secret Revealed!


Do you all want to know about this?

Lol what turf! I don't use that by the way, not that very rich to use that product! I wander who does this baby belongs too~ LOL~


Finally ended my finals! I feel that it is easy this time around compared to the last two semester because mathematics has and will always be my biggest most ferocious enemy that i could never ever conquer and shall only be conquered! what turf!

Today's last paper was Web Page Design*wait! what turf i saw some hansamu sumimasen-ing!*and no doubt, this is the most "what turf, I-dont-care" paper of all time by all students cause it spells nothing more than EASY. Ok, if KACANG is accepted, then make it spells two words! LOL~ The reason i said that was because in just mere 45 minutes from the time the paper starts, there are already people walking out of the hall obviously all done with the paper and i am still at question 2 of three question! what turf lo this people! Lol~

Knowing the kiasu me, cause my two most closest peeps went out too and were all done, but i don't know whether is it just pass or flying color papers, but i am all alone there! so i hurried what i delayed cause i thought i should buy some time by day dreaming and i thought i was the fastest among the lots! Damn! I thought i want to go out earlier and give the "I am smarter than you" look and struts off! Lol~ Nonetheless, i managed to do that but to almost like half of the hall people la damn! Not pop enough! Lol~

Not only am i kiasu, i am kiam siap too! what turf! After the exam today i have to go back alone so i decided to take another route which i have not used before and this route will need me to take the bus, then the commuter and another bus, which is a sum total of RM4.50. The normal route that i take it a long lrt and a commuter and a bus, sums up to RM5. And i did the maths while i was walking like a freaking long way just to reach the commuter under the hot hot sun and realized how stupid i was! To safe up the stupid money, i walked! Real far too~ Nonetheless, i realized what/how Malaysia are very different from other countries and this is what makes Malaysia special.

I see BEGGARS. Everywhere i went, they are just there! Just freakingly standing there, begging for money. When they have legs, arms, limbs, head or what ever you have that makes you not much difference than a normal human being. But all you do is just sit there and, BEG. Even small kids this days are really mounting up to this "Sidewalk Begging" which really just annoys the hell out of me! Call me bitchy, call me heartless, but i just feel like kicking them when ever i walk past one. One with all the abilities la of course! Can't they just go beg for work then to beg for money!! Omg! Even washing plates and all behind restorants are decent job, ok not DECENT but still JOB! I just don't get people.

Malaysia is just too hot! Hot till i am sweating now sitting down! No mood can! Please cool yourself up, Mother Earth!
Friday, April 24, 2009



Fuah! This picture above made me looks like i just woke up in some brightly light room with my messy and unruly hair right! Lol~But i don't think i love taking picture so much that i will take a picture of myself every five minute cause this ain't a picture of me just waking up! Lol~ I was damn plain tired, that's all.

Today is yet again another unmercifully hot and warm day and the most dreadful thing isthat i need to go out to go get something that eventually made me think that going out on such a hot day where i could spend the time sleeping all the more worth it. Took a bus all the way to Times Square with the freaking hot sun shining and freaking toasting my arms and half of my body all the 45 minutes journey to Times Square. Then i almost skipped my stop and forget to get down cause i was sleepy with the sun shining and in fact, this is my first time taking the bus for this year. Cause i was so used to LRT and Monorail routes, that i forgot the bus route! what turf i tell you if i missed that stop and did not get down, i have to freaking walk under the sun for 15 minutes! Pheew~ Luckily some dude rang the bell and me up too! ^^

Wandering eh what the hell this freaking girl made so much noise and if scare of the sun then blardy don't go out and stay at home and study for finals la~ Well well, what'da ya know! I was RANDOMLY selected to be one of the MDG2 Blog Buzz Contest and i won myself~

no~what turf!

Not perfume for toilets ok, mind you although that was what i thought of when i was really young and when i saw EAU'DE TOILETTE, i did say "Eww, the toilet? why such name?"
Get it?? The sound of the pronounciation! xp

So, the whole idea of me cursing the sun and the hotness it brings is because i need to go to Heritage Rows(nearby)where Nuffnang office is to claim my windfall! How awesome huh! And the perfume smells real good and i am so going to use it cause i was NEVER a perfume addictive. Well, i am now! ^^ Thankx NuffNang. And the most paiseh thing is, when me and Yenniedoll was there, we didn't actually know the way around to the building but i saw someone stands at the lobby and went "Hey ev, there are some people there that have this potential blogger look, maybe they came to claim prize too. Let's go ask~" and so we went in and the moment we did that, the lift opened and out came Timothy Tiah! In my head i was like erh, is that my boss? but i said something like "Eh that is Timothy right??" to Yennie like i just saw some super well known actor! Lol what turf lo~ *sigh* so sia sui~ Lol~

They were actually on their way for lunch and OVBVIOUSLY we interupted and both girls have to accompany us to grab our gifts. And wasted like 15 minutes of their time! >.<
Then when we went down, Timothy was still there and i quickly rushed out!*sigh*I am/was actually nervous at the sight of our Boss! what turf~ I think he looks way too young to have a such successful business, actually am awed to see him looking so young but successful! what turf~ and what i am doing now la? at the age of 19! DIPLOMA! *double sigh*

Awesomeness moments ended! Lol~ I am so easily awestruck! what turf lo~ cause i have nothing to made people awe that's why! Lol~
Thus, proceeds to have lunch and a really really long window shopping walk with Yennie and i discover much more things that i have never thought she would do and i am totally happy that she shared with me! *LOVE YOU JIE*

"Jie, legs damn tired right! so is Monday plan on if we are to go to Times Square?Mostly, i meant 100% we are going for karaoke but i need you to confirm are you going to go shopping or no cause i thought of karaoke first then shop! Lol~ and you got Krispy Kreme some more after that! Huhuhu~"

Ok things to clearify~ We was at KFC LA~ and i wasn't eating so i got bored and did some picture taking. More at Yennie's blog if she ever do her blog on this la~so you all got to like hush and rush her for it! Lol~nothing that special, just and outing and crap a lot and i saw my church mate and i got A NEW PERFUME and i got a leg pain and i still HAVE NOT study for tomorrow!

Bye all! XOXO~
Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Was I Thinking?Or Was It You?


Today is going to be a boring post cause i will be doing an awesome one tomorrow! Lol~so stay tuned yea. Hahaha, this is just like making up losses! Lol~

So today and tomorrow will be a day off from college and exams and on SATURDAY will be the last day of my exams. Yes, you saw it right, it is a Saturday and i still need to go to college and take exams! what turf. Now i am missing holidays so much that i even perspire just by sitting here and blogging and thinking about it. I can't and must no blame the weather for being so hot cause after all it is our doing, right people? and RIGGHHTT you guilty ones that always burn your dumb non-disposable rubbish in any slot of open air that you can find? and also to you smokers out there, huh? Will you all just die if you don't ignite fire/flame/smoke/carbon/what ever that makes global warming for one day!

Sooner or later the earth will definitely go

one day and instantly killing all the things that are in it! see how you will feel then! oh wait~ you ain't going to feel anything too cause you will be dead too! Oh! How blissful, i have to die with people that i hate and and also with another don't know how many million of population people that i do not know and not wish to know!

So Stop creating and worsen Global Warming!!

I think today is going to be "Victoria's Thought" post and i know you would go like i don't care and all but this is what i have really wanted to say this past few days on relatively a few issues.

First of all, i hate pretenders and prolly no one like them either. You just know it you know if your friends or any one close to you and they are lying to you. They will have this silly slightly noticeable pretencious innocent look when you questioned them about it and they will even shift eyes! And i just don't get it why people can't be truthful, even though it hurts others, but wouldn't it be better if you hurt that someone now by you telling him/her than to let him/her knowing it out by themselves? I used and still am very straight-forward kind of person and seriously, if i hate you you will definitely be the first one to know and right on the spot as well, and if you're clever you might be able to detect it too without me hinting or saying it! So why bother talking to you right if i hate you! Waste time!

*sigh* Have not been really on the "huha" happy mode this few days and i don't know why! Exam stresses never make the good out of me and mum's baking every night certainly did me bad. I just don't get it! what has gotten into her? She comes back every night after work and go "Hey let's bake a cake/muffin/cookie tonight!" For the first and second time, really i am excited cause i love finger foods like this too, but later on, it is a tiring thing and she is really making me doing loads of it that i got bored and kinda waste my study time! How can la! Then might as well let me study culinary arts at first right!*sigh* And why she still has this absurd mind set that sitting in office is better than handling pot, woks, knife and pans!? still, i am more a hands on person than a pen-writting person.*sigh* why i never get to do things that i personally wants to do!? Was reading suannT's blog just now and i saw how her parents made her do things that she doesn't like too and i TOTALLY AGREE with her!

Have you ever thought of what i like?Have you even asked before what i love to do?Have you even once sit down and asked what i dream to be when i grow up? Have you even spend a little of your time thinking that hey, this is my life and not yours! Why don't i have the rights to decide on what i want to do? Well, i have been to a kebangsaan school all this while cause you wanted me to when i had wanted girls school all along. I have been learning mathematics hard cause this is what you wanted when all this while i know i have no talents what so ever in this field. You forced me into learning Taekwondo when all i wanted was to continue my ballet and all you have got to say is ballet is no future, Taekwondo is.I did not planned to take Business and you made me too cause you say it is good! Do you even know what i like??

Well, hello, this is MY OWN life~ *sigh*
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Copper Stained Hair!


Fuu! second last paper ended today! not really in the mood to blog now cause some where under this small website of an organization containing loads of subordinates when they were having their discussion, including me, someone has just got to pissed me off by simply butting in, not knowing a single detail and effing showoff there and just blardy BUTT IN!

Why are people so damn nosy yea? don't they have things to do like "mind their own business" business! what turf lo~ *sigh* i don't know whether is it just the weather or it is just me, i am so effing pissed off right now! and it's just so warm here in this room, and i feel nausea!

Ok, my hair grew longer and i feel that it is more appealing to let me see now, lol~so here are some, two i guess~


that i got~

a karat(copper)hair color!? LOL~
I am now liking this color a lot! i wanted to get a light blonde done but that must go to salon and i scare my hair will get terribly destroy after that and so i did not do it.
Be contented with what is now and i shall consider going blonde next time! ^^

Eh i love the contact lens but it got a bit dry already so might see that i am like trying to open my eyes cause it's dry and a bit irritating! I wore it like 8 hours straight under sun and air-con, so end of the day, IRRITATED EYES! but heck, contacts still rules! i shall die wering specs and walking all around college! Hahaha~

And so, my two photo showing jadi-ed three! Lol what turf~ xp
Cheerios people! ^^ xoxo~
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MDG2 Winner, But~


Hey blog dear, i am here again for the second time on 21/04/09 cause i have no class and exams today so i am a bit free and less of studies partly cause i started early and also because it is not calculations! Yea!

Was using "You" all this morning for some updates, to tell "you" what i have been through this two days of exam week, surfed some blogs in which i found some are very interesting and useful but there are some that are quite pointless to the stage of irky. When i got quite tired of only seeing "your" "face"(webpage)which is pink and a splash of yellow, i then watch a korean drama titled "Hello My Teacher" or something like that which i had watched twice! Lol i am so what turf right?! LOL~

There! one of the many many stacks of notes, i think there are 8 stacks but total sums up to around 100 pages i think? And i need to memorize like six stacks of it! A breeze~ LOL~cause memorizing is just my think! I hate calculations! I think i killed the inventor of calculation's punya father or family before so now in the afterlife, God make me can't do calculations AT ALL! what turf!

This is totally not some random pictures but a picture of a dead fly. Yea, a fly, satu lalat, yat gor wuu yeng~ and i think is a nausea-having fly cause it was flying 'round and 'round me and i did not bother cause as all know, it is so muthafucking hard to even get close to this species so let alone killing it. Cause i don't want to waste my time looking out for it and aiming it and go near it slowly and in the instance i whoop hands up, it flew.

This fly is so cacated i tell you! LOL~ i have this habit of flickering my pen/pencil/whatever i am holding while my elbow on the table so the thing that i am holding will be in midair. So while i was flickering away at quite a fast rate too, i think the fly flew pass it and knock on my pen! what turf! and the fly fainted on to the paper that i was reading, right in front of me, touched my face some more! what turff~@@
Then quickly grab hp and snap picture! Lol~ so muthafucking proud i tell you that i hit it, accidentally or no, it is still ME who got it! Lol~ even though is just a fly~=.=

Early in the morning when i checked my mail, Sharlyn from Nuffnang sent me an email regarding me being one of the winner for their weekly prize of the MDG2 Blog Buzz Contest and i am so thrilled but i don't know how to go to Jalan Yap Ah Shak! Lol~*sigh* anyone know?

Blast Those Papers!


Today was my first day of finals and after all the hard work since first semester to this now very moment, I will end my first year of college in TAR. Phew, in just a blink of an eye, a year has pass since the day i left form 5! I missed my secondary school days and now i shall miss the first day where i step into college.


Can anyone invent some "back-to-time" machine and present it to me?? or ok, i want to use once only then you can selfishly take it back and keep it! LOL~ If that were a wish come true, i would want to wind back to my form 5 and stop there forever! LOL~Why?? Cause that was the bestest time i had, friendships that time were strong, love life was blissful cause my bf was a sweetie, studies were fun, teachers were sporting, nothing to worry about but just to think of how to enjoy the next day! T-T

College ain't that bad either but still~*sigh* Can i don't grow up?Even so no time machine, can i stop at age 19? According to one of my friend, she wants to stay 19 forever cause this is the age where we are grown up in the sense that we can do whatever we like but at the same time, we are not olded and we still could wear monkey suits(if we want which we dont)and still looks cute in it! LOL~ Well said my friend, WELL SAID! except for the monkey suit! LOL~

Exams were a blast today, in a good way cause~ All the tips came out exactly as it is! Meaning is i know how to do all la~ and we were all done within an hour time and we blahed earlier! Yeah!

And i said the lamest in the world. "Let's pre-celebrate our knowingness in the FOS paper with Jambu!" was what i said! LOL what turf~ Actually the jambu-eating session is what we do DAILY after college cause this guy that sells jambu at the backgate of our college is and will always be the nicest jambu that i have eaten so far,yet! LOL~ cause all the jmbu selling people that i usually see, the soak their jambu in sugar water to sweeten them! what turf la~
so we nicknamed the guy, "Jambu Man" lol which brings another meaning in BM~ If you want to know then ask me cause it is hard to explain if your BM sucks like shit. No offence really~ xp

My friend said, "Is it something wrong with my eyes cause i think the asam looks purplish today and the jambu tasted extraordinarily super nice!!" and i went like "oh what turf! yea! nothing wrong with your eyes except that something wrong with my eyes too lo cause i am seeing it purplish too! so nice kan! since we are in a super good mood so everything we consume even is shit also nice la" LOL what turf i am such a spoiler of fun! LOL~

Ok, from all the excitement you see / feel through this post, you should have at least get it that i did QUITE WELL in today's papers and i have never been much so happier before since i start taking exams in college! THOUGH i still have THREE mau mati calculations papers to resit, yet i still can laugh and smile cause i have great friends that are there to help,guide and be there for me!Ok i shall stop saying exam papers least i jinx it then what turf lo!

*aww~group hugs!*
Till then ya' all! I have to study Business Organization paper now cause i am aiming an A for this! Wish me luck here or anywhere or just in your heart where(i hope)i have a space somewhere deep down under!*winks*

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lomo = Homo But Chunted


Did nothing in particular today except for sports. Swimming is an on schedule activity but later on in the evenings, made an appointment with the Aunty to go monutain walking with her and we went to FRIMS. Fuu~ that was really a nice and tiring and dehydrating walk!

Weather this days are totally a pain in the ass. Took this picture while on my walk at Friim and it was awesome to have trees for shelter cause if not, i would have melted like a butter under the hot scorching sun. Few black clouds seen huh? Well, a false alarm i would say, cause it did not rain yesterday.

Went on the weighing scale when i am all washed up and to my great amaze, i now weighs 47kg! At a height of 155cm.. I am 2kg lighter and damn, i did not grew a single cm since 2008! what turf lo~ I remember actively jumping hoops and skipping ropes when i was much younger till the age of 13 and that's when i stopped.. That's quite a lot of skipping and jumping through out those years ok, but heck, i am still short! what turf. I want at least 160cm!


But then again, i can wear 4-inch high heel and not looking like a sore thumb stucking out among the people like some people who is already tall but still complains about them being not tall enough(what turf)and wears super heels and they looked like ZIRAFFE!


Oh~ this is my 39th post already! and i still feel that i have not blog enough! All in the eye that agrees blogging is addictive say "Ei!" ^^

Oh~and see the date! My finals for my third semester of first year is on the 20th of April 2009, and hey, see whose still here when they have finals tomorrow! LOL~ xp

And i googled this by the way but this is EXACTLY how my study table looks like now, i think mine is WORSE! lol~ cause my study table is twice bigger and my laptop is one time larger and is a Panasonic and you all know how people used to say how bulky and chunky Panasonic lappies are, but i think mine is just fine! Not thought of changing it till this baby wores off that is.

Today;s church sermon was an awesome and direct one from a speaker named Jimmy Mutebi. An African middle-aged man living in the USA. He has the funniest, most energetic and friendliest character i have ever came across amongst all Pastor or Reverends that i have met.
*googling for his picture*

There! i saw this at my church member's blog. Cant really get a hold what he looks like from here but he looks like Akon one, No Joking!

Jimmy Mutebi looks like him! ohmygod! But i don't know whether Rev.Jimmy is as "Mr.Lonely" and "Dangerous" as Akon and goes "Smack That" at everyone, or on the floor! Lol what turf.. But they both have a likely feature. Really look forward to the next time he is here. I totally ditched my notes and whole-heartedly went to service and listened to him, through out the whole thing, without a yawn, without asking what's the time and most importantly, i am blessed by his preaching. ^^

Oh~ on the way back just now, saw my brother's friend on his own bike and he showed-off at us at his newest purchase of Lomo! what turf! i also want! damn cheap can! rm280++ only! and it is multi-colored so it looked like toy hanging on the neck but not toy la~ wait, let me go google his model! damn nice can!

Aww!! this is exactly the one! damn cute can! the color is so old school and nice! ohmygod! and while in the midst of googling, i saw a pink lomo which is damn old school but chunted! I want can?Ohmygod! damn cute sia!

see!! a bit auntish old school right?! Eh i like!

Conclusion, i am having a camera fetish! what turf~
Friday, April 17, 2009

The Tortoise and Me


Today is chores day again and DAMN, isn't today like so DAMN hot! I am now sweating furiously even when i am just sitting here blogging! It should be a well ventilated and cool breeze of winds blowing and surrounding me, instead, i feel that there is this super massively hot oven air engulfing me and sauna-ing me what turf!

The picture above is a turtle sculpture of a tortoise bought from Thailand by my dad. I still remember that he used to rub oil and polished till it gleams and it is meant to bring us wealth. We weren't Christian yet at that time so i kinda believe it and helped gleamed it whenever my dad is busy and missed it. Soon, i grew fond of turtles/tortoise, which to me is the same as long as it has a hard shell and greeny and has claw and has the cutest "I want to tell you story" eyes EVER! And purchased, actually talked my mum into buying a pair of turtles for me. Mum say MUST be a pair! ok what ever~ and i still has them after all this 8 years.

Till today, i AM STILL FOND of turtles and anything that looks like it.
Back to the sculpture, i stopped gleaming it now cause now i think that it is awful scary and it looks awfully ugly to me too! and what a stupid belief! phew~
And as if i hate it so much, i BROKE one side of it's toes! what turf lo~ I don't hate it that much till i want to break it la ok what turf~ It slipped from my foamy hands and went KAPLANG~ and presto~

Eekk! sorry mum! although i have not tell her~arh whatever la~ GODAI! I actually broke two of the toes la dayyum! Now only i realized! what turf~ But i think it looks nicer with the white toes and all instead all round black! Damn scary can!
Thai people should thank me for this new accidental sculpture yuk! LOL~

*sigh* My house got a lot of this weird weird sculptures and pictures cause both my parents used to LOVE this piece of "ART" so much that they are even willing to purchase it from some unknown cina apek who literally and obviously cheat of their money for some small sculptures of pigs, horses, rabbit, monkey and dragons, the chinese horoscopes. Tons of weird looking pictures will overall sums up my house to look like some ancient Museum of China what turf! LOL~

Remember my new BLUE EYES?! Here is it now~ Me Love!

Tral! I love!
Eh jloi! Take this eyes leh~ Not sepet! LOL~

bah! Another one picture of me just to annoy you! what turf you all spammers!!
Lala or no, i STILL and WILL also be BETTER looking than you!
Take it in the face!

Ignore the eye bags yo~

Where is My RotiMan?


I know, I once again missed a post cause i was very very busy last night, on MSN, talking, a bit too absurd, for way too long, with Angelina Jeffro Waye & Kim-possible(i don't know who is this). And they wasted my study time lol what turf.

Early in the morning, sudden pang of needs for Korean dramas hit me and so i spent the whole entire morning and also half of the afternoon watching Spring Waltz on Mysoju.

the stars of Spring Waltz.

I have actually watched this show twice and adding up today would be my third time watching it! Crazy much? But it is nice to watch and the story line is so good and they put a lot of scene where you will go "oh what turf la like that? he should have known is her what!!" when like somehow they are about to say their name but someone comes in the way. You will also go "omg, what happen if this guy knows that this girl is his sister?would he even tell/ask her?" and there, the suspense of the story! I mean, this show is nice lu~ I don't describe it good but it IS GOOD! Go watch! IF it is not good, then you can come here and i shall treat you to something nice! T&C apply* LOL~

And then again, i suddenly thought of this when i was taking the biggest dump in my life! lol what turf~ no la... I was studying half way and hunger pang hits yesterday night so i proceed to the kitchen in search of food! like rat like that what turf. and found no food! actually got food but i don't consume those! I am lactose intolerant and the rack there got this milk chesse cracker, i don't drink coffee either and somehow my mum bought a coffee cake and i don't know about it! Which left me with snacks like those fattening kind of snacks. Eww~so i went hungry and continued MSN-ing what turf!

Seriously, when i was way younger back then, when night comes, there would be this RotiMan, we used to shout shout from inside our house to make him stop whenever we hear his "bibubibubibu" something like that sounds from afar!

Occasionally, still see them in the broad day light when i am on my way home, on the highways. WHY on the highways? Aren't they like suppose to assign one RotiMan to conquer this place and the rest at other strategic places? Cause the Roti AhNehNeh has don't know run to where and made me starve(nearly)to death yesterday night/was it morning?! LOL~

I remembered once this aunty that foster me during working hours when i was like aged 7 - 10, always complained that the RotiMan cheat her of her money for selling her rotten bread, erh~ I meant overdue bread. Cause she said the next two days after the purchase, she would see the fungus/mouldy/bacteria or whatever you call it mushrooming on her white loaf of bread! Then she still eats it she says!what turf lo~where can eat already wan?! I tell you that aunty damn thrifthy/kiam siap one! @@
Now i wonder, did she ever use mouldy/fungus mushrooming dalche to cook her famous dal curry and serve it to me and my brother for our lunch!? If she does, what turf lo~ Ok, i think she did not, cause if so, i would have purged to death right??righht??? RIGHHHTT??

All in all, i have nothing against RotiMan and in fact, i marvel at this thought of using a motor and goes around neighbourhood and selling stuffs. Abit zaman Tamadun Purba but i like it! It makes my life easier right? I don't have to walk 5 minutes to the shop and buy bread last time but NOW!? what turf~


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some Chillaxo Me Me Time


Woot, getting a day closer and closer to my finals for first year and i am very anxious can?!4 more days! And and and, nothing sticks to my head! I read but nothing sticks! Oh well, pray that God gives me wisdom on the very last minute then.

Went out like 10 minutes earlier today which is around 6.30 a.m just so that we can avoid the jam but to no avail. It was raining heavily since 4 a.m, says mum and it hasn't stop since then. The jam was so terrible that i got stuck for about one and a half hour on that very same spot! what turf! And just realized that on every rainy days, the Smart Tunnel would definitely be closed and gets flooded! BooHoo~ How smart can that be huh?! PWNED!

Which leaves all the Smart users no choice but to take the normal route, which is MY route, what turf and jam up the whole entire area! Just so you know, Cheras area itself has a massively massive population count and to the think that ALL of this people need to use the ONLY way to work just makes me wanna puke! Oh, there's no need for that reason, I NEARLY puke this morning cause mum was like move and then break and move again and break and move and break and move again and blardy break again! what turf lo~for almost one hour she's been at it!


Our "go college to study" plan once again hit the blank wall and bounced back to the ground and we ended up talking for almost 3 hours! Although i am too a talkative girl, i just don't get it, how can girls have to capability and the amount of resource to talk so much?! LOL~
Lecturers later on, blablabla~ As usual.. Skipped tutorial cause i have been so good and never skipped once. And i don't care whether i polished the lecturer's shoe good enough or no just to get those pathetic participitation marks cause well, I GOT NO BARRED! Take that you liars, what turf!

Oh, it's been so long since i meet Auntie Anne and her Pretzel Perfect delicacies. Just so to chillax and for the sake that i forgot to eat what turf, so i dine lunner there. And i just love the choco that melts on the hot crispy pretzel which is true enough, SIMPLY DELICIOUS!!! I just love to consume it using hands instead of the girly girl girl way of gently munching on it and tissue-ing their mouth when it got dirty. The choco is heavenly! I want more!


If and only if this Auntie Anne is situated on the outside on the mall, which gives me fresh air and more people to see, then it makes the pretzel all the more tastier! Till then, i continued munching it and looks at all the passerby and i secretly love to think what they do for a living, how they are dressed, looks at how they talk~ and mucha more~
I just love to sit and stare. And let the wind blow. And eat and drink. And no sweats. A lovely sun warmth, with just me and the world that revolves around.

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