Sunday, December 13, 2009

13th December

Time of the month to be emo again LOLwtf...

Eh isnt't it 12 more days to Christmas? Why i kept hearing Pastor said 15 more days to Christmas today? Or is it 15th more days to end this year?! LOL I was dozing off in church anyways and the couple beside me too and the couple infront and the infront infront and i think the cat in my fone is dozing off too wtf.

I just don't know the reason i go to church anymore. One thing for sure i heard it loud and clear this morning, as if it was a wakening call from God, suddenly made me not sleepy and listened to that very one statement.
"Ask yourself the purpose you're here this morning? Is it for Him or you're just here for the sake of being here? As a routine?"
The moment i heard that, i definitely know that i am the second category kind of people.
I don't know why i need to wake up so early on a Sunday morning any more, then have to make effort to bath so early then make effort to pan leng leng to go church, then fall asleep there. Tsk much but what to do?! The sermons arent relevant, no one is "allowed" to talk and church isnt like what we see on tv, where those black people can just shout "Amen" and then burst into a singsong mood wtf.

Here is just u stand up greet someone, sing some songs, pay tithes, sit down till ur butt numb for two hours(can doze off, optional), listen to sermon(dozed off, then cannot listen laa) then go back.
I don't think i am as holynaiveas i was before. Clubbing made me bad. Having a bf made me distracted. Full shit loads of assignments are corrupting my mind and i am so good in calculating in everything before i used that i even kiam-ed my tithes LOLWTF, no la~ i still tithe faithfully.

Even Christmas meant different to me now. Am looking very forward to Eve and Christmas Day! Hope that i am not let down. I love you, you know who you are.


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