Friday, May 28, 2010

Snacks on Rice Crisps & Movie Screen-ed The Prince of Persia - Sands of Time With Mister Potato!

Thanks to Nuffnang, I get to watch The Prince of Persia and I got snacks for free, all thanks to Mister Potato. I wished I could get more than one can all by myself because I love snacking while movie-ing and usually snacks ARE fattening right? But this Rice Crisps by Mister Potato aren't!

I was actually very much looking forward for the crisps rather than the movie as I was hungry on our way to CineLeisure. Because I heard that it is in less fat with the same great taste! *drools*


What I really like is that this new Rice Crisps formula still comes with 4 flavors and it's knowingly Hot&Spicy, The Original, Sour Cream&Onion, last but not least, Flamed Grilled BBQ. I had always love eating my chips in it's Original flavor or Sour Cream&Onion flavor and this time around I went for the Sour Cream&Onion cause I feel green on a Saturday, LOL.

"One extra tall Sour Cream & Onion Rice Crisps for my dinner,PLEASEEE!"
Then a few more canister after I finish the first one! LOL.

And the next best thing is, its 20% less fat than the ordinary chips like "XX" brand, who gives you that extra lump on the tummy after eating probably 10 canister. RAWR and then it's gym 24/7 wtf.


Being a health conscious me, the 20% less fat has had me vouched for Mister Potato's Rice Crisps all the way till the end of time. However, I am a little allergy to MSG as well and you should have seen me glee-ed all the way into the cinema when I saw "NO ADDED MSG"! All the more reason to nom nom nom this rice crisps and not be afraid of hair loss or skin rashes (I get skin rashes if MSG intake melebih,FML)

Not tempted yet? Because you all think that NO MSG = NO TASTE?
Here is a picture to tempt you~

Potato chips with 20% fat free and no added MSG baked to perfection!

Drool much?? Go get this awesomechips at any of your convenient stores and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Go makan Rice Crisps, main Rice Crisps, tidur Rice Crisps! =D

To our Muslim friends, Mister Potato also had this yummylicious Rice Crisps made halal for all! We can all enjoy this without worrying or differentiating different races and religion that lives together harmoniously in our country.

A big big official HALAL sign right in front of the canister for easy viewing =)

So? Still having big question marks for the authenticity of this really healthily modified Rice Crisps?


Yes! 0 grams of Trans fat! Oh believe it already cause the government approved it before this yummylicious crisps are released into the market. Go get it NOW! SEKARANG!



My turtle can't resist the temptation and wants more!

I shall say that Sour Cream & Onion is the best tasting flavor among the whole lot.Teehee, shall be a bit bias on that =p

p/s: no animals were harm in this picture taking session
p/p/s: he really ate it after dropping some into the pond
p/p/p/s: he is still alive and healthy! So it's animal safe as well! LOL.

You Know The Other Day

So the other day, perhaps like any other day and like any other person would do, I got back from an outing and the very first thing that I would do when I reached home is to check my mails. My Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and messages that people sent me on Facebook.

I have this funny and weird habit, I like receiving mails and makes me feel all important that some one needs some private and important talk/info to tell me and so they send me mails instead of MSN or scribbles on my Facebook wall. I'd check my Hotmail and Yahoo! every 5 minutes!

So the other day, I got back home late enough to call morning and was chatting with Boyfy, while checking my mail. I got no Hotmail, no Yahoo!, no Gmail but I got a message in Facebook. Thrilled and I was expecting business or old friend.

The first thing I noticed after clicking the message box, is the Blue Default man in Facebook. I'd never approve people without a face, you know what I meant. And I thought someone, probably my brother used my laptop and approved everyone wtf.
His name was Fredrick Steven.
Before reading the message, I tried recalling friends who might named themselves that and I recalled none. And this was he message that I had received...

"Just got introduced to this site by an ex- colleague who found his soulmate here.Was informed that good and nice people abound here and i decided to give it a shot! One thing for sure is that i am not here for games.I stumbled on your name and decided to initiate contact.

I am a doctor,and i love reading,swimming,skiing and taking long walks in my spare time....

If you are keen,do get back to me.


Then I copy pasted the whole thing and showed my Boyfy and he laughed and said "You attract weird people"
And it is true!!

Just the other day, I finally got my lazy ass to do some shopping at Kuala Lumpur and stopped my MacD to grab my lunch. So, while I was nomming away happily, little did I realized that someone from the opposite table has been snickering away, laughing out loudly and doing all silly hand signalling thing just to get my attention.
A whole 5 minutes and yes Madam, you got my attention there.

Then only I realized that those two were young age lesbians, trying to woo me I dare say. Great! I attract women more than men. FML.
So I texted Boyfy while standing at the counter asking for a paper bag to put all my food in so that I can walk and eat.
And he said "LOL!! You attract weird people!"

I know dude, I attract weird people and so I assumed that you're weird too,huh Bie?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When An Eagle is Above

Do you squirm back to where ever you are, whether you're standing or sitting down? When you spot an eagle flying swiftly above you, circling right above you, for a whole 10 minutes and you'd start wondering "Am I dying/rotting/smelly somewhere and I did not notice it but the eagle does?"

I do. Even when I was a child.
I'd be scared of the majestic animal. It's the animal that I'm afraid of. When I was a kid.

I still squirm now, 10 years later.
Squirms back to my comfy little section, half heartedly prayed that it will let me go and stop circling above me because I feel nauseous, I can't breathe, under watchful eyes.
I'm still afraid of "it". But metaphorically, not the animal but the people. People who tends to be/act all superior high above me.
I feel timid.
I feel that I should just find a thicker bush and hide even more to avoid such "eagles".
And full heartedly pray that "it" will leave me alone.

Just leave me alone, you "eagles".
I am not your "meal". Though I know, I'l never get to where you are now.
Let me reign in my own kingdom.
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Wanna Watch Toy Story 3

Everyone grew up with Disney Pixar's cartoon movies and Toy Story 3 is finally released! This time around, it is in 3D! More excitement and more into-your-face closure!

Courtesy of Nuffnang, the first 50 bloggers who blogs about which new character or toy they would love to see appear on Toy Story 3 will get a pair of invites to watch this new Disney Pixar movie in 3D on the 14th of June at MidValley GSC.

And I would love to see this new toy in Toy Story 3

And below is the short description on what can Peas-In-A-Pod capable of doing! And the reason I chose this is because in Japan, peas-in-a-pod are a hot sell and it is meant for people who are overly stressed. This people will tend lose all their anger by pinching on the peas and seeing at the popping in and out and eventual they will feel amused and finally calms down.

Toy Story 3, brings me back to good ol' childhood time =)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

No One Will Be Sad Forever

I know my title sounds stupid and in an agony, you might ask me to just as well titled it "No Sadness Last" but that phrase was tweeted by someone that I followed on twitter, willingly of course, and at just about the right time where sadness was what I experienced for the pass few days and after much crying, much suiciding thoughts, much thoughts that I am all grown up and wants to be alone, I found out that all I need is understanding.

That's why there are two post on nail art and no latest news about me. When I'm sad or down or depress or being emotional or whatever you call it, where nothing seems to go your way and you find nothing funny though your boyfriend tries his hardest to crack up a used-to-be funny joke, and still not a crack of smile. Only understanding given to me on that day managed to cheer me up.

Yup, I'm back. Your positive, optimistic, chatterbox bitch is back yo.
And I wanna generate more moolah la, so please click my banner? LOL Now with the presence of money makes my world all complete TEEHEE! What more can I ask? I have an understanding mum, a great boyfriend, a great listener which is my aunt, a job, something pre-planned ahead of me to pursue... I only lack money wtf.

"No one will be sad forever" was the tweet that made me nod in agreement, in front of my laptop and i glee-ed and mum saw and said that I was crazy.LOL. I learnt that taking time and be patient like what my boyfriend asked me to, brings arguments to a whole different new level. No longer argument, it turns into a debate. Where shouting occurred, but we are listening to each other and our minds are generating to bail out of the situation, hoping that we don't lose out and generates a fair conclusion.

Which is what happened to me. I am happy. I got my "understanding" and my respect from others. And all I need to do is to obey on certain rules that I chose to rebel against just because I wasn't getting my "understanding-ness" and the respect that I should be given, well, at least at my age! Rawrs.

In the mean time, I, with another 2 culprit cum best buddy cum blogger friends cum Samuel's mutual friends cum heart-to-heart talk buddy and please cum or /, whatever that pleases you, planned 3 weeks ahead for this awesomely done, twitched, cut, redefined, replaced, rendered which uses up all his RAM(LOL), all combined videos of birthday wishes and my "YO" for my dumb dumb's birthday.
I was the main culprit la kan~ DUHHHHH!! TEEhee!
So without further a due, I'm gonna share that here =) It surprised Bie and I'm glad that he is.RAWRS.

Kaichi got all the fame cause his face is on the cover! LOL Congrats dude, in dark room some more! Ahhhwhhhhuuuu~ xD

To end this finally-I-wrote-a-lengthy-post-filled-with-words-that-can-boringfiedpeople in and out, but I know you miss me!! TEEHEE!
Video editing credits to Jackie and I shall credit myself for the hijacking at Voice of EXpression!
And super thanks to all who did the videos and I know some weren't up and I apologized, not that I chose wtf, it's because my lousy laptop cannot read the videos, no matter how many times I redownloaded it!

Friday, May 21, 2010


I did something very simple this time around. And simplicity can only last like 3-4 days on my nails wtf because I have a strong urge to try out another style. Thus decided to post this up before I change my nails and then I will have two post to do wtf.

This is on my right hand. It's mirror reflection cause I took this picture using the webcam.

Needless to say, this is the left side. Spot the difference wtf =p

Can you all leave a comment and tell me how is it because I might wanna try something every time I decided to change my nail art.. I wanna do a video tutorial with that cause it's really easy and I would like everyone to know-how =)

I really need your support as well and to "LIKE" my page on Facebook, here

A snapshot of my FB fan page =)

And my blogshop too lol.. Which is, here .
Trying to use all the business things that I have learnt wtf. Support okay! Rawwr!
Sunday, May 16, 2010



A very simple one this week, I don't like this at all.
So I am gonna do another one tonight and I might just do another design for mummy! =)
Definitely gonna be an edited page tonight =p
Friday, May 14, 2010

Nightmare On Elm Street

On the 11th of May, thanks to Adverlets, I get to watch Nightmare On Elm Street for free at Mid Valley! Coincidently the previous day, I was in the Boyfriend's car and I heard the advertisement done on the radio and i went "Ehhh I wanna watch this horror movie!". And I got an invitation from Xiang at night! Loves..

This movie started off with the first killing of the star named Dean, where he sat in a coffee shop, trying to stay awake. Coffee doesn't get to numbing the sleepiness and he found himself in the world of Freddy Krueger, Dean died slashing himself on the throat right in front of his school mate named Kris.

Elm Street looks nice and subtle during the daylight but it's dark secrets are revealed when the sun goes down and everybody is gonna turn into bed. Freddy gets into your dreams and he will nonchalantly start with his killing spree. For revenge.

After the deaths of Dean and Kris, Nancy and Quentin found out that this Freddy was actually their kindergarten's gardener who was very fond with kids of Dean's and Kris's class. Freddy did something to this children when they were younger, leaving long slashes on their bodies and bringing them to a place which secret to the world. This kids then went and told their parents and obviously, they were more than shocked to see what has this Freddy been up to.

As you Wikipedia Freddy Krueger, you will find that people say that he is a pedophile .LOL.

To protect their children, the whole village turned against Freddy Krueger and hunted him to the end of the barn where he went inside and hid and refused to come out. Quentin's dad, whom is the principle of the high school, made the worst choice and he flamed the barn up, leaving Freddy all burned to death.

10 years or so later, Freddy Krueger comes back into the life of this grown up kids he once loved but betrayed him, and kills them when they fall asleep. They were frequently taken back to their kindergarten and the skipping rope rhyme

One, two, Freddy's coming for you,
Three, four, better lock your door,
Five, six, grab your crucifix,
Seven, eight, better stay up late,
Nine, ten, never sleep again.

were portrayed. I love that scene, it's just eerie. The rest of the scene were either gory or spooky.

I know I have been much a spoiler to those that have not watch this movie but I rate it 8/10 cause I'm a sucka for horror movies, I get scared and spooked easily =p

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Many Wiggies?

By the title above, you should have guessed what is for Project Alpha this time around.
Yes! Everyone who can get the correct or closest amount can win a goodie bag from P1 Wimax =)

Click to enlarge and start counting now!

Meanwhile! New Project Alpha is out!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.
Friday, May 7, 2010


NOTW is Nail Of The Week =)

People who knows me well and are smart enough to notice, who know that I change nail design EVERY week. Sometimes twice in a week.. rarely but I just miss the smell of lacquer at times =p
After much consideration whether to do this NOTW thing or no, I decided to just impart another part of my life onto this blog. I couldn't care less about what people thinks, this is me, can't get a grip of me?Fuck off =)

Colorful Leopard
I have all 10 fingers btw, my two thumbs are hidden.

Short update,
I am gonna go pack right after this as I am going to go Malacca again =D
Chat with the Boyfy and he called me GEISHA just because I...

Like Geisha meh?!
Weather hot so I bun-ed up my hair.

Nights world =D
Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2nd Hennessy Artistry for 2010! Missed The First One? Come For The Second One!

Hennessy Artistry is back again for the SECOND time in 2010! As some of you had read the first Hennessy Artistry that I went which houses awesome Djs like DJ Sarasa, DVJ G Mix and our Malaysia Beatboxer, Shawn Lee and the well known BunkFace... This time around, put your hands up and get ready to party because there will be Summer Daniels & DJ Tempo, Ad Bangers, Joe Flizzow & Sona One!

Ad Bangers
A combo of top 2 Malaysian Djs that will bring down the house with attitude!
Blink, known as the hyperactive DJ, producer, promoter & designer produces sounds that reflects the infectious upbeat mix of everything and anything that his wildly diverse sets have become unknown for.
Didjital, brings to the table with his unique style and versatile music genre selection, ranging bassline, fidget and hard electro house whilst mixing it up with his rhythmic scratching and tricks.

Joe Flizzow and Sona One
Joe Flizzow teams up with protégé Sona One for a ‘throw-your-hands-up-in-the-air’ hip-hop revolution. Promising an explosive, uncut rhyme style added with body-grooving vibes this performance is guaranteed to be something hip-hopper can salivate over.

Summer Daniels and DJ Tempo
Half of the band descends onto Hennessy Artistry with lead vocalist Summer Daniels and DJ Tempo, prepped and ready to unleash their infectious spine tingling tracks.
Based in the US, Speaker Junkies has unleashed a new world of electronic music. Blending trance, house, break-beats, and electro into each single, their fresh new vibe is flawless and made especially for the electronic music lover.

H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ will once again hit the Malaysian clubbing scene with not one, but TWO astral parties in May!
QEII, Penang on May 27 and Zouk KL on May 29.
So if you're a party animal, you can head down to Penang for the first Hennessy Artistry and then come back to KL and head over to Zouk on the 29th May =D

The newly revamped Hennessy Mixing Zone is also set to return to allow fans to once again experience the Hennessy Digital Light Art FX booth, Hennessy Mix Master, and Hennessy Mixing Bar. But the highlight of it all, party goers will also again, be able to look forward to the delectable tastes of some of Hennessy VSOP’s signature long drinks – Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Berry and Hennessy Citrus.

Passes to H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ is by-invitation only. To obtain invitations to the party at QE II and Zouk logon to Alternatively, to relive the experience of past H-Artistry events or to receive updates on the upcoming party, visit the official Facebook fan page: or follow H-Artistry on Twitter: The party is strictly opened to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only. ID verifications will be carried out at the door.

Melaka & Port Dickson Trip 2

As promised, this would be the continuation of my Melaka and Port Dickson trip that happened 3 weeks ago. By the way, I am heading to Melaka again this coming weekend and my most look forward to is the Jonker Street and the Pork Satay! I am 20 years old and I have never been to Jonker Street, you say sad or not my life?! LOL

So, on the second day of our trip, we headed down to Port Dickson from Melaka after our Pork Satay. And what seemed like a 2 hours drive plus the time we spent on deciding which apartment to rent, the four of us were literally sweating in our pants and stuck to our skin wtf. Finally done unpacking our things, we changed and we head down for a SWIM! Whee~

Us in the pool!
It's 3 feet and 5 feet in the middle FML max~
So we swam and play in the middle which is 5 feet.

Polluted the pool with our sweaty skin for almost 3 hours~ I am contented and the guys are way more than that LOL

They made the showering place so sexy wtf.
On the left side, there are chefs cooking for the residents there =.= LOL~

It was around 7.30p.m when we finally got ready and headed out to the nearest restaurant to have Chinese meal. I got pictures but lazy to post all out so I am gonna post some which are really nice and we ordered like 5 or 6 dishes and the bill was around RM60+ only =D

Two prawns here milik Samuel ad Mervyn cause it was ridiculously RM12 PER crab the size of MY palm... Not EVERYONE's palm, its MY palm only. You can take a look at MY palm when you all meet me in person wtf. xp

This Peeing Prawn(wtf)I don't know the name in English, is the awesome!
I was nomming it and asked "Eh Mervyn, where is the prawn?"
"There!! You're eating it!!"

Guinness Chicken! Muthafuckin finger licking GOOD!
End of story. This puts KFC's old man go crying back to his Momma! xD

Then we headed off to a 5 star hotel(to me it is cause its damn nice)'s pub and we had our free drinks. Samuel and I went and walked on the beach at night! Awwww~ We kissed under the star! DOUBLE Awwwwww~~ =p
We had sex on the beach!

THIS "Sex On The Beach" drink la! What were you all thinking! =D

Student + Enjoying = VACATION!! =))

We totally sat on the comfy chair for an hour or two, sipping our drinks and enjoying to the music sang by 3 Phillipino ladies and 1 Phillipino guy. The entertainers of the night and for a second, how nice would it be if we were to enjoy life like this everyday and no need to study and work and they stress will not exist.
Back to reality after an hour wtf.

And as I qoute Samuel, "We are on a happy joyful trip so we are gonna have a tutti fruity wine instead of Gold Label" LMAO!!

Samuel is always generous with his wine and he never not bring a bottle on every trip/vacation that he goes to! Seriously~

My joyful bubbly Undurraga wine LOL~

Woke early the next morning because I wanted to go to the beach!! We did not go on the first day and it made me emo a bit seriously =(


Happy KIDS on the beach!! Wheeeee~

The view on the sea from our apartment is breath taking, for me la cause I jakun. I grew up in KL where high rise buildings are everywhere and I seldom go beaches for vacation. Thus the jakun-ness wtf!

Sperms swimming to ovum ar!
Retarded things that they will do =)

Whee this ends my post for the trips that I went. It's not the place that matters but its with whom I went with, and that matters =)

Thanks Bie! Love you kaw kaw =D

Pictures credits Samuel.

Melaka & Port Dickson Trip

Was cleaning up my desktop and I realized that I have not blog about the Melaka and Port Dickson trip that I went and came back 3 weeks ago! I thought I was a bitch for lagging it so long but Samuel beats me to it, he is not gonna do a post on it! LOL~ Ultimate bitch~

Mervyn and Eunice

But that ultimate bitch of mine was sweet enough to fulfill his bitch's demand to want to go on a trip with him. Called the couple above and Samuel drove us all the way to Melaka, around Melaka for lodgings and food, out of Melaka, all the way to Port Dickson FROM Melaka, around Port Dickson for lodging and food, out of Port Dickson and sends me back all the way to Cheras!
I know, that ultimate bitch is such a sweet heart.. Awww~ Love you =)

Reached Melaka after a 3 hours drive(?), I can't really recall now since it has been 3 weeks already LOL~ And we were hungry for food! And no, we did not crave for Chicken Rice Balls,overated.Pftts~

Being a picky eater and who coincidently do not fancy Yellow Mee, thinks that this mee pawns all mee that I have ever ate! It's nicely fried and we need to eat it with vinegar, adds to the spicy-ness and to the taste as well.
Of course, I had mine NON-spicy. =p

Samuel ordered this Buttered Bun as well and accordingly "It's Awesome!"
I did not try it cause I was too full after finishing one whole plate of mee =) And contented! LOL

Then we headed off to find for lodgings.
And mind me,I cannot remember or rather, I cannot differentiate the place where Jonker Street is and the place where The Dataran Mall is cause to me, Melaka is Melaka wtf.
After checking out two places that was suggested by a friend, we chose The Baba House and man, PLEASE do not DO NOT stay in that guest house.

It's fucking haunted la!
RM70 for two beds in a room but fucking HAUNTED knn! Living testimony here wtf~

I did not know it was till I was safely back in Malaysia, as in Kuala Lumpur.
So my whole trip wasn't affected, THANK GOD!
And we went for Satay Celup and the super famous one(I forgot the name)was closed for the day with a big sign on the door written "CLOSE" and we were so tempted and pissed off that we wanted to get out of the car and write a big "WHY" above the word CLOSE! LOL

We then resorted to another which we spent like 1 hour searching it and after much sturborness from Samuel *narrows eyes* and needing me to converse in Mandarin with an Uncle for direction, we finally sat down for some Satay Celup.

I think I only had two cause I got to know that EVERYONE who visits the shop, celups into the same pot above and the workers there will just come over, look over and adds more peanuts oil sauce. I went O.O!! I have a thing about this kinda celup celup shits... I don't mind celup-in in the same pot with friends BUT not strangers whom I do not know who sat there before!
But Samuel and Mervyn had their tummy all filled up =)

Then we headed back to our HAUNTED guest house to bathe and we went to the nearby pub and talk cock wtfwtf =D And that ends our first day in Melaka! The joy!! =))
Woke up around 12 the next morning and went for...



PORK SATAY!!! I am addicted!! I am going to go Melaka again this weekend and I will WILL noms Pork Satay till my tummy screams "Enough!!".

Then we headed back to er I don't know where but its somewhere our guesthouse there and we had..CENDOL DURIAN!! Omg~ I can die in peace~ =p

Samuel's orgasmic face for Durian Cendol and me looking fucking tired but LOVE me cendol! Rawwr!

They shared a bowl! How can!! How can you resist the Gula Melaka and the Durian paste! LOL

We bought some Melaka cookies and dodol and you know those overated stuffs LOL~
Headed to Port Dickson and I think I shall do the Port Dickson in another post =) Cause I am a bitch like that RAWWR!

Picture credits to Samuel (clickable) =)
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