Friday, June 18, 2010

Brand New Day

Waking up to fairly good mood today, breakfast is served, shampoo did not run out because I need to shampoo hair this morning, picked a set of clothes in mere 2 minutes(I take 10 minutes usually wtf), put in on and realized that my love handles are gone(!), nice hair day, eyes still swollen so today is *wear your specs* to work day ... Haiah, I feel geeky .. But like quite nice wtf LOL!

Told someone that I am not the "I am so sad I feel like dying" and then emo for the next 10 years, that kind of a person. I usually forget what I feel or think the night before, but I want to remember this. But I probably wont after a year or so and will wonder what is this post all about.

Then again, I typed a fairly good one yesterday *self praise* and it's basicly what and how I feel. Meh~ This is my blog so I blog what I want and I delete what I want .. Teehee!
I miss him all over again.
Then again, tomorrow is Saturday already! =)

*off to work*
Pst, I'm really happy for this change in life =D


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