Friday, July 30, 2010

You Know What I Did

Today was awesome as it was another day out with Mummy and I totally like scammed a lot out of her! Lol~ That is one of the reason why I still love to go out with Mum even though I'm near 20 years of age. I don't feel ashamed at all walking around the mall with my young looking mum whom everyone thought that she is my sister


Take note, I got no other sister. I got a younger brother. No sister. Happy for her, offensive to me wtf.

Anyways, this is what I did for the pass few days,
I ...

Shop for Mummy, Brother and the Boyfy.

I blog, for the Company and for myself Lol!

And that sums up my whole entire week wtf LOL!!!

The other day, just as I stepped out of the car, something shiny right above my head caught my sight and I lifted my head and got totally


FREAKED OUT!! *pobree~*

Three days later, this fella, still sits on his "net" and did not move an inch, I swear, cause I kept running in and out of the house to greet him wtf. Er I don't know the gender but I think it's a HE cause er it's not pretty la~ LOL

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seriously! You Can't Be Real Righht? Right? HELL RIGHT.


i wanna ask you something

should i become a play boy ?

or stay a good guy ?

which one ?

and give me the reason



who are u again?


i am just asking you a question as my facebook firned =)

if its bothering you i am sorry



ok seems like your not friendly la

tata @@

Like seriously dude! You can not be real right?!!

This is what I usually get on my nights on Facebook, mainly on my nights where I do go online. Random guys asking random questions thrown to me on the small little chatbox, makes me feel bewildered, then feel ignorant, then mainly I just don't blardy care la whether you want to be gay or straight or both(?!)
Whether you like back doors or vajayjays or dog holes, Seriously dude! I don't give a damn!

And what's with the "Owh you're not so friendly after all" after all the dumb questions asked???!!
*inserts silliest WTF face ever*

Go get a life homosapiens/unhomosapiens(??!) because I got one to live and I wanna Ciest la Vie!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey! Look! Damsel Unstressing


Who's that girl?
Where's she from?
No she can't be the one
That you want
That has stolen my world
It's not real, it's not right
It's my day, it's my night
By the way
Who's that girl living my life?

I still can not believe that I dropped a kg within my almost one month working life =)
Still overjoyed on the fact that my scale reads -youdidnotjusthoughtthatiwillsaythathereright?!- and I ran down the stairs, shouting, "Hey mom! All the morning climbs made me lose a kg!"

Next aim,

For others, you can go here and see how to win RM400 worth of Fitness workout =)
Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hi! PosLaju, the National Courier


This is what I look at on my right every morning after a 5 minutes walk up the small semi-sloppy hill, where each sides are filled with mamak temptations that even one teh tarik can add a kilo!
Yes, that is the kind of place my office is situated =) Away from the cars, honks, yelling, people's chatters(except for the ones in the office wtf hahaha)and just an inch closer to bushes and mosquitoes (lol!).

I love this place but not as much as weekends!

But I super super love my this particular Saturday as I bump into my darling Darlyn!
A superbly good Christian friend that I met during NS and not to forget, still one of the ones I kinda closely kept in touch out of the (what?) probably 100+ friends that I made there(?!)
We both sure agree to the fact that its hard to keep friendships that were made in such short period of time, with the additional clause of different culture and mindset, different states etc etc. There's always Facebook and Twitter but I don't think most of them are at "it"?

Anyways, Darlyn, being an avid reader of mine (lol! I feel proud weh) , I really really truly and am still feeling happy that I bump into you the other day at Sentral. "Kita ni memang ada jodoh kan kan kan???" =P
And she speaks like a true Melayu like me but she is not Melayu like me! xD
@Darlyn , "Eh I will be at Sentral around that time as well for next week =D Text me Text me!!! "

Then something happened.
If you all follows me on my Facebook, my new status is this,


Victoria Poh ‎: Something happened.. Something I hate and feared the most. But that something made me realized how important you are to me and that I would never EVER be the same again if you were never to be a part of my life again. 당신을 사랑 !


You know bie, I really thought that I am gonna lose you that night ...
I never felt so heart ache before and I really feel like just sitting there and not eating at all when I heard what you said.
But you made me all wobbly inside and out again when you held me tight and said "I will see you next week"

Friday, July 23, 2010

When Was The Last Time?

Here is question for all of you who reads my blog, When was your last time going out and just have fun either shopping or going for a movie with YOUR MOM? Or at least, when was the last time you REMEMBERED going out with your mom? Not your boyfriend/girlfriend/friends/best friends/flings/siblings BUT your mom...

Super tired after work face =( Clipped my hair up like an aunty wtf

For me, I can't remember.
Yes, I don't think I ever remember the last time I went out with her, just the two of us, doing chick stuffs like shopping and movies.

So, I planned to bring her to a movie of her choice(which I suggested la cause shes a noob to all this movie), treated her to it... crosses fingers that she love it. And she did! =)
I actually watched it already thanks to Nuffnang and the Boyfy who gave&had free tickets to go watch. We wanted to watch Inception but it was all full, kinda expected it actually. So we opt for Eclipse...
And the first thing my mom notice was the unbalance eye brows that Bella has! LOL!!

We end the night by laughing at my bulging tummy wtf *darks* Pobre~

And I love my Fashion Disaster slippers. Lol!
Thursday, July 22, 2010

Movie: The Twilight Saga, Eclipse

Honestly, I am one of them who smirks and has no interest whatsoever when it comes to sparkly vampires and hot tanned body werewolves.
I would also NOT spend RM180++ for 3 in 1 Twilight Saga books like what other cheap skate readers would do, by waiting the MPH people to wrap the book into 3-1 and then "It's cheap! Let's get them!".

Anyways, my perception towards Twilight and it's next saga which is Eclipse totally changed when I had the chance to watch Eclipse given by Nuffnang, because Samuel won a pair =)
Like I said, I did not watch Twilight so Eclipse's storyline was a little blur for me but thanks to Samuel who updates me on why it happens, who is Victoria and why Victoria wants to kill Bella.


The movie started off with someone (who later in the movie we know) named Riley that was turned into a vampire by Victoria (who also we knew later in the movie) and it was changed to this very nice meadow where Bella was having intimate moments with Edward, the sparkly vampire.

Not wanting to be a spoilsport for those who have not watched this, I would recommend 6 out of 10 votes to go watch this movie because I really love the scene where the vampires gang-ed up together with the vampire Cullen clan, with one purpose, to protect Bella from being killed by Victoria.

For those who are on the same boat with me, who did not watch Twilight, Victoria wants to kill Bella because Edward killed her vampire-partner. And obviously Bella is Edward's partner. Yea, revenge based movie =)

In the middle of it all, the cheesie-ness (pun intended) between Bella deciding on Edward and Jacob really took away the 4 votes as I just don't like super fickle-minded bitches. Nothing bad but something personally I don't like.
I think the Volturi vampires are really cool with the black robe-above-the-head and all the gothic makeup and pale skin with red lippies! I'mma ex-emo, what do you expect!

Thank you to Nuffnang for this and the next two movies that I'm gonna be writing on =)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So, It Was Tuesday

Obviously I just came back. From an awesome movie title The Sorcerer's Apprentice, courtesy of Nuffnang and the Boyfy who won the tickets *smiles*

Here is a walking-very-fast-me-but-still-wanna-take-picture. FML.
It's was raining so heavy and the umbrella is just cute and useless! Pobre~

I really enjoyed the movie though it rained mercilessly a few hours before the movie and the best thing is, I need to brace through ankle-high puddles, my shoes gave away and I have to mid-drag myself to the KTM, last but not least, I was freezing cold.

Thanks for the chicken though (you know who you are, sexy Chef! xD)cause I was fugry and I'm fickle-minded in deciding what to eat. *beams*

Bie, your deret berderet punya wine and alcohol =P
There are more downstairs, the ones I din get to take pictures of.

My job brings me to places and makes me learn things that are out of the box, things that you don't get from a silly text book that cost you a LV bag (lol just a bola metaphor). And that is ways to handle situation. You can't expect "Handling Situation Books For Dummies" to be published on the Yellow Pages look-alike book, right? right? right? RIGHT.

*sudden randomness*

I was actually so happy that movie screening was on a Tuesday for I thought that it usually rains on Wednesday and it's usually all warm and breezy on a Tuesday. So I wore short skirt and heels. Then it rained! Pobre~
Will be damn f*cked up if Wednesday(where they are no movie screening)did not rain! Rawr!!

My movie date for the night, and many more *insert number* times infinite nights and days!
Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Blues??! Not For Me!

*hand flails*
I'm back yo! I think my blogging mojoyoyo is back and so I will try to update DAILY. Try okay~ Thanks to the Boo, for lending me his keh-me-rah, I have thought of a way to fully make full and good use to it. That is to have the keh-me-rah to be "stuck" to my hands the whole time and learn paparazzi babeh~

I'm feeling a bit Black because I have been watching this Youtube video for the entire day today, it's this girl named NDTitanlady who is a Filo but she mixes around with a lot of Blacks, thus she got this "yomamawhatsupyourpants yoyoyo muthatrucker" accent LOL!!
That is so not me. I'm quaint. *halo on the head*

Oh oh oh~ before that, I got a really great news that made my day! I login to my Twitter and I saw someone who finally decided to not move to overseas when she got proposal from the bf. And she said, The Power of Love! Awww~ I can't wait for Ninie Ahmad to go to the event that I'm planning and "I got a feeling" that shes a great lady! =)

Here are all the non related but kinda related pictures for today! I'm soo lazy to edit! Boohoo!

This is work

This is diabetes lol!

This is sad!
I mean, would you be happy if I paste all sorts of papers including those "Ubat Lelaki Kuat" on your face when you gets old and all wrinkly? No right? Right.

This is LOVE!
All the way from Japan yo~ =D

I wore a shirt tucked in my long working skirt today and I still feel chilly, not cold, but chilly and breezy. Can this weather please please please po favor last till the end of the year!! I love this kinda mild summer weather =)

This is Not Dead

Yeayea, this blog is not dead yet, it's just that the writer is lazy but lazy in the sense that I have things to do then I feel very lethargic when there is nothing to do, and all I wanna do is to snuggle up and sleep.

Life is pretty much lifeless and meaningless now, office from 9-6 p.m, then I go back home straight. Then go back and more online and blog shopping... Er, drama mama with the boyfriend cause I'm a bitch like that LOL.

Went to Blup Blup's MotorSports Division at Sunway last Saturday.
Boyfy took loads of pictures and I have yet to sort out the ones I want, so I shall post up one picture first, just to make you guys go orgasm, says the Boyfy lol~

Audi TT

Okay, Maybe TWO pictures since I love the back of the car as well! =)

Sporty and sexy!
Yes, that is Hypertune Boss right beside his Red Audi A4.

More coverage on this soon =)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Know You Miss Her

People always say that you will never know how much that someone matters to you, as long as they are still always by your side. Taking for granted that "I will see her/him the next day/week/month..." thus the lack of ber-bonding session.

I miss her. That is one thing for sure and I bet her friends misses her more.


Cause shes loud, hyper, everything able and possible, a real worshiper of God, super friendly, crazy and the thing is, she is not afraid to be who her real self is. She reminds me of how godly I was before and she made me realized how far I am drifting away from God..

I miss her super loud HAHAHAHAHAHA!
I miss her sitting there watching SpongeBob.
I miss her feeding me melted choco on Sam's birthday.
I miss her fleeing up the stairs to change and out she goes.
I miss her super fast process of editing pictures and blogging about them.
I miss the fun look that Sam gives out every time he budge into her room and disturbs her.
I miss her HOIII!
I miss the feeling of being shorter than a 16 year old when I stand next to her. *photo as proof*
I miss her random outburst of singings *LOLL*

Aiya, you get it la~ I miss her a lot!
But shes crazy enough to do quite a lot of video recordings and tags all her friends including me, to update us on how she is and what are the differences being in Malaysia and at Ireland.
Hope that you will come back SOON!!!

And oh, I nearly cried at the airport the other day but I held back cause I thought I was in the dream that 1st of July finally came cause I wish it would never. Then I cried when I reach home lol!! Never thought that my brain was THIS slllooooooowwwwww~
Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Is Bliss!


Not that having pork ribs are blissful BUT having SOMEONE to cook for you, now that is bliss =)
I am lucky to have that SOMEONE to do so, though he always gets the nonsensical me, Teehee, FYL Bie =p

This picture of pork ribs are gonna stay up here for a long time before theres another new dish from him cause it's just so hard to get him to cook for me!
Anyways, thanks Bie and I really appreciate this *points to pork ribs and you*

Friday, July 9, 2010

of Lamb and Poker


Finally it f*cking Friday! Finally it's weekend! Though my weeks passed relatively fast this week, I wander why...
Gonna be in the office for another 8-ish + hour before a whole night of lamb makaning session and movie marathon while the boys poker their lives away *harharhar*
OMG, another weekend passed = a step closer to finals/resit papers/ whateveryouwannacallitcauseitwillnotmakemehappyeither.

FML. Teehee!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Want To Rant

Only had 4 hours sleep the night before and woke up to an unforgiving cold morning does not contribute much on being good mood today, and when things get a little uglier for example super long texts in the morning adds on to the spiciness of emotion.

Being the right-on-dot Virgo, perfectly known to be a perfectionist and somewhat people call us idealistic...what ever you call it will do because I treat that as a compliment and I do take pride with that, I hate delays and inefficiency(be it with work or the people who are doing it). To recall, this might be the second ranting post of the same issue, within this month!
Can you people stop being such a sloth and get your ass moving, to prevent me from drafting a third post regarding the same thing for this month!? It really annoys the shoes out of me when somethings are told differently as compared to when you're AT it, annoys me even more when people are not getting along(at least)with my head or it's me being unable to get along with the rest.

Mum say I need to be able to get along with people and listens to opinions. I do listen to them, I just don't buy them. For very good reason, one is enough and that is, the plan sounds suck and it totally did not attract me. The end. So quit talking so much and get started. All talk and no do = bull shitting all the time.
Some people might read this and get offended but hey, you can always leave! This is my personal space and am not directing it to any people, can't help it if you ter-felt that you're the one I'm talking about~ I don't care how corporate this blog has become or whoever CEO reads it, things such as this will always be here. Don't like it? Leave.

I think I am rusting on this~
Who wouldn't if you faced the computer the whole entire day doing nothing but stalking your own Facebook and Twitter for updates, at the same time thinking whether should this be up on the blog or no.
Finally it's up so, wtf~ I don't care!

Yes, I am frustrated as one week time frame is wasted... And I don't like wasting time and people's effort and trust that they have in me. Due to certain someone, this has clearly happened and my one week time is gone.
On a lighter note, I really do think I got a problem getting along with people lo~ Like seriously~ Especially those who are dumb-cum-act cute and those who has "you-cant-do-all-this-and-i-am-better-than-you" mentality.

WHO DOESNT!! RIGHT?! *frus frus*
Monday, July 5, 2010

Exactly One Week Ago

Says who marriage is a one time life thing? Things will somehow change along the way and like I always believe, there is someone up there that ties up red knots to couples that they counted as to be the perfect match, the another half.

The little man up there must have tied loosely Aunty Soo Ling life partner and now he has tighten the knot with the man of her life, Uncle Michael.


Yes, Aunty Soo Ling is non other than Samuel's mother and a bride on that day. I feel happy and blissful for Aunty Soo Ling and secretly I wished that my Mum would find her destined better half someday too.
I was invited for the wedding and a few of ours friends as well, namely, Chung, Charlie, Celestine, Joshua and his girlfriend, Esther. All six of us were sitting at a shared table with Samuel's cousin brother who is truly a joker and his wife, and another 2 church member ... Which are also jokers, Now I know why is Samuel such a joker! Cause he grew up in that environment wtf LOL!!


See!! See!! My Bie looking and me and he must have miss me a lot(hahahaha wtf)because we weren't at the same table. I am not family YET (shiok sendiri)~
But we had our OWN fun at our table, thanks to Samuel's cousin brother whose name I forgot but I remember his obsession for the "LIKE" button on Facebook! xD

Joshua and Esther who gets to sit together (boo) when I can only stare at my own Bie from afar wtf *darks*

But I still had fun with the rest!!
(from left) Charlie who looked cute from that angle, Celestine who made everyone "Woahh!", Victoria a.k.a me who always thinks that shes cute*darks* and Chung(!!)who sews his own pants! =)

I was just joking that I only stare at Samuel from across the table the whole night, he actually came to our table every time he finishes one dish and I happy happy la~ =p
Then the cousin brother asked whether am I his girlfriend, when we are already holding each other's hands LOL!

My dumb poser face while Samuel is discussing about the cute chocolate as a gift for the guest.

A tie up between two people, Ireland and Malaysia.

Told you that we got entertainers on our table, Lol~

All this are not posted according to order, and below are their family pictures and a group picture of Audrey's and Samuel's friends with the newly wed.



I was awe when I see the couple poured wine into the stacked glasses and non of them dripped out and I was questioning the hospitality students whether has this got to do with the way they stack the cups or is it just by coincident that the couple poured nicely ... Yea, I jakun *darks*

I AM still in awe. I just don't believe that stacking something nicely and it will not flow out!
I got no credits for my Physics, that explains why. xD *darks*

The dinner was awesome, and this is my first time being at a Christian ala Chinese wedding and this is my first time experiencing a Procession...
So to the newly weds~

I will see you again in a year's time Aunty Soo Ling and Uncle Michael =) I can't afford to go Ireland, so I will just have to wait for you all to come back to visit Malaysia. God bless both of you and your family =)
I will take care of Samuel, no worries~ *muahahaha~*
Friday, July 2, 2010


I must be really hungry this morning when I logged onto the Internet and as usual I tweet like nobody's business, and I saw my friend tweeted, "TGIF, I am soo tired". So I begun to wonder, what has the TGIF restaurant got to do with her being tired out for the whole week??

Then I realized that TGIF also stands for Thank God It's Friday, well, besides the TGIF that serves super delicious food =D

My TGIF today went pretty well as a start with this "new family" that I "chose" over another and yes, I'm loving it! This is like the job that many people keen on to find and work with but I on the other hand, was offered. Many thanks to "you know who you are who stalks my blog" and rang me up for this. And also to the others who were really nice to me and helping me adapt! It's really helpful as I am not very knowledgeable on this field and being all peacock-ed up aren't really my thing.

Eyeliner, BB Cream and Mascara are my only things.Lol!

There will be more readers, hopefully and also hope that my colleague will read this closely.. Can help me reduce my foul language as well Lol! And *hint hint* go click the Nuffnang white color and blue words thingie. =)

Worn out. Bye now!
Thursday, July 1, 2010

You Know I Am Afraid

Afraid of my future when I start to search for "Virgo Horoscope 2010" on Google.
Was never and will never be an avid followers, neither a believer for horoscope because how in the world horoscope started at first?
And how is each baby born will be destined to THAT particular horoscope? Because the moon and the Earth turns that way? And who named the horoscopes? The Bible which got translated into 66 languages definitely did not mention anything regarding horoscopes.


Despite the skeptic-ness, somewhere deep beneath my little heart agrees heartedly on what the horoscope says. I am a Virgo(don't Voodoo me please,I got no money) and this year seems to be a good year for us, so they say.

Virgo is the most colorful and glamorous!(i think this means that I'm joyful) It is the only sign that is feminine(I am not feminine!) in character! People feel that a feminine character is weak and fragile. However, this feminine character is neither weak nor meek; she is rather very strong and demanding(thank you and I agree). She is also highly creative and inventive in her personality.(is being good in nail art counted as one?)

See! How I told you that its kinda true! In 3 sentences, I kinda agree in 2!

Practicality and punctuality are the hallmarks(THERE!!Hate late comers and inefficient bitches) of these people as well. Other positive signs are conservativeness and steadfastness(kind of laa~) that eventually will help them to assert their superiority over others. However, they are too suspicious of other’s motives and ambitions(this I agree 100% cause I just realized this). Virgo 2010 yearly horoscope brings lot of good luck to Virgo people.

And the rest which are my working life, love life, education&traveling life sucks. So much for good year ahead for Virgo ey~ They also state that health is kind towards Virgo-ians. Bluff! Hello! My backache is still here!!
Conclusion, I like horoscope for it's good part and hates/believes it untrue when it comes to the part that say "unfortunately".

I'm kinda sure that some avid readers thinks like me to =)
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