Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hauls! Been Such A Long Time!

There are a lot of things that I hauled before, most of them are mainly clothes. I spy through all blogshops, magazines and also the people that I know to fill me in on warehouse sales/sales as such. Yea, I is like cheap things Lol!

I went to a warehouse sales last Friday and I bought like 1732634462 kind of things, mainly to use on my face laa~ Cheap things not good for face? Godai! =)


It was so sunny that day! And I went out! On a super sunny day where I will sweat tons!


My partner in crime for the day and hanks god for her ability to drive and having a car! I'm pretty much treated like a princess, getting chauffeured and all, even though just to go out and have lunch!
Thanks babe! *hugs*


The face I grew up living with wtf LMAO!!
I was so happy la obviously that we will be going to a warehouse sales. When we were there, i quickly disperse and went to the brands that I like.
Yup, it was a mashed up warehouse sales with a few brands combining together.

I bought like 4 lip gloss, 4 eye shadow, 2 gel eyeliner, 1 lipstick, 1 box of cucumber eye pack and a box of facial sea mud wash, and all this only came up to RM35!!
*nods nods*
I ain't kidding you! =)
I even took pictures of my products and for anymore inquries, please leave it at my comment box with your email and I will email you!


Jiamin said...

WOW! Where did you get those things?

Victoria said...

Do you know where is Taman Shamelin? It's at the Bonita Warehouse sales =)

Jiamin said...

Heard before, in KL? Until when?

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