Monday, January 24, 2011

New Changes

After a year or two of pouring out my hearts into word's form and jotting down all important events that I want to remember, I've finally feel 'disgusted' of what I read or see here, an I need a new start.

Thus, to anyone that drops by here, PLEASE please do revert/go to    

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is Life

Been slaving off at work half of my 2010 because I don't excel in my study, or should I say, the course that I've chose. And I've always wanted a dog's life, which goes like this...

This is probably the happiest dog ever alive wtf



I'm giving myself one week off before starting on my new job again.. Will not reveal with whom I'm working with, now but maybe later :) Some close friends might have known cause I told wtf..
Till then, I'm gonna wake up when I wake up, eat whenever I feel like eating and shop whenever I feel bored which most of the time is wtf.

This is life ;)
Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Christmas 2010

I've celebrated it quite differently this year instead of the annual going to church with my family and watched Christmas production, in which they practiced 6 months before. Woah! Talk about commitment, the one thing that I've lost :(

My Christmas this year 2010 was celebrated plainly with the boyfriend, friends, boyfriend and friends. I know... being the stickiest girlfriend on planet :P and eve was celebrated at Samuel's Uncle's place, Uncle Tek Beng :) First time celebrating it with boyfriend's family wtf gancheongs...

The table filled with good food and relatives of Sam's :)

Sam's dad, my father-in-law wtfwtf! Lol! 
Thank you for letting me join :D

Us! *hearts*
Oh.. I went there ugly wtf 

The platter of fruits. Was so full that I can't lay my hands on this *sad face*

After eating, we just sat in the living room which Uncle Tek Beng made it like a surround system room wtf it was actually quite awesome and I really love sitting there and watching Christmas shows. But it got kinda bored when the host talks and talks, thus I took artsy shots :P

Sam's wine. Wine, my new found love :)

yea I very loser like that because that was my drink :( I don't like full bodied wine, it tasted yucks.

And Uncle Teck Beng has 2 dogs!! *squeals* One Pekingnese and another is a Shih Tzu. I know... what a choice lol!
So, meet Jester! The dog that humped me and tried to fuck me wtfwtf!


2010 was a great year for me, loads of changes, surprises... loads of crying, laughing, stoning... met loads of people, got disappointed by them... Technically my 2010 was life-changing. I lose in my studies, found myself loads of random jobs, lost a few friends, gain a few more, got abandon by some and some got abandon by me, lost my lover and then gained back the Lover :) .. Hear ye Hear ye, I'm all prep up for 2011!

I've already got traveling plans for 2011 :) This is also probably would be my last year working, cause I really miss studying. So, here I am wishing all of you a very happy and merry 2011 to come! *hearts all*
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