Thursday, July 31, 2008

Topsy Turvy World

Yesterday i went for the CF meet in TARC for the very 1st time!And i really enjoyed it!The preacher preached on the title"PREJUDICE".She quote that 'We don't see things as they are but we see things as we are'.In which she means that each and every one of us have and see things differently.We see things that are of our thought only and we judge things that we SEE and not UNDERSTAND.And Jerusha Jie jie lead us in the praise and worship session and she got such angelic voice which is truly a gift of God.And we played a game that contributes to the title for that day.
At the end of it all,i learned that we should really got to get close with the something or someone before we do judgment of them/that.
I would definitely go for the next CF meet even though i ended home 9 that day because it is worth it all to be fed with the Word of God and to learn things that we were taught but are obviously now drifting away!No!!
I asked Jerusha to pray for me because i would be facing my Business Statistic today(past ard). Today's test is really a killer!!Help me!!Out of the 5 questions,i had neither one that i can be sure of to get the full marks which is 10 each! I am so darn pathetic and helpless in Mathematics la~
Anyway, it is now all over and there is no use too to whine over it any more and just pray that God's mercy is upon me lur~*prays*
We had another group of friends that did their Hubungan Etnik today and....i don't want to comment la because i would kena saman again if i gave the details!!Haiz~
All i can say is, "You peeps have done your best and congratz to those that took the effort to prepare and it was really lovely and informative."
Had a stroll just now before coming back.And......Well,i kena bully again lur~whatelse!!Haiz~
My friends really had no respect to others la and i really don't know what to say lur and i think i can't and don't have any one trust worthy enough for me to lean on!Hm~~
I miss my secondary school peeps lur~less stress and at least there are people that i can always look up to and be dependent to!!
Going to work again for the next 2 days and want to take Sunday off to shop!!Yea!!

Dear sweet Lord,Thank you for Your everlasting mercy and blessing upon me and my family and i pray oh Lord that You would continue to do Your miraculous work on this humble family of Yours and direct us oh Lord to the path that You have predestined for us and lead us oh Lord to live daily righteously in Your sight oh sweet Jesus!In Jesus mighty name i ask and pray of,Amen.

Jesus love you and i love you too.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Freaky Tuesday

Ok~what happened yesterday was a blur~One minute we are in the light and in the blink of an eye we are in darkness!*sob*To cut the story short,i was a dummy yesterday because:
-wasted my money traveling there
-wasted my precious time to study and lie at house
-wasted my energy walking in/being in Sg.Wang(4 days straight)
-mostly importantly,i missed classes that i am really really freaking weak in it!!*T.T*
Ok~enough of yesterday as it was to hard to bear or even to think about it and i cried!First time in this 2008 and because of stress,i flow out my tears!!Darn it!!Ok~let's talk about today!*smiles*
What happened today was really out of control and the thing is that they had problems with the LRTSS~Please mind the SSss~i was stuck at Damai(i freaky don't know where the hell i was la~~)and was really scared to shit la and i was having 8a.m class which makes my heart to beat twice as fast as i hate being late and during that time it was 7.30++(around that time la).I waited for almost 15 to 20 minutes till the next train arrived and seriously i have never been so much happier to see the sight of the train(as i dread to school).And at this time i was thinking this"Ok,not that bad,i will only be late for 15 minutes or so and Miss Wong is ok with it."And i met up with one of my classmates and was dicussing about the delayments~and not even 10 minutes on that train,we were again asked to get off and to take another alternative as the/those trains are only able to transport us till Setiawangsa station.FYI:That is still very far from our college and to make it worse we don't know where we were as we are not form that area.We had no other choice than to take the taxi.So,me,Kok and her friend waited and waited and waited for that and was joking through out all the waiting moments and we did not take any picture of the whole TARC-IANSS being there as we are to busy fooling around and that is for a reason.That is:
-we are definitely late so we dun care anymore.
-i met up with friends and bincang to wait for another friend to come down and fetch us to TARC.
-we were really superstitious about being in the bad luck season as yesterday we had a major black at school and today a major problem with Malaysia's products!!
And suddenly this unknown guy came and ask Kok(as i was on the fone)whether are we willing to share the taxi fare(if we are gonna get one)to get to school.Seriously we do mind because,come on la man,we hardly know you and not even your name and hardly ever see your face at college also and by the way,we had 2 other friends including the 3 of us and it would really not fit if we were to take the taxi.By the bottom line is,i called MY FRIEND to fetch and his car will only fit the 5 of us and not the 6 of us!! And earlier on there was a bus that supposingly will reach college la,i don't know where i am mur~and me and Kok was like indirectly telling him to take a hike on his own with that bus lur~As a know-how-to-do-person,GO TAKE YOUR OWN HIKE LA!!But NO!!He just stand there like a dumb and EXPECT us to give him a ride!Well he got it at last and we were squeeze like anything and i would say that even the sardines will laugh at us and say"Ha ha ha~~u humans are much worser than us sardines,at least we stii have our own space till we are eaten by you human,but look at you,there is someone sitting on your lap!!*giggles*"
I really can almost hear what those sardines will say if "they" ever see humans in this condition!!Lolz~Oh~i am such a Drama Queen!!*giggle*Cut everything short but nevertheless i want to thank alot to Wilson for being such a caring friend to take the effort and risk to go to a place that he does not even know just to fetch us back!!Lolz~*touched*=)
I WAS late and had to tell half the story to Miss Wong and luckily she understand and marked our attendance too~Thank You Miss Wong!!
I was also very very the pissed off my one of my friend and this is the 1st time i was so freakingly pissed off in the year 2008!!I think this is not my year!!He was a darn show off guy who actually have the brains of an Einstein but he is darn lazy to used it wisely and to use it for reasons that will improved his self image.Instead he acted like a total idiot today(as usual)when we ask favours from him particularly on studies lur~Then instead of teaching nicely,he was using foul languages of all kinds and was making us freaking blur~And i really Beh Ta Han and i gave him a piece of my mine that i actually wanted to donate to him a long time ago!What a friend la~Hish~~
Like i say this isn't the year for me!I kept meeting siow peoples,getting into lots of troubles,lazy-ness conquering,stupid-ness increasing,and total output decreasing!!Lolz~Too much Microeconomics and this is what happens!!*chuckles*
By the way, i am all done with my Microeconomics coursework and i have done my best and i leave everything in the hands of God now to soften the heart of the examiners while marking our paper and let me get full marks for my coursework!!LoLz~Tomorrow is kinda of a stress free day and i hope no one's gonna irritate me again tomorrow!!

Jesus love you and i love you too.
Sunday, July 27, 2008

Japan~A Place Where I Want To Be Now!

Huh~at last,the weekends ended and it was not a nice one for me to conclude so i will leave all the details except that i manage to sell another of my RM388.00 product!!Wohoo~a round of applause for me!!*Lolz*
Today was darn tired as i was not feeling well due to the rain the other night.And from this kind of mood reminds me back to Japan!*sob*I miss sakura season~I miss Harajuku street,I miss superb Sushi-es,I miss street that are full of Sakuras and~I miss Japan!!It is so hectic here and the weather is a bother to me and often makes me sick*T.T* I really needed some serenity and not buildings and stones in my face all day long!So i went online to get Japan's new sakura photoes and there are blooming white this year!!Owh~How lovely and pure!!And i don't get to enjoy is personally!

Those picnicking picnicker are really making me so darn jealous!!It is so pure to see this season's sakura which is white in color!So rare!
How i wish i could freaking be there right now and collect those Kirei Hana to bring it back to Malaysia and i could turn it into a bookmark or something!
The bottom line is~I freakingly need a time out and a breakaway!!
Oh God!Please provide me the time and financially to have and fulfill such an ambitious dream!
Have exams next week!!What the~and i am not prepared!Too darn tired la~
With God's grace...I WILL SUCCEED!!=)

Jesus love you and i love you too.
Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Wacko College City@@

Today had the greatest fun of my entire days spend at college!Anyhow,pictures says it all~Be entertain and have an awesome time to look at the lengzai's and lenglui's!I will narrate thosse pictures during the whole browsing.ENJOY~!!
This picture is my class rep doing her silly face and i have someone to match it!!Look down!!
don't they look alike??!!Lolz~
The rest are my close and very helpful friends(some only here)that i first meet in my new life phase.Thanks alot you guys!!
This is Jason.He is more like a big brother to me than a friend because he is the most mature among us all and he is a real joker too.And for gurls out there that thinks that he is cute,good news!he is single and most importantly available!!Lolz~

As for this guy,his name is Tze Kai.He is probably the most vemo looking guy in our gang lur~~well,at least he tries to be emo looking la~When he took this picture he said"I want to be serious and please take the part where the pencil can be seen"Apala~~Lolz~And yes,single and available~but i think he is hard to get, so, gurlz~Gambateh Neh~Huahaha~

Today as usual ended class early and actually planned to go have our lunch outside and nearby our college but when we were there,the lines and rows of people queing up just to get a meal is as long as from Malaysia to China~(metamophorically speaking)
So,we cramp up our ass and the whole 7 of us(6 gals, 1 gay)fitted "nicely" in Yong En's poor and unlucky MyV!=p And headed off to Jusco.Before that we discover something as we were walking,actually Zhe Han discover it because he LURVES to walk behind girls!!

Us gals walking out of college and he started la with the "THREE PAIR" thgy~

The 1st pair is me and Yong En.Also known as the "2nd Tall Pair".

The two front gals are the "1st Tall Pair" and yea that gurl with a red bag is Hui Yin,and i forgot her pair's name!Sumi masen neh~
The two gals behing them are the "3rd Tall Pair.In other words, the SHORTEST pair!!!Lolz~~

A random picture while on the way to TBR.

There we are at last,at Jusco!!We have no pictures of us cramp up in the car,so sorry yea!!This picture above is the starting of us helping ourself and fulfilling our call!!Huahaha~

Me camwhoring others eating but kena camwhored also!!Apala~was waiting for my Pizza actually!!

Posers!!Random pix of me with i duno her name!!Huahah~~And why is Hui Yin so exited about!!

The driver!!huahahahaha~~

The bahagia look after a heavy and not nice meal!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pretenders of The Century

Due to the lack of time to blog, so i think i will be blogging around 2 days once in a single blog page.

Nothing really special happened today, just going through every single day with lots of laughters and having great fun with friends.Brought my lappie to college today and did not realize the heaviness of Lappie at the beginning stage but later on the pain of hanging onto Lappie for too long really shows and now i got a bruised shoulder!Thankz Lappie~But am proud of you!Later at night was irritated by meanie who have no respect and he went overboard with that name calling thing!Hish~so unforgivable!!

Took a nice and smooth train ride to college today and was a bit dreamy all the way too college was maybe partly because of lack of sleep and also the constant-ness of using the train makes me feel like that is my 2nd home that i am so used to it already!Ha ha ha ha~~
As usual we feel that early morning classes espeacially English in the morning is really a drag and a waste of time as the lecturers teaches things that we had started to learn since we are in kindergarten(so to say)!!There are nothing new eventhough we are now in tertiary education and that is why Malaysian's languages suckz!!There also a very slow learner due to laziness and the "TAK APA" attitude!Whatever~~!!
Bin bin was a pain in the ass today as he always is but he really went overboard today because he obviously wanted to show to the mother cow that she was not in his favour and said somethings that really are meant for that gal and i think she reads that too and was really like having a clod fight.We stuck in the middle aren't able to do anything but to direct them back to the topic that we were discussing.But Bin Bin should not have said those words till so obvious lur~Although i dislike her myself but anyhow we still are stuck together for another 2 whole years and we are also tied together by the name of "FRIENDSHIP" so there is no need for obvious display of dislike la~
Today weren't as tired as other days and i received an email of horoscope today and was interested and clicked it.It says this:

VIRGO - The One that Waits

Dominant in relationships. Someone loves them right now. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Loud. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. A pushover. Loves to gamble and take chances. Needs to have the last say in everything. They think they know everything and usually do. Respectful to others but you will quickly lose their respect if you do something untrustworthy towards them and never regain respect. The do not forgive and never forget the one and only.

This horoscope is so true about me that i am having hard to believe it's accuracy la~but i have doubts about the love life lur~if there really is and is now existing, then why did i not feel that special someone's love.??Ha ha ha ha ha ha~~

Jesus love you and i love you too.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Quikie O f My Life.

I did not work today and took the day off because i(partly)i miss my church,i miss my friends but most importantly my mum told me that on that particular day,our church had invited Juwita Suwito to our church for a performance.I was told that she is going to perform only for one service and that was during the 10 o'clock service at the Nexgen meet.I was very doubtful at 1st at the thought that why would the church invite such an important guest and only meant it for the Nexgen-ners~But anyhow,i went through it all to get a permission for the day off and was granted because i LOVE Juwita!!Unfortunately,she was assigned to sing for the 12.30 service and i was darn tired that day to stay back for 2 service as i am going to have my exam the other day(which is another reason for the leave!)
So went back home with a bit of disappointment but nevertheless i manage to take a picture with my fav M'sia artiste.Wohoo~~But the picture is still with Sarah!!And the best thing of all,Juwita asked for my name and asked me usually which service do i go to.I was obviously thrilled to be talking with my fav artiste eventhough it was some normal-everybody-would-ask question!!Ha ha ha~when it is asked by the Suwito-es,then there is a BIG DIFFERENCE!! Lolz~~Later on studied for my BITA mid-term test in which i lock myself in the room for 4 hours of solid study and manage to finish up 5 chapters in that mere 4 hours.And as usual went online lur and talk to that meanie!!Hope ure reading this meanie!!Blek~~XP

As usual,was stuck at he Lrt station for well around half an hour and was squashed like sardine but i will not go into detail of what i have experience today in that stupid cramped up Lrt!!It was too horrifying for me as i did not know what the hell was actually happening!!Whatever!!~~
While i was half way,i saw her(Miss-oh-too-wonderfull)and i was so good today to offer her to come and sit right next beside me(coincidently the guy beside me went down when i spoted her!)haiz~don't know whether to say that that was a double bad luck or a good luck!*sigh*
Went into class and was cut marks by the BITA teacher for not completing my homework and i seriously don't know whether i should be blame for that since i work through the whole entire weekend and i had spent all my time on the revision!Oh well~i only have -2 point now!!How funny to hear that myself!!Lolz~~Later on continued with my classes and the usual routine carries on and here i am blogging and no one to msn with because that meanie ain't here and not online.Probably he is sick??Lost in his own country again??Playing combat like a kiddo??ha ha ha~whatever that he is doing now,that is my meanie Aussie mate!!

Jesus love you and i love you too.
Saturday, July 19, 2008

Everything's Gonna Be Alright~

Went to work today and it is the last day for this week!Was really happy at the thought of it but yet today is the happiest day ever in my last 4 days of working with Energie Eyecare.I was not happy because i manage to sell anything today,i did not sold anything also la by the way.Lol~But it is because.....Oh well~i don't know!!I am just gay today,for no reason!!Sounds crazy but yea~~Ha ha~
Went for an early lunch today with Suzzane which is a Bio-Essence promoter and she is a realy sweetie and i am glad that i had befriended her!!Lol~Also got to know that Mustapa a.k.a Mus got a warning today and is due to leave in 1 week time!!What the!!And for the reason for talking to a promoter and the Watson had this lamest rule i have ever heard before!!And that is the Watson's own workers aren't allow to talk to other brand's promoter!!What the~so lame right??Hish~that poor guy and it was so fun having him there which make working there more cheerful and less of a bored.But now that he will bw gone next week,things are sure gonna have a drastic change!!Haiz~He was so down today and wasn't in his super duper cheerful manner!Nevertheless he still try to kacau us around and try to make our day and time working there worth every minute!!And he is a very hardworking man and Watson is really a fool to kick him out for some lame reason that would not hurt even a tiny ant.Anyway,it is very nice to have him as a friend!That's another sweetie!
Everything went well for me today and got to know a true story that happened at Sungai Wang's 4th floor not long ago,early this year.There has been a death involving a crystal seller lady that apparently sat at the rail and was on the phone and it seems that she slipped and fell right onto the escalator,fall flat,and die instantly there!!What a creep~Beware~readers that always go there to not talk big while walking past there!!
Yeah~~not going to go to work tomorrow because i am having a test this coming monday and planned to earn less bucks and buck up more on studies(last minute samo~hope it works!!).If not then i am as good as a dead meat!!T.T
Thatz all for today!!Real happy that i am able to go church tomorrow and there invited Juwita Suwito to Nexgen tomorrow and i don't know how the hell they did that and what is the purpose but i hope i will enjoy it as Juwita has been well-known for her powderfull(it is powerfull~just using my new vocab!!)voice!!Lolz~~Hope to get some freebies and to see some hansamu la~~Hahaha~~

Jesus love you and i love you too.
Thursday, July 17, 2008



An enjoyable day!!

Today as usual is suppose to be a great day and today was especially great!!Had our very very very duper super 1st presentation in my/our tertiary education and i will forever and ever remember this very 1st time's memory and the fun-nest that we had.
I went 1st for today's presentation and was real and kind of glad and felt that i did a great job(we all did a great job!congratz!)

Me!!This was after my turn to do the presentation and this was taken by Zhe Han without me realizing it and he say i act cool!!What the~~xp I was concentrating with Amelia's presentation la~

This picture was taken by me right after my turn and this guy in front intended to stick out his massive 39 inch(not sure) breast!!Huahaha~but it did not turn out nicely and took a normal picture of him with a guy who was "concentrating"!!Ha ha ha ha~xD

This was also captured by me when Ame is doing her part!!She looks like she is peeping into something but actually she is trying to memorize the thing from the paper but kind of not there and then she need to peep back at the lappie to double confirm!And that stupid Zhe Han say that she look like a ghost!!Huahahaha~~And by the way,Ame is hot today because her outfit really showed her body and she does look like an executive(a hot wan!!xp)

As for this guy, i do not know whether he is trying to act cool or he is just plain scare today partly because he is suppose to go last.And this guy really kena-ed from me and Ame today in which the details shall not be disclosed and it is enough that a few of us know~By the way,at 1st,he gave me an impression of post man and on the 2nd thought,he looks like a salesman!Huahaha~More of salesman la due to his spectacles and the lappie bag that he was carrying!Kesian nya~~

Gay guy presenting and i took his picture again but was not camwhored nicely(not due to skills!!)due to the lightings in that room.And this guy was stammering di-di-di-di-di-di~~when i came back in to the room because he forgot a single word and we are not suppose to used English but he blurted it out in English anyway and was helped by teacher!Hua ha ha ha~~But before that he was doing this!!

What the!!Tried to act cute but that was only a good try!!xp

At last,me and Ame took a picture together gether~ha ha ha~Ame looks like she is forced to take picture with me!!T.T But i really had a great day today!!Lurve-ing it~And this coming picture is rated the super-es duper-es picture ever la~~

This is the beat!!!I was actually trying to take a picture of the entire class "concentrating"on our presentation today and i ter-capture this Miss Oh-I-Will-Help-You-But-I-Did-Not-Help-Cuz-I-Am-Too-Goodie Goodie-To-Cheat yawning away!!!What the~~How dare this mother cow yawn while my group is presenting!I am really really looking forward to how she is going to dress up and most importantly to cover up her BIG FAT ASS when it is her group's turn to present!!How dare she say"Wow,all black for your 1st presentation a??!!"I mean~What was that suppose to mean??Huh??Miss I-Think-I-Have-The-Best-Body-Ever/Miss I-Am-Super duper-Good-In-Fashion!!HISH~~My business is really non-of her business lur~

And that picture was edited by Zhe Han and that was a great in editing that!!I really love that picture but not her~Huah hahahaha~
I really enjoyed myself today and am hoping to do another presentation as cool and as fun as this!
PS:Teacher did not take our attendance today rite??What the~

Jesus love you and i love you too.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Need A Place To Hide!

Today was suppose or should i say was force to have a 'date' with Miss Oh-I-Am-So-Perfect and also known as Miss Oh-I-Really-Need-Your-Help-Cuz-I-Am-So-Helpless at the library today with the motive of us helping each other to finish up our BITA coursework.What the~!!Who ever gave her the idea that i want to be with her and be by her side in order for me to finish up my things!I can do very well without you la,Miss Whatever!!Yish~i so freakingly hate the way that she always pops up in the middle of my conversation with my besttie in college and not only that, she would even intrude while we were talking and unembarrassed, she would try to poke her big mouth into our conversation padahal she does not know what we are talking about!!!It is so annoying lur~Luckily, when we had our 2 and the half hour break before the next class, we went to the third floor and took a very hidden table enough for 7 people.So, even though she found us she can't have a sit there because she got a big ass that we would not have place enough for her!!There~I said it!!I HATE HER!!
Why can't she go bother someone else and leave me and Ame alone la~Haiz~too bad la that we ain't friends with her so she need to use her own ways to go seduce those guys that she wants!!And she can take her theories that she always live with away from us when she would stop bothering us!Urrgghh~~I just want to puke every single time i saw her sooo forever pretending face and sorry lur~i would not be fooled by her fake coughs lur and in her dreams la that some day i would fill her up in my league, i will never ever hang out with someone whose ENTERTAINMENT during the holidays are STARONLINE ONLY lur~~Go get a life gurl!!!But not a life by me or Ame's side! SHOOO~WE DON'T WANT YOU!!!
Saturday, July 12, 2008

What A Day~

Today was my first day to work and surely everyone expect it to be fun and not that boring(at least).Was told to go find Ms.Visin Chong when i reach Watson Sungai Wang.I was there an hour early so i went for a stroll and ended up walking 2-3 rounds on each floor and the time wasn't even 11 yet.So decided to declare earlier la because i thought that i will need to learn alot of things like where is the stock room,how do i go about when i am working like what must i be doing and what i must not do...WELL...At least some one will be there to brief me la and not leave me alone there trying to figure my way out in a weird place(watson is a weird place for me!).After all the hu ha of not letting me start work because no identification card and to the end point is i started work in a very blur manner.
Saw the booth was so unrun/run down,totally shock me as i have never been a promoter before and quickly called Eugene and informed him.3 Hours later,he arrived with another guy which i don't know who it was but he only notice me when he turned to leave and smiled to me and say "Happy working!"!!Is it just me or that sounds like sarcasm!!!Darn it!It is really hard/a heavy burden for me to sell something that i am unfamiliar with and something that cost so much and whatever we used to guarantee customer,still the percentage to prevail is higher.And this product is so new and to tell the truth,no one really ever cared how to take care of eyes,what will happen if you do this to your eyes and all those la.
As for today,i only managed to talk and to explain to 5-6 customers and only 3 of them are interested...interested in TRYING.Then say thank you and leave.Haiz!Nevertheless,as expected,there is no hot hunks in Watson.By the way,what would a hot hunk do in Watson??!!What am i talking!!Ha ha...But there's this cute guy who works at the pharmacy in Watson and he was really cute but he got a lame name called Simon.Ha ha...He looks cute and i caught him a few times tried to walk near to my booth and intended to talk to me but he does not have enough of courage(i think...) and he just walk back to his counter and sat there and would let out a loud HAIZ before settling down.Ha ha ha ha~funny people!!Then there's this guy named Mustafa and he can speak mandarin and was like keeping an eye on me the whole time and would wink at me when i caught him looking at me!!What the!!!So i ended up looking at this which is infront of my booth:
Tea Light Candle (100's)
NM P:RM15.90

And also a whole pile of white table candles(i think they wrote wrongly bout the tea light)each pack into a pack of 100's!!What the heck la,who would want to buy so much candle at one go and it is not that they will be having candle light dinner for the rest of 4-5 months!!Then there this Thailand guy(very cute too)stopped and was shocked and said "woah!!too much,what am i going to do with 100 candles!!" in Thai and i was giggling behind and he turn to look and said "my girlfriend would be bored with candle light for the rest of her life!!" Ha ha ha~well said!!Watson people are so dumb!!Then there's this Ang Mo Nang mother with his teen son and he should be around my age and he kept looking and staring at me even though he had left my booth after his mother came to my booth looking for mosquito repellent!!Ha ha ha ha~~!Then at last i gave him a sweet smile and he was overwhelmed and kept near by my booth for well around 15minutes and tried my stuffs(but did not buy!) and helped me pack it back.And the mother said i was lovely!!xp

Sarah would be so jealous after reading this!!Ha ha ha ha~this is what happened to me today and surrounded by snobbish and unhelpful people except for the non-Malays!And then i went back with Hui Joo by his boyfriend's car and she look so blissfully happy with her new boyfriend and this guy obviously love her a lot to have come all the way from Kepong to Sungai Wang and just to fetch her home!!It's so sweet!!Then there and then,the loneliness that i once felt creep ed back to me again and the longing too~Haiz~whatever!!Tomorrow am and are going to go and stand like a fool for another 8 hours and please by god's grace,LET ME SELL SOMETHING!!

Jesus love you and i love you too.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Energie Eye Relax~Here I Come!!!

"Eye Relax 2 is The Award Winning Medical Device which is clinically programmed to improve your eyesight especially myopia and presbyopia which are short-sightedness and long-sightedness.Eye Relax 2 is developed based on the European studies on visual fields and bio-spectrum technology."Yes,this is what i will be selling and will be talking for the whole entire period of my job.Yes,i am back to work with 9 hours/day and rm6/hour for 3 days in one week.But this time i am selling a product that is not well-known(actually no one noes!)to the public and in a way i am helping my company to create awareness of eyesight problems and try to prevent it especially those that has no eyesight problem and to those that wears spectacles,this Eye Relax 2 can help in improving your eyesight!It is for real!!I have tried it for 20 seconds and i got the result!!I got a clearer point of view and the sharpness of my focus also improved!!!And in the matter of 20 seconds and no more no less!!It really is a miracle to those that dread to wear spectacles!Let me show you how does the product look like~

This is my company's logo.

And this is the product that i am going to sell.This is actually Eye Relax but i am selling Eye Relax 2 which comprises more functions and a more user friendly device.It looks like a robot right??Ha ha~But it is very light in weight and it is petite but yet it does wonders and miracles!!

Besides that i also sell Beaus which is a device invented to solve and prevent back posture problem.It looks more like a baby strapper which is make out of a material which is darn stretchable(forgot the name of material!) and this product helps to reshape body(reduce fat) and back bone posture because it will be strap tightly,like extremely tight to pull back your back bone and refined it!!You all should really get this one!!It is like killing bird with one stone,exercising and correcting posture at the same time!!!
As for myself,i had training about this 2 product more than 4 hours in the AmCorp Mall under Energie company.I really enjoyed myself because i am learning something new and at the same time and most importantly,i GOT MYSELF A JOB!!yEA!!I am going to start work tomorrow at Sungai Wang based in Watson!And if anyone is indeed interested,please contact me for more informations.This is really a good product and i would strongly encourage to get one and this product is usable for all ages in one family and it is super duper easy to use too!!Why waste money on contact lenses,spectacles,eye lasers while there is this super cool and really effective product within 20 minutes and in an instant results can be proven!Although it is a bit pricey,no doubt la,you pay what you get ma~and this is not some lousy fake medical product you all always saw in TV(SMART SHOWS),but this is THE THING!!
Really exited for tomorrow and hope that i do not screw up in what ever i am going to explain to the customer and i am aiming to sell at least one unit tomorrow!!Wish me luck yea!!

Jesus love you and i love you too.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today is SO~ Posh!! (^v^)

Today can be categorized as the most posh day i had ever had since for the last 4 months!And that is to go shopping without any disturbances and no one to hurry me in my quest of clothes lack~*Laugh out loud* And the best part is that we(me and Ame)went to 3 places in one day and during the 5 hour period of time.Ain't we the happiest and most contented girls for today,Ame?!!Well,i sure do!!Huahahaha~we went to

Yeah,those that live near TARC would know this place and it is none other than the Alpha Angle Jaya Jusco.I was hoping that they are having their monthly BIG SALES!But to my great disappointment,they weren't having that and the clothes there(was in a quest for formal clothes)weren't as nice as how it was last time and to me it was kind of nice to have a stroll there with Yong En and Amelia.Had a great time with Yong En because she is so sweet and kind enough to teman us there while waiting for her next class.Later on took a bus and mono rel to the next shopping destination!Lolz~

YES,it is none other than SUNGAI WANG!!This is like a paradise of cheap and worthwhile things place if and only if you put extra effort to strain and walk your legs and take time to browse!Ha ha~I managed to buy a short pants here and it only worth rm12 and this was also after a stunning discount of 70% from rm39.90(the ori price is ard cheap enuf!!).Without anything said,i brought that pants after one try without even giving it a thought because i would so regret it if i did not saw that pants hanging there in the back!And it is a beige white kind of color and i love the rough material of that pants.Amelia on the other hand went crazy when she saw a mini jeans skirt which she wanted for so long which only cost her rm29.00!!!Isn't that a stunning price which makes you want to go there to get one yourself NOW!Ha ha~That shop was a darling of worthwhile clothes(oh my gawd,im such an aunty!!)Lolz!!Was actually finding my formal skirt and this Amelia ended up buying more things than me!That was really funny!!Guess that i am much much more pickier than her and how dare she claim to be picky when she bought herself a mini jeans skirt,a pair of shoes worth rm18,a purse for her sister,a manicure mini set from JJ.And me,a pair of pants,a callus remover thing from JJ too,some blusher for my mum(it ended up i am buying more things for my mum!!!T.T)
Was skirt hunting at the end and we pick a formal and straight cut skirt for me and i tried it out and the price is reasonable for a skirt of that material,rm29.90!Tried it out but it turns out that they do not have my size which is M,and they gave me a bigger size instead and i wasn't really flatter with that and ended up not buying a single formal thing for my presentation!Which is the "theme"for today's shopping!!Lolz~Then when it was nearly to 5p.m,we walk back to Times Square to wait for our respective "chauffeur"*giggle*to bring us back home!!Lolz!
I am now so dead and i think i will be borrowing my mother's formal clothes for my next week's upcoming presentation and i am such a last minute person!!Ha ha ha~But i really had a great day shopping today as not even a single minute is wasted and every minute of it was spend on trying on clothes and throwing them back to the furious seller when we decided that we are not going to buy instead just want to have a try!!Lolz~~Well~~thatz US!!Is so great and really looking forward to another shopping spree with you Amelia because you give good advice and we do have the same taste and we say what we want to say!!LolZ~~xp

Jesus love you and i love you too.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bad ManagementSS

Was..WAS~~In a very good mood today because everything started well and all was in my favor.The train station,the morning classes,the lecturer's behavior...all was great today and it looks like everyone had a fine day to start with and to carry it out through the whole day.
So decided to pay a visit to the SBS office hoping to get back my suppose already certified IC because it had been 2 days now.The moment i saw the piles and heaps of unclaimed certified documents,my blood boils!!The whole problem is that the workers there are too lazy to separate those old documents away from the new documents,so they just chucked everything into the same pile of papers in to a what seems like a box to them but not to me!Was half way through and was rummaging through every single paperSS and i really can't stand it,so went and asked for more help on this matter as i am in need of those stuffs.Then without a warning,i was replied to what seems like an insult to me than giving a hand to solve my matter!I mean~that is what they are paid for rite?With OUR parents money!!To solve the students problems!But NO~that was a big no~they just sit around in the office WATCHING,watching i am telling you,students trying to figure out a way themselves in that already so cramped office!!And the odor there,i am telling you~~STAY AWAY!!
Then went to the Administration block to get more of what i wanted in order to complete a submission form.Got the same treatment as in the office!Whaada~~What is wrong with those in the office?!!Why all so cranky!!If feel that this job is unsuitable for you then don't continue working la,don't ever give me those SHITTY looks again!!I could have slap that lady right on the face if she weren't standing behind the counter!She even busied body herself with my own private documents!!That was so not professional at all!I am indeed very disappointed with TARC to employed such no manners,so unprofessional,poor English command workers!It will be such a big humiliation when this kind of bad management are leak out to the world outside!!
On to the bright side,i went for some window shopping just now in search for some formal clothes for my presentation.Saw a few that is quite okay but have not try it out yet so the good news is,~I am going to go shopping again tomorrow!!Huahaha~

Jesus loves you and i love you too.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Rojak Day~

Today was such a chilly day.It started to rain heavily as early as....I forgot the time but i am sure it is before 7a.m,Yeah~And i only realized it was raining heavily outside when i was nearly freeze to dead in the train.Got caught in the rain and with the aid of an umbrella,still i got bit wet and now am hoping that i would not get sick!
English class is always a waste of time so did my Microeconomics homework there with the help of Amelia,and at last i got the chapter ELASTICITY which needed lot of memorizing of the formulas!!
Then,i forgot to bring my Introduction To Accounting notes to lecture and was so darn blur with what she had thought and what's is going to come out in the test!!So DEAD~
Later on went and had our lunch and again Amelia was being sound for wastages of food!!Pity her~And they always use her "Beautiful Ass" topic to make fun of her!!Lolz~
Today really had the crack of the day when we was bad-mouthing SOMEONE about...HA HA~Don't want to blog about it la just in case SHE saw this then i am so dead meat!!We overdone it i think when the librarian came into the study room and shushed us!!So freaking malu!!So we cooled down and chilled but continue giggling like nobody's business!Almost skipped BS and did not at the end because Amelia want to be good girl!*PUKE*=p
Later on had BS class and went home!HAHA~i am lazy to blog!!thatz all now,BYE!

jesus love you and i love you too
Monday, July 7, 2008

I Am Back To Me,Mu'ah and Myself

I am back to the jovial me again after a major breakdown yesterday!Was back to normal again when all the hectic-ness and all those unfinished homework and coursework hits me back right in my face the moment i woke up this morning!Wuahaha~so pitiful right?Wake up only then i am reminded of my unattended works~Well~can't be blame though because this is how college life SHOULD be and i have always been dreaming of this moment since i was in secondary school~(i meant to be in college xp)
As usual was really really depressed when i have to face the wonderfully made train station every morning before reaching school and i shall not explain any further about how long i waited and what happen to me while in the train as you all might be afraid to use public transport and when the government knows bout this~i am sooo~dead!!(just joking la).Nothing really that special happen today.
Attended BITA tutorial class and was shocked by Choo Pin when he said that he was going to go to the/a girl's house that they barely even know each other and wanted to take a rest there(take a rest means sleep~!)Oh My Gawd~Whadda~to the thought of it~WHATEVER~!!Huahahaha*evilness*
Then as usual,the rajin-ness of us lead us to 2 BITA lecture class,in which we interrogate other people's lecture and was curi-ing what their teacher teaching and another class was our very own class that we dun't pay attention too~Wuahaha~*cheekyness*They we were like chating and joking all the way through out her wonderful lecture and this teacher has a special habit of asking people question whenever she is done lecturing and 2 of my poor friend(ZHE HAN & CHOO PIN)were selected by her among few hundreds because one is doing his gay pose(zhehan)through out the whole lecture and the other was courting with THE girl(choo pin) and was caught red-handed by the teacher!!Wuahahaha~Lolz~
When the class is over,this Choo Pin,out of the blue said that he want to treat us and we chose Bubble Ice Tea and those that over heard was treat by him too and i think it cost him all well around rm12,oh well~he is rich~RICH IN LOVE~~So maybe that is why he was such in a good mood to treat us~Hm~need to take into consideration of his sudden change of wind!!Ha ha~Anyway, thanks for that,it really cooled me off during this hot like i-am-in-the-oven day!!
Later went home by lrt and monorel and yeah~~the most important of all~my legs hurts like shit today!!!Urggh~and all this is because of the new shoes that i bought yesterday and i am having a feet-ache now~Haiz~
Read something from the Bible today and it really inspired me to always keep moving on like a blind man(us,Child of God)relying entirely to his blindman's stick(God,our Father,our Jehovah Jireh,our Emmanuel)when we are faced with troubles,difficulties,obstacles,disappointment,a no way out(to our world thoughts).He will and would always lead us through safe and sound if and only if we are willing to be lead and in some ways to be taught by Him~If and only if we are not hot-headed,easy to be mold,light in our ears and mouth and all that we act,surely He will have special favors on those of that characters.So,let God lead us and not us being lead by the worldly agendas that never ever stop from trying to draw believers away from Him.So have strong faith in Him and always turn to Him and nobody else because no one is worthy and mighty enough to help us through except for HIM,our EMMANUEL!

Jesus loves you and i love you too~
Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Hate It Today!

Urrrgghh~today was such an unhappy day for me and it start as early as the moment i woke up this 7a.m this morning!!Was suppose to go to church like always and what we should be doing every Sunday morning and seriously~i hate missing or skipping church!Thatz like my 1st must not do thing and that is to skip Sunday service!
Ok~this was how it happen~i woke up at 7 this morning and was half way preparing myself to go church when suddenly the phone rang and i know that this call is from my aunty whom always follow us to church every Sunday.Didn't bother to "overheard" the conversation and just carry on packing my stuffs.Then when i heard my mum put down the receiver,she said"Ger~dun bother~we are not going to church this morning." I was like"whadda!!dun't you know that i hate and dislike most punya thing is to skip church!!and what is the lame reason now that we are not going to church!!" I was obviously freaking angry and my mu m answered me with the lamest reason of all,she said"dun't you know there will be a riot at kelana jaya??so i do not want to go out and later aren't able to come back sound and safely!" I was so dumbfounded by her reply and sulkingly and without a word went back to sleep and sleep and sleep till it was 10 a.m.And i did not even accompany her to go buy her stuffs!I was like whadda heck!!Thx for ruining my day,Mum~
I am and still very angry with her(my mum)and my aunty's little faith in our Father!Didn't he say before that if we lay all things and all our worries before Him and have faith that He will pull us through,we will be safe in His hands,His Almighty Hands~Didn't he quote before that even the feathers of the birds He takes care,what more us~US~His child!!Didn't He promised that He will lead us through it all like what we always sing the praise song"Through It All"
Obviously~i am much much more angry with the devil himself who succeed in "persuading"my mum and aunt to stay at home and miss church with the lamest reason that is called "RIOT"!When i give it a thought again and to think that i had missed church for some reason that actually we have pulled through before~really agitates me and i feel like slapping my mum and aunt and obviously the devil(i won't forget your part,dun't worry!!)
What lil' faith my mum and aunt own!!
haiz~really really REALLY disappointed with how they reacted towards the small and safe riot!!
Well,to the thought of it~we went to church too last time when the Indians were rioting and nothing even happen to us even though we passed by the riot place!!Then might as well she tell me not to go to school till everything is settle!!Anyhow,my school is nearby the church also what!!
WHATEVER LA~They really 'make"my day!!Thankz~thankx alot*sarcasm*

What a Waste Of Time!

I was spending my two whole day(when i online)playing Maple Story.Yea~i know that was a very old game and would be childish for some but i am having fun with it because not much to use brain!Wuahaha~not that i dun't have it,it's just that i am not bother to crack my head over some online games!
It is really a waste of time playing that and you will get kind off addicted to it because you want to level up at a more faster rate,so i neglected my revisions!Ha ha~what a lame excuse!Was suppose to study on my off days and i spent the entire whole Friday online by playing that addictive game and not forgetting soap dramas(u just cant resist korean drama!).Was doing that the whole that the whole day.Today is a no way i can study day because when my mother is at house i can't get a moment for myself and i would be busied by her asking me to clean this and to clean that!Whatever!!~
Nothing much to blog tonight~And i am missing my NS peeps~yea,thatz how i feel right now and there are mosquitoes biting me!!!Whadda~guess better get going now before i am out of blood!!
Friday, July 4, 2008

This is For all the Guys!(smallies)

Rihanna - “Take a Bow” Lyrics

How about a round of applause
A standing ovation

You look so dumb right now
Standing outside my house
Trying to apologize
You’re so ugly when you cry
Please, just cut it out

Don’t tell me you’re sorry cuz you’re not
Baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught
But you put on quite a show
You really had me going
But now it’s time to go
Curtain’s finally closing
That was quite a show
Very entertaining
But it’s over now
Go on and take a bow

Grab your clothes and get gone
You better hurry up before the sprinklers come on
Talkin’ about, girl, I love you, you’re the one
This just looks like the re-run
Please, what else is on

This song is so for all the guys out there that cant keep themselves to one and flirts around even though the special someone is just beside!Whadda~
Thursday, July 3, 2008

Loving It Today!

Thursday is always the day that i look forward to this days after a week of rushing like mad to and back from school.It is so darn tiring!Today's class felt like it pass on very fast maybe because besides fooling around i did not really pay attention in class!Lolz~Business Statistic were(as usual)boring~so we(me and ame)skipped that stupid class during the break session!Ha ha~that class is such a waste of time!I meant the teacher because he does not care whether you are listening or fooling around or just lying there dead,he will still continue blabbering on the lecture notes!Haiz~Although all those were suppose to have been thought during our secondary school nut there are still some noobs(me la~)so,why can't he go slower!!Whatever!!
Later on passed by the canteen 2 and saw that the Elianto fair was still there and we were over thrilled(me~supeer dupeer over thrilled!!)and went over to buy some essential stuffs!!Ha ha~i bought 2 nail color,a violet red and a blue(i have blue fingers now!cool~)and it only cost me rm9 in which usually it cost me rm10!Cheap weh!(omg,im such an aunty!!)Lolz~!!And i am going to go buy some more this Sunday because my church is there and my mum was thrilled too when she got to know that Elianto has put up a stand in my school!!Lolz~Like mother like daughter!
Then,we went for our
HE class after like 10minutes there at the booth(i think longer than that!)Lolz!And poor Ame,her hands were like hantu(she claims la but i think it looks great!)because she was my white mice in order for me to choose the nail colors!Lolz!!Then some friends did their very 1st presentation here in TARC(congratz to them)and now i am kind of nervous myself!Lolz!!
Well,thatz all now!Tomorrow no class!Yeah!!Online whole day!!Lolz!Chiowz!
Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hilariously Funny!

Today while waiting for my morning class to start,so was waiting in the canteen 2 where all the TARC-ians will need to pass by if they enter by the main gate.And during this time,we will be expecting a lot of people wearing office wear or they called it formal wear due to the presentation thing.We have seen people with weird office wear that either doesn't suit them or they look too big/small in it/old/mature in it~But till today what i suddenly saw is the winner of all lur i would say and do you know why??I saw someone so semangat and he wore NATIONAL SERVICE'S BAJU CLASS to college!!Lolz~~Everyone who was in the canteen was practically talking bad about that poor guy that....i seriously don't know why he wore that and i seriously don't know how the lecturer reacted when she saw the semangat-ness in him!Lolz~That guy really lightens up my day today(felt lucky that his not my friend~)Ha ha *cheeky-ness*
Today was shock(but not scare)when the English class teacher said that she will start doing the Eng coursework today and without notice also and they make up their mind to draw lotz to see who goes 1st.Then the girl that i dislike so much was coughing like her lungs are going to jump right off(who was also the one to suggest draw lotz)was to present today despite her cough-ness.Then i think the teacher pitied her or what and teacher suddenly change her mind to let her group off for the day and to push my group up to present for the day!Well,there goes my ding dongs la~I cant stand the nonsense of drawing lotz but do not implement it lur~so i was all out today to defend that we are not going to present for today and all by saying it is not fair and all and whatz the use of the lotz that have been drawn if it is not implemented!!I was so all out because she was the one who said it out loud to use draw lotz so that it would be fair and all(yea~whatever Miss Righteouss,Miss Know-It-All~Miss Fat-Like-Pig!!)Then ended up she doing her "Oh~i am so sick" face all while she is presenting.Hish~hated her la for being so xc~
Then we waited at the DK4 for our next class.Then we really went crazy there teasing each other and all.Fion,the girl who i recogn to be the prettiest in our class,looks like she had just pee-ed every place that she goes!*giggle*At 1st,she got this pee-look-alike water stain right on her lap so that make it look like peeing from Jason(i don't know how he does that la~)then when the thing were about to dry,she kena again from her best buddie and this time it was all over her pants and she swore that she's not going to wear long pants to college anymore!!Ha ha~Lolz~
Then those guys kept on teasing Zhe Han who is famous for his gay-ish body posture and well defined breast!!(he claims it to be well-defined*puke*)Doing all sorts of posture and you know what i mean!!Lolz~Abd this dumb-ass went crazy and took my shoes off and tend to throw it away.At 1st,i was cool with it because was just having fun mur~then i got really pissed off when he really went overboard when he ask me to do a stupid posture then only i can claim back my shoe!I really really blasted him off with all the foul language that i know whether it is in Hokkien,Mandarin,Cantonese,English or Bahasa all came out!!Shit him really~Was never this pissed off since i left secondary school!Thanks to him i commit a lot of sins today by scolding all those bad words!
Then ME class started and ended in the blink of an eye and the real bore-ness was so vivid when it came to HE lecture!This lengzai(William) sitting beside me was so darn funny as he kept on falling asleep don't care whether he just pop a sweet into his mouth or just finish eating a big meal in lecture hall!One minute you hear him talking and the next minute,he's asleep!!Lolz~Lmao~Then i kept poking him in his face and he's face kept turning red!!Ha ha ha~(ashamed than dun't fall asleep la~)Lolz~Then thanks to the cute girl in class,i do not need to carpool with that Miss-I-Am-So-Fantastic to the lrt station!
Haiz~first thing in the morning tomorrow will be Business Stats lecture
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