Saturday, February 28, 2009

28/02/2009 - ONLY 4 YEARS ONCE!

this is the day! the long awaited day. the 4 years of waiting for this day! so i would very love to dedicate this special day to my neighbour's daughter as today is her 4-years-once birthday!


i will leave that dedication good celebration later and i would want to cerita about my day today! hehe~ always me first! FIRST~~roflmao!
arrgh~ today i did not get to swim with my nephews! cause my darlings slept late and they cant wake up this morning when i went and wake them up. so i make them milk and small brekkie so that when they get up they could have a nice and hearty brekkie since their mummy is away in India working. so pitiful my little darlings!
but but but they said to me when they woke up, 'Pretty yi~ Mummy coming back tonight so you no need make breakfast for us already. thank you pretty yi!'


me after a swim while waiting for darlings to get ready for me to bring them down for a swim.

they put on a sad crying face when i said i had gone swimming while you all were asleep! and Yuan darling said, 'why i did not see you?' and Han darling said, 'Pretty yi, i want to swim.'
aww so what the heck! dress them all up for the short swim and see how happy they was!

Yuan quickly grab his dad's towel and was jumping up and down beside me! monkey
and that lady is my aunty, their grandma.

while waiting, i realized how develop waste land is Menjalara now adays! so many new houses and many many more coming up!

then we hurried down and teman-ed my darlings for a quick swim play water.

okok~back to my dedication! vain pot
ouh, before that, me and mummy went out for a quick shopping for grocery and prezzie for birthday girl! and i saw this!

some freaking big and mutatedly luscious looking orange and the price seems like a pain in the arse too, rm2.00++! fuah! faints

okok~this time for real, THY DEDICATION~
we were invited to come over at 5p.m but since they stayed right beside, we went around 5.30 p.m and still they have not even budge a thing except for the busy-ness preparations of the foods.

birthday girl's friends

birthday girl's sister's friends! what the heck

i really don't like this kind of attitude, cause it is your sister's 4 years-once birthday and you invited your friends over for no reason and you sit there and chat and care the heck for your sister. ok what turf~moving on~
finally, the started it off with a syukur(give thanks)prayer and a blessing prayer for the STAR OF THE DAY.

sorry lauya phone
praying in front of the cake.

her mom self made a Moist Choco cake for her and it tasted WUU LALAA~~^^ i love moist choco cake! but fat unhealthy!

attemption to light of the candles but i think the lighter has no more gas so everyone was like @@

then it got really really hot being inside her house with almost 50++ people and she is so electricity saver stingy that she did not even turn on the fan! faints. so i went out and sat near the food. and take pictures lo! lol

the ramai-ness of people represented by shoes and there are actually more but my phone captured like half of the big thing.

it took them a really really long time to light up the candles and i was on my second cup of drink while i am sitting outside camwhoring. pathetic

FINALLY!! ALL DONE and for the picture of the day.
this lady is a camwhoring expert i tell you! the moment she is here, she never stop flashing her bright N70 flash at everyone!

this uncle got really bored and start the 'mission' of popping up all the ballons behind that is meant for decoration! what turf leh~ lol~and this uncle is the birthday girl's uncle party popper.

after all set and done,


and everyone must be very hungry cause all went and swarm the whole table.
but when i flashed my phone, all back away and left with...

this no-fashion-sense kiddo! roflmao! she must be so darn hungry that she did not notice this!

after all people finish grabbing taking their help of food, i went and grab mine too! roflmao! and mummy's too~ see, im so so filial! ahaha~slapself

the kuihs. and it tasted ok no taste

ah!! the long awaited to eat Moist Choco cakey!! see the moist-ness of the choco!

with flash!
see!!! i am still having the taste of this mentally while i am bloggin about this!
so people*erhem*~xp remember 2nd Sept! xp

and Bee Hon.
i love this mee but not if it is cooked by my neighbour~ hehe~she cant really cook so~~xp

i went in for a quick peek in the kitchen and there are more foods!!!

went out and continued paparazing everyone! lol~

the ramai-ness~

the table drinks.

and i found out why is there so many mosquitoes in my house!!! what turfff!!! see la~ she have so many plants and i doubt that she even care for all this!
*piaks mosquitoes*
even when i am blogging now! *piak*

and the star itself!
me with syaqi.
please don't focus on my fart face cause i just woke up and am freaking tired cause swimming and hehe~xp

everything still very much on the go when me and mummy decided to cross the road back to our home and we don't leave empty handed! roflmao~now we sound so greedy! they have gifts for us! oh wee~~

dadih*jelly*, sweets and the pathetic Bee Hon.




Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Have Always Wanted

to be a diva normal person. lol roflmao~ cause i am not normal enough to me friends.

okok~that was just a random starter. cause all i want for Christmas is ... five inch taller lol~
was talking to my Phillipines new found friends today and i just realize how gay and les friendly are them.
oh and there started stories that only bitchgirls could dream of~ but i wouldnt want to be part of that dream~
today is utterly bored!

but it was utterly greatshopping,working experience cause i called like freaking 150 calls and no one wants to do the survey. waitt~~ i see shopping!! roflmao~
and i bought two SHOES! at the price of RM65! *slapself and faints*
im so good in finding stuffs and does not burn a hole in the pocket~ arrgghh~
see picture tomorrow~

latest news of me, im now OFFICIALLY SICK~
*atchoo and wipes wipes*
Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now I Longed~

For holidays! what turf right! haix~

*blinkblinkblink* one month has come and go and all i did was sit around home and town and now is the only peak where i am actually working and working my arse off too~ cause 'usual' people goes to work and starts at 8.30a.m, so the 'unsual' people like mua'ah, starts at 7 a.m! and ends at 5p.m! please shoot me people!

aww~ i got a very good start relationship with the Phillipines people and if you all are already getting annoyed by me about them, that means that they are real nice and dearies~ cause i stereotype people a lot~hor bern hor~ hor eve hor~ *sulks*
that what they say la~ but i am not~

back to the topic, is it possible that i go to college but i don't want to study and i only want to get my degree through playing as in sports??? *hopes* lol what turff~
i should have bloody pick Sports Science since i am lazy to study and do business and my mum is a sports freak so loads of guidance i could get from her and lastly I LOVE SPORTS! next to the love of me for MUSIC!
name me any sports, i would/should have been there and done that, not perfect maybe but i tried it all~all that are available in Malaysia that is~

i still love blogging people and am actually planning to do a long and nice and i-love-that-kind of blog some where around 18th March cause i want to make a one year remembrance of~~*jengjengjeng* please stay tune for that wokey?
and i camwhore less this days cause no partner in crime for me to make crime and to camwhore in office would make me so unprofessional and downgrade meself! lol but i see my guy friends camwhore there during working hours! wakau~ eh got cctv la dudes!!*smacks them*
so for me to ward of the itchy-ness of camwhore~ i went to the loo and kautim it instead!! what turff~that sounds wrong! xp

taddaaahhh!!! yours truly in toilet!! lol what turff~~and i fringe grew longer edy! alarh~so fast weh~two weeks and *poof* its is not almost covering my eyes again~

and i want a tongue piercing!!! do you all think i should get it?? this have been lingering in my mind for months now~mummy say nothing so heck la~i go pierce, she wouldn't come and yank it off right?! lol~and so see my fantasy~disgusting one~so if you still want to have me sweet looking lingering in your mind, please don't scroll anymore~lol kthankxbye~

lol what turfff~i ciplak-ed

tadah!!! my tongue pierced!!! lol what turff~
disgusted sia~~

A Short Do-oh~

just a short update for my loyal readers. there wouldn't be any super long post from me till the end of this week cause there is seriously nothing much to post about working life. well, actually there is but i will bored you to death with all the talkings that i only know~

first of all, i am sick and tired of calling to those rude Aussie and so i always pretend calling and then hang up when someone picks it up, just to get on to their nerves. sue me! wek wek... and all the time i will try to look as busy as possible till Malaysians timing to start work so that i could entertain Malaysians.

secondly, they revamp and rechange the whole entire calling floor centre and got us to work my arse even when i don't help mopping at home! what turf lo~ and did o say they change my nice comfy got loads of nice but yet cooling air cond, can see hansamu, can talk and not be spotted to some place that are of all the opposite!! arrggh!! what turffff~~and i nearly faint leh like seriously~and i did not care about the no messaging policy and i messaged the whole day cause i protest! they took my nice sit away~

third and lastly, the philo guy is gay! @@ and he wants my friend @@x100.
'now im speechless over the edge in just breathless, never thought i'd meet someone so gay like him~'
Sunday, February 22, 2009


i realized that i am much more open in the sense that i could talk almost all of what i feel and think to my aunty rather than to my mum. does this means i am unfilial or something? eeek~@@ hope not cause i muchymuch love my mum to the hard rock bits but everytime i tell her of my own plans for my own future, she would scorn some of it and makes me very the beh song/i don't like it and i hope she'd be more supportive than 'cheh childish'. i really hate that and on top of it, it kinda hurts.

so~ as soon as service ends today, we went to visit an uncle and ohmigosh, he fell down and knocked his head to the steel gate and according to him he was bleeding profusely and he had to wait for almost 2 hours to be attended. in a government hospital. and was rejected when at first they went to the clinic.
'well done malaysia's service, very the well done*claps hand*'
and if anything happens to him, you all will say and claim that you all are too busy or worse, you stuff money to them and made em' shut the fcuk up. even if they would, i WOULD NOT.

on the brighter side, as i was saying, we(me and aunty)was talking about going for trips and how some people have the money to go for trip alomst every month or twice a month. and i was wondering what are they working as that employers lets employees take leave more frequent than them being at home. and i said, I WANT TO BE ON THAT JOB TOO~
cause i love to travel! LOVE TO THE BITS~ nothing could pull me down and ward me from traveling.
so i were saying when i had my first pay check i would want to go to Hong Kong as it is well known for doing-the-massive-great-shopping but you wouldn't feel broke at all cause our money here is twice as valuable as their money there.
and i told mum that we will go when i get pay check and shop till we drop.
we were saying like it is all plan but long way to go~
and we have no fear for hotels and all cause my cousin sister is there, residently and not illegally! lol


Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Day Of Me

today is that day again! today is the fab day again. a day where i gets up early not sighing and being frustrated over what should i wear and rushing up and down to make it just in time. today is the day where i would not be stuck sitting in my car and having the 'best jam' of my life, listening to the freaking not-that-funny-after-all Dj doing their thang trying to entertain and coaxed people into laughing with their lame(i find it)pranks/jokes/says/ what ever you all call it.


(roflmao, please don't what turf me!! xp)

was kinda bored in the car all the way to Kepong and both the eldies are talking stuffs that i had not been possible born during that era so i have no idea what turh or who turh they are talking about. so snap pictures lur~ and no camwhoring so no worries, you will not be seeing my bloody face in this post cause me myself is and are kinda ugly to selfcamwhore this days.

skin too dry cause i sit in the aircon room the whole day and i have very little intake of fluid due to the demand of my job and the fatality weak bladder that i possessed. skin tone looks dim and not lively/flex complexion cause i am too freaking lazy to take umbrella while walking under the scorching fcukingly hot and merciless sun, i have this bad habit of buying loads of lotion and they ended up being pretty pots on my drawers, last but not least, my intake of food is not that very healthy and i don't eat according to time.

the tired sign pole = the tired haunted looking Victoria

one of the things that i miss most during holidays! lol what turf! and if you're a Malaysian but you don't know where is this, then please go bang yourself HARD!

almost reaching to paradise! what turf! xp

cause i like the design.

'this is the only thing you get to pai??why you so pathetic one??'
'fuah!! of course la, the food come then you eat all already,pfft'
'but this not nice hor!!*changes subject!lame~*'

p/s::the wordings in blue was said by my darling nephew, so tempted to leave that as DARLING! lol what turf.

p/p/s:: mine was in the red wordings and i was like*dush on forehead*.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Please Care Less

i blog according to environment so to say and since now i had currently start working and so my post would mainly all based according to what i had been through, what was in my mind, and what was whatever that has happen to me today.and since i will be in office EVERYDAY, so it would be office related and if you're sick and bored and tired and wants to puke and wants to dig out your own eyeballs... what ever you're feeling that makes you hate my blog post, please leave before i start... hehehe~
*muka siut and pulls you back*

since i am doing telemarketing for Australia and Malaysia as well, i have to start work the least by 7.30 because Australia is now 3 hours ahead and we need to catch them during their office hour. so wakau lo! haix~ sorry, the seafood part ter-come-ed out.

so i very very very the punctual wan leh, so mai leach deh at 7a.m lo. then hor, the open door people haven come wor!! so how??what to do??cannot do anything what! mai have to wait lo.. wakau eh, today wait more long lo, wait more 15 minutes leh, stand dey samo, no chair wan leh.. my leg also pain till die liau lo~so mai tired lo. also hungry timm... cos morning morning wakeup so busy till never eat and have to out early aso cos i live far far leh...
*slapself and irritated by all the 'la', 'mai', 'leh' ~s*

lolmao. the reason that i talk in seafood language is due to one plain and lame reason, i had been using my 'good and well' english the whole day and i kinda miss using my Malaysian English(Manglish). and my job requires me to have very good command in English so that i can pretend that i am from Singapore or Hong Kong or any where in this part of the world except for Malaysia. lol~ just joking.. we do not lie our location as telemarketing, we ARENT ALLOWED to.
so i can now very very very the much understand those students that are studying overseas, how very very very much they missed their own root and to all their upbringing habits. especially the carefree Manglish, no tongue twisting, talk as loud as you want, talk as what pops into mind, mindless being polite and blablabla...

i finally had sometime to take pictures of my office environment but it is fcukingly blurred caaauuussseee~~~got CCTV in the manager's room! what turfff!! and i realized it after me snapping around! fcuk weh!

while i was snapping, damn! got cctv on top! fuah!!! paiseh! fcuk leh~

this picture in the first entrance piece to my office and its not blurred because after this then only i know they got pc all around the room! fuah!*faints*

this is where i sits and this is where approxi 40 people sit in toilet cubicle being lifeless and talking to(seems like)the computer screen cause you would barely notice the headphone. cause it is too ugleyy!! lol what turf and it hurts my ear.

haiya!!! i was too afraid too lift my hand up high high to take this picture cause i am there only the 3rd day and if they ever ter-see-ed me taking this in their room, i will disappeared from the company leh! haix~ this is all i can get for my table.
the old computer and my freaking databases.

and i got 3 COMPLETED TASK TODAY!*phhheeewwwiiittttt*
countcount time:rm54!!>
countcount time for yesterday:rm48!!>
countcount time for first dayrm48!!>
the three countcount day plus together
haiah! now no calculator! so you all count for me la! lol~

and and and and~i talked to more people besides to those of my secondary school! and yipeedeedoo!
talked to the Philo beside me, the Philo beside me punya infront, the Philo at the first sit of my row! hehe~yea a lot of Philos here.
and yesterday, talked to the Korean group. and by accident too! what turf leh but it is more to compliment, i take it as...
as i was waiting and ringing the doorbell to enter the office, one of the Korean guy came and wanted to go out too, so i went in and he said 'ANYEONGHASEYO' and thinking that i was Korean. i got what he said in Korean but i don't know how to speak. and so i stupidly replied him in Japan! what turf right??! *dush* and i said 'Iye~ watashiwa mareshia san desu mo hangu... anyway, anyeonghaseyo hyung~'
what turf~ i spoke in Jp and Eng and Korea in one line! *dush* dasar budak Malaysia! rojak hingga nak mampus. lol~roflmao~
luckily the guy i understand and spoke abit BM!! KAWAIII!! and he asked me to teach him BM and in return i got to learn Hangu~ lol~xp

arrhh~ my office got lengcai and cutecai leh~ which you all want??i can intro intro~intro only la ok~cause i also need to cari 'makan' lol what turf!
just joking.

p/s::in all this lame and random talk, pls notice that im currently very happy and wishes to work here for as long as time and people allows me to do so and i currently have no hatred towards who and what so ever. cheerios.

p/s/s::i usually get tired on one thing, especially work after the 2nd day! lol what turf!

p/s//s::i dont think my Jap is correct! T-T
Thursday, February 19, 2009





emo already. work is ok. bye people.
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Day Working

my title made me sound like i am so god damn spoilt and have never worked in my whole life before. the truth is, this is my third time working experience and please wish me well in this job, to everything goes smoothly and i can work in peace. becauseee~~


I am actually damn proud of my first job ever and i had always love this kind of job and finally i got it easily right after SPM. the thing is i can speak good English, Bahasa Melayu, sure can do a bit of Mandarin and Cantonese cause this job requires me to explain a lot and mostly i would say to foreigners.
I was then working with WINTER TIME. yup^^ selling winter clothings! and i like... if got people do the 'what turf!! i thought what so great job..pfft.' heck with you la~as long as i love it and the different experience and things i learnt.
blabla blabla~~
shorten long story, i got backstabbed cause i was doing way way better and earning and serving way way more customer than "A", so she hate it and took the nasty way to retrench me and make my name so bad that meself is too thick skin to go apply another branch. she damn good at making stories man~
haiah~okok~what ever la~so who ever thought of buying winter clothings do pull some experts*cough*like me*cough*lol what turf... i can help u save up a lot and you would not freeze yourself to the brick, i promise*winks*


I had always always told myself that im not going to be sales girl promoting stuffs and machine that kinda thing cause i really hate torturing my already-huge-looking legs with more standing and muscular-ed it more. but epic fail la, i accepted this second job too out of desperaty and it was something for me to learn too.
I was working for Energy Eye Care. but i wear contacts!! lol what turf! what a cliche!
if you all read my blog you all should know cause my blog is personal blog.
yet, shorten-fied~lol~
i was so hated there weh by the legal Watson workers and i finally got to know some of Watson's bad stuffs, things that people don't know and still buy stuffs there. stop buying from them!!! they charged bloody expensive and and and and they NOOB ALL OF YOU! lol~
il shuddup on that part la~
but but but, i hate wearing tailored pants and my OWN company said i could wear anything(pants)that looks decent and nice. jeans included, and my jeans damn decent wan ok~
then there is this girl, that picks on me everyday and finds fault with me. everything i do is wrong, i should always be the last to go out for lunch, i should do all the cleaning~~ bla bla bla
*slaps her fcuking face here*
amazingly i lasted for 3 months there when i finally got tired of selling the stuff and not the girl ok~i very gagah one! she cari pasal, i give her pasal man! lol

okokokok~after a half page of irrelevant to what i want to post about....

(I.D.C company)

lol~i finally know what the long form means and not i don't care la of course but that kinda reflects how we should act while working here. or else you end up to the next door clicnic asking for pain killers every day! lol

the door way to I DON'T CARE land!! weee~~want to join me??! lol

i tell you this place gave me several first-and-not-good-impression! lol~
when i step in, the first thing was,(1) "ohmyfcukingbrother, why this people looked like they just got out of bed and came straight away!!*wash eyes*"
ok i have this particular thing for people's fashion ESPECIALLY to those that goes to work in offices. they should to the very least, wear collared T-Shirts and skirts/onepiece/long pants la... but heck, all i see was, normal baby tees with short lala looking pants and worse case scenerio, the manager wears like stripey lala clothes! whattheheck!!*faints*

(2)"shyttteee, what have i enrolled myself into now??the world of lifelessness in toilet-looking-cubicles??" lol what turf right?! am very particular about my first*virgin*office experience!! and i was dreaming of open nice view, very nice largely spaced out place for me to thrash, very very nice and big CEO comfy chair for me to rock on, nicely squared majestic table for me to push frustrated papers*slapself*but to found myself this piece of shit*u need to wait for pix*

(just to make it like i need lotsa space)
(stay tune~)

other than that, the working environment is what i like, not the type where you can hear flies flying all around, or where even the drop sound of the pin could be heard, it was like night market combined with morning wet market and also my college hall!! lol what turf.
it was great exiting and eager voices i heard and that keeps me awake dialing throughout all those freaking numbers. only to find most of it engaged or not in service. what turfffmao!!!

ohohoh~Aussie are so damn friggin RUDE. sorry is there are Aussie people reading this, but i have to say that. so annoying. and i cannot rant there orelse i would not get extra incentive for every successful Aus telemarketing! lol what turf. moneyminded is your missy here!!*all the hands in the ayer!!*
okok~i got to released a bit stress during lunch and messaged Lame King! lol what turf.
*eh the lengcai i said smiled at me leh! but no lenglui leh* *winks* lol whatturf!

overall, I GOT ONE FREAKING COMPLETE IN MALAYSIA and i am happy to the hype!! and i got loads of "IM VERY BUSY NOW SO SENT IT TO MA MAIL"note from the Aussies. if tomorrow i follow up and they did not do it, i fly kickass them man! throwing hope to me and grabbing it away just like that!! waste my precious time too~~

me waiting to be interviewed and i was kinda early! what turh! and i was sleepy!! lol~

huhuhu~~tomorrow is 7.30a.m to 4.30p.m for me due to my coverage of Aus and Malaysia. Aus is now 3 hours ahead due to day light saving. what turh and i forgot about it! haiah~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bidding Bye to 1 Month Heaven & Hey to 7 Months of Hell

this is not an emo post cause i don't go emo twice a day! so this post got 'LOL' hahaha~

as of the title, my one month holiday has finally came to a halt. ironically, when i had it, i whimpered how bored i was and how i long to go college and be hectic all over again. now that today is my last day of freedom*i start work tomorrow*, here i am sitting here reminiscing what i had done for the past two weeks and pathetically, all i remember myself doing is stuffing my big fat ass at this meant-for-kiddo chair and go online the whole day*almost*. pfft and i still remember what me and my cliques said on the last day, 'During holidays im going to take out the ACC and redo lo i don't care..' pfft~~more like don't care doing or caring less about it!! LOL~

after 2 semester had came and gone, my study room looked like some Manchurian warriors had came in and thrash all my books and papers around. lol what turf. and mommy had strickenly asked me to get it cleared by the first week of my holidays. the outcome was, after two weeks of holidays and still am dragging my big fat arse to complete and redeco my study room. but i finalleyy!!, did it! wee~~on a hot day some more!! aren't you proud of me?!*winks* when all you do is sit in the aircon room and laze your butt in front of the computer! lol what turf

i got myself a big big box from Mommy's offices

and yes, i fill up my chairs with book instead of putting them onto the shelves and there is this inside joke mum created, 'Fuah, now in secondary also the whole room you conquer, later till Uni, the whole house full of your books la???'
what turf~

fyi::i super super untidy and i cant study in clean looking environment, i must have books all surrounding me to give me the 'study aura' and all those book must be EVERYWHERE! cannot nicely stacked like in libraries one, i usually will fall asleep in such condition, don't believe it?ask my cliques! lol~

see!! the amount of paper wasted and not forgetting the amount of trees sacrificed here??!
lol what turfff~~XP
and since when my papers are plastic-fied??woo~~must be mummy!

in the midst of dragging out all the cobweb-ed papers from under the chairs, i found this!

you all don't know what is this la~
this is my first Exam Slip in college!! lol whatturf~and i still had it! ohmigosh!!

seriously, i think i take more time to take pictures rather than nicely sorting out stuffs and packing the wants and unwanted. instead, i just chuck all the papers into the box and continued what i do best! lol what turff..

i feel so bad looking at all this papers cause i Go Green but it seems like my policy does not work now that all this pictures are here!! haia~
two whole friggin loads stack of it!!

a nice and neatly stack of want things

tanda Sirim Pass!! lol what turh!!

and the obligatory pose after a hard work!!! lol what turf~
eh hard work ok~see my face all reddish already! damn hawt! lol~~XP

then started all the camwhoring acts la cause it has been quite sometime me doing the I-GOT-BIG-FINGERS picture! damn fun but i think i lost my 'touch' cause all the picture i take no effect! damn dulan!

see what i meant?! not funny and no effect right! haix~
yes, i LOVE Jodi Picoult and i got a whole stack of her book collection.

that is not the only thing i dulan-ed! i had actually nicely stack my papers into the box and was about to close the lid and all, thats when i saw the steps to close it!!! damn!

all nicely stack

and i saw the directory!! what turf!

then i have to re-empty it!!ftw! cause the box cannot close!! fuah!! fuming like crazey!!

doesn't this saddens you! haiah! the amount of wasted papers!!

now i got it correct and ohigosh!! my papers filled the box up to the rim!! fuah!!

to show that this is still a new box, mommy got connection with FedEx!! don't pray pray!! lol whatturf..


all nicely packed and outta my sight forever!
now all FedEx got to do is sent it back to Japan!! lol what turf!

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