Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Day Working

my title made me sound like i am so god damn spoilt and have never worked in my whole life before. the truth is, this is my third time working experience and please wish me well in this job, to everything goes smoothly and i can work in peace. becauseee~~


I am actually damn proud of my first job ever and i had always love this kind of job and finally i got it easily right after SPM. the thing is i can speak good English, Bahasa Melayu, sure can do a bit of Mandarin and Cantonese cause this job requires me to explain a lot and mostly i would say to foreigners.
I was then working with WINTER TIME. yup^^ selling winter clothings! and i like... if got people do the 'what turf!! i thought what so great job..pfft.' heck with you la~as long as i love it and the different experience and things i learnt.
blabla blabla~~
shorten long story, i got backstabbed cause i was doing way way better and earning and serving way way more customer than "A", so she hate it and took the nasty way to retrench me and make my name so bad that meself is too thick skin to go apply another branch. she damn good at making stories man~
haiah~okok~what ever la~so who ever thought of buying winter clothings do pull some experts*cough*like me*cough*lol what turf... i can help u save up a lot and you would not freeze yourself to the brick, i promise*winks*


I had always always told myself that im not going to be sales girl promoting stuffs and machine that kinda thing cause i really hate torturing my already-huge-looking legs with more standing and muscular-ed it more. but epic fail la, i accepted this second job too out of desperaty and it was something for me to learn too.
I was working for Energy Eye Care. but i wear contacts!! lol what turf! what a cliche!
if you all read my blog you all should know cause my blog is personal blog.
yet, shorten-fied~lol~
i was so hated there weh by the legal Watson workers and i finally got to know some of Watson's bad stuffs, things that people don't know and still buy stuffs there. stop buying from them!!! they charged bloody expensive and and and and they NOOB ALL OF YOU! lol~
il shuddup on that part la~
but but but, i hate wearing tailored pants and my OWN company said i could wear anything(pants)that looks decent and nice. jeans included, and my jeans damn decent wan ok~
then there is this girl, that picks on me everyday and finds fault with me. everything i do is wrong, i should always be the last to go out for lunch, i should do all the cleaning~~ bla bla bla
*slaps her fcuking face here*
amazingly i lasted for 3 months there when i finally got tired of selling the stuff and not the girl ok~i very gagah one! she cari pasal, i give her pasal man! lol

okokokok~after a half page of irrelevant to what i want to post about....

(I.D.C company)

lol~i finally know what the long form means and not i don't care la of course but that kinda reflects how we should act while working here. or else you end up to the next door clicnic asking for pain killers every day! lol

the door way to I DON'T CARE land!! weee~~want to join me??! lol

i tell you this place gave me several first-and-not-good-impression! lol~
when i step in, the first thing was,(1) "ohmyfcukingbrother, why this people looked like they just got out of bed and came straight away!!*wash eyes*"
ok i have this particular thing for people's fashion ESPECIALLY to those that goes to work in offices. they should to the very least, wear collared T-Shirts and skirts/onepiece/long pants la... but heck, all i see was, normal baby tees with short lala looking pants and worse case scenerio, the manager wears like stripey lala clothes! whattheheck!!*faints*

(2)"shyttteee, what have i enrolled myself into now??the world of lifelessness in toilet-looking-cubicles??" lol what turf right?! am very particular about my first*virgin*office experience!! and i was dreaming of open nice view, very nice largely spaced out place for me to thrash, very very nice and big CEO comfy chair for me to rock on, nicely squared majestic table for me to push frustrated papers*slapself*but to found myself this piece of shit*u need to wait for pix*

(just to make it like i need lotsa space)
(stay tune~)

other than that, the working environment is what i like, not the type where you can hear flies flying all around, or where even the drop sound of the pin could be heard, it was like night market combined with morning wet market and also my college hall!! lol what turf.
it was great exiting and eager voices i heard and that keeps me awake dialing throughout all those freaking numbers. only to find most of it engaged or not in service. what turfffmao!!!

ohohoh~Aussie are so damn friggin RUDE. sorry is there are Aussie people reading this, but i have to say that. so annoying. and i cannot rant there orelse i would not get extra incentive for every successful Aus telemarketing! lol what turf. moneyminded is your missy here!!*all the hands in the ayer!!*
okok~i got to released a bit stress during lunch and messaged Lame King! lol what turf.
*eh the lengcai i said smiled at me leh! but no lenglui leh* *winks* lol whatturf!

overall, I GOT ONE FREAKING COMPLETE IN MALAYSIA and i am happy to the hype!! and i got loads of "IM VERY BUSY NOW SO SENT IT TO MA MAIL"note from the Aussies. if tomorrow i follow up and they did not do it, i fly kickass them man! throwing hope to me and grabbing it away just like that!! waste my precious time too~~

me waiting to be interviewed and i was kinda early! what turh! and i was sleepy!! lol~

huhuhu~~tomorrow is 7.30a.m to 4.30p.m for me due to my coverage of Aus and Malaysia. Aus is now 3 hours ahead due to day light saving. what turh and i forgot about it! haiah~


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