Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ma New Game

I found something from Junesee to help me motivate me to burn fats!!! whadda!

yes! the new Nike program and downladable application to i-phone. i wander can it be download to my phone? and here is me choosing everything from head to toe for my avatar! cute!

my avatar and imma naming her VoxyH. which stands for VoxyHot! lol what turf!!

cool!! i got to even choose what i want to train on! and so i chose cardio cause surely it gives out a more intense workout and thus burn more fats! cheerios! and it is really motivating me now! seriously!

and because i want to lose lotsa lotsa fats and m not a patient people so i chose intense workout so that i will not get lazy after such long rest like the casual and committed workout!.

and we are allowed to name our own program to kinda like give self boost and boost my own esteem so i put 'Voxy Turns Hot'! lol what turf! i know cheesy but i like the thought of my turning Hot! lol

and so the next is the satrting of my training. the last part actually asked me to invite buddies, so here.
*cis, wiated for so long but ended up asking me to sign in first, so typical!*

whadda heck! the thing buff so long! like so muthafcuking long weh!!!!

i finish posting it here and still it is buffering! whadda! how can Malaysia's monitor so damn bad la! need to buff so long!

okok~i think i did not put any friend's email address. so imma trying to sign in for the i-Phone feature*crosses fingers*
alarhs~ you have to have i-Tunes. so if you dont have you have to download them ok~
wah~have to download for one hour ++ hm~guess then you all have to check it out yourself ok!

cheerios people and get thin with me virtually!


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