Monday, June 30, 2008

Reality Check, GUYS!!!And me~

Yeah!!Was very happy to hear that the Euro Cup has finally over very early this morning in the radio and was obviously thrilled to hear that Spain has won the championship(my fav among all mur).3 shouts of joy for the Spain team who hasn't won any championship for the last 44 years!Well, this shows that they have been working their asses off and now they can rest and dwell in the victory that they so ever deserve~
To guys, it will be like "what am i going to do with my life now since Euro is over!!No meaning in life when Euro is over!" To girls, it will be like "yes!that darn Euro championship that has make my husband/boyfriend ignored my existence for the whole month has finally ended!But on the not so bright side, i need to do less shopping since my partner are now over the spell."Okok~let's get the fever over with and congratulations to Spain!Party hard hunks~xp
Yes~reality check to me again as today is yet another busy and tiring Monday with lots of piled up yet undiscovered homeworks and assignments!Was super duper sleepy while studying just now and went and took a short nap and woke up feeling dizzy and ended up here...In front of the computer...blogging bout my day~*snicker* Nothing really special today except that i went for 2 BITA lecture class today and this is due to i have nothing to do so we went and invade other people's class and study(or rather curi pengetahuan)together with them.Later on i found that their class's teacher teaches way better than my own teacher so we decided to continue invading their class till end of semester(dun't know whether it's legal or not xp)!Also notice that the class that we invade have more friendlier people than the people of my own course(how pathetic!)but i careless about them lur because they are all about showing off and being a jerk and i do not need jerks as friends!Saw a number of people dressed up formally for their part of presentation too and was kind off freaked out when the thought that i need to do that too!T.T i have not any suitable clothes and shoes yet(of course,importantly,my presentation stuffs!) and it is only 2 weeks away!Whadda~~
Felt kind of lonely this days,and the thought of longing a companion is so strong but another part of me aren't ready to accept a new start of relationship and would love to concentrate on my 4 years of studying. It is really hard to be with a guy without your mother's knowing and it seems so unfair to the other partner too~My mum's law is that i can have a boyfriend after my college!Lolz~Whatevf!!Lolz!!haiz~really WHATEVF~
Got nothing to blog about lur and yea~i am in a quest of job so anyone who had good job offers please notify me as i really really need it~thx~
Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Not So Sunny Sunday.

Do not get me wrong!I had a great day today,full of events and not just staying at house either sleeping or studying(as i always do).But today was not a sunny day at all!Started to drizzle as early as 8a.m in the morning.
As usual,went to church early this morning and was so looking forward to be at church because this is my first time of serving in the King's Kids after i had left it for well around 3 months due to National Service and my preparation for college.Was overjoyed when i received a message yesterday from Sis.Ooi Kuan regarding me being on duty back!!Was over the roof top to the thought that i will be playing with those marvelous yet cute sugar pies from the toddler department!Saw Victoria's(yes~a baby gurl with the same name as mine,also as cute as me!!xp) baby sister and was also as cute as her and her name was Valerie!What a nice name for a cute baby like her!Really,she was very adorable because she kept on giggling and smiling and snickering away and did not even cry or sniffle when i carried her(fyi:i was a total stranger to her!)!She is such a babe!Victoria was like that too when she was younger and Valerie reminds me of me when i was her age!xp Maybe the thrice of us has some kind of a bond!!!Lolz~Real darn cutie babes!!
Then i met this new comer baby and his name was Darren and he is a mix of Philippines and Chinese and he was so handsome(imagine what a killer he would when he grew up!!)*snicker*Darren had this twinkle in his big black pearly eyes when he looks at you or when he pays attention to you!So cute!*awwwhh~*Later on went for our breakfast at the 118 restaurant nearby Connaught and the food there are superb!*slurrpp*
Then around 4.30p.m,me and my mum went to Leisure Mall for a reason.This is because we do not go to Leisure Mall for no reason as it was too boring and too many people there.My brother had his World Judo Championship there!!He was there as early as 8a.m and stayed right till the end which is around 8p.m(a whole day there!)Nevertheless,he won 3rd place out of 4 placing in the under 15 and 45-50 kilograms title.Not bad for a newbie thou and for a person that has never been interested in martial arts!!I had promised myself that for the next semester,if i am allowed to stay out,i will continue my Taekwondo or take up Jujitsu or Kung Fu!Hell yeah~I am so into martial arts!!Was kind of proud of my brother for (at least) winning a medal for his first time competition!Well done there!!=)
Tomorrow is yet again Monday!Urggh~Hectic-ness begins and a day of no rest and rushing here and there like mad!!All this for a Diploma??!!Hell yeah!I will work for that by God's grace and mercy,He will give me strength!Ok~time to chiowz now!God Bless You all!
Saturday, June 28, 2008

What The Heck??!!

Was actually looking forward to this morning's event and that is to attend my ex-secondary school's carnival which is held once every three years.And this year is the second time i have been to this carnival all my 5 years of studying there.
Woke up early today to get prepared and all and thought my mum would want to go to the morning market to get some grocery for the week.But it appears that she is to lazy to go and claims that we have enough of supply for the day(she only cook during weekends).So,i was like"Oh well then,i am off for some napping again before i go around 9."And i slept till 8.45 and woke up and bathe and all and was out in like...what..??15 minutes?!!I think less than that!!*chuckles*The reason to blah earlier is because my mum starts to nag every single time she's off to do her chores!*chuckles a lot*
Was totally shock when we reach school around 9.45-10.00 because we thought that no one would be so early and all and this brings me back those memories during my time at the school.All along the road(we were finding a place to park)we saw teens pak-toh-ing, ass-grabbing here and there and other unsightly sights!And to the thought of it that my friends last time used to be like that!!What an embarrassment and disgrace to the school and can you imagine the image that this bloody cina apek's and amoi's are giving to those parents especially to those Malays!Haiz!World is changing now...Those with good attitude will continue to be better and those with kampung mentality will always stay that way and ended up dropping out of school and regret it later!*hish*What the heck!!!
Actually was kind of chissed off this morning as one of my friends(i assumed she had change)was still in her same old ways of inviting people and then ditching them or rather(buat duno dun care)gives a damn about your existence and just go and hang out with other humans that she thinks are way cooler than you!What the heck(really!!=-s)And i promised myself that this would be the last time i am ever going to trust her and to come out like a dog when she invite to anywhere!Haiz~good and true friends are hard to find and to get about this days!!You can never really trust anyone with your so called deep dark secrets anymore and you can only trust yourself!So sad-ning!Ha ha ha zzz~~*lame laugh*
The only happy thing that has happened to me today is to received a phone call from one of my guy besttie, David, from National Service camp!*glee-ing*Was so happy to hear that he is okay with his life at Kampar doing his Certificate in Business and obviously he miss us all lur~(we ns fwens more kam ching then fwenz here!!)So near yet so far~because he is also in TARC but Kampar branch!*tears*Then i told David about someone being in TARC too that all of us hated so much because that guy can really blow his own trumpet SO well that he blew everyone away from him!!Ha ha~(he say he got scholarships frm duno what Yayasan crap and here he ended up in TARC??!!)What the heck??!(notice that i have been using a lot of the title in this post??)Because it is so unpredictable nowadays about how people could change in just a split second(let alone 2-3 months!!)
Anyway was really glad to hear David was and is still 'ALIVE' due to the breakup with his girlfriend whom he thought would be his first and last and also ad mist all of the assignments that TARC offers(thx TARC*ironically*)Anyway to members of the camp,hope to see all of you in the next gathering and better make it quick or else i will miss you all to death!!Ha ha~Lmao!!
That's all now!GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!Nitez!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Today No Class But Still Busy xp

Today is a class free day for me!Was suppose to say "YESSS!!"but NEH~~not in the mood to say that!Ha ha~Yesterday i did not go online and so i did not blog.
Went to school and all and yesterday class was till 12.00p.m and reach house around 1.30p.m and it was quite fast already for me who takes the Kuala Lumpur's public transportations.When reached home,went online for awhile to check my emails and all and then headed off to a NAP~~pay attention~~NAP~that time was around 4 and i ended up waking around 8 and just in time for my dinner.Then after dinner(dunt think the food got time to digest also)i went back to sleep!!Ha ha xp Even while eating it was like a dream to me as i just ate what was given to me and at the quickest speed too!!Lolz!!To the very end point,I SLEPT LIKE I HAVE NEVER SLEPT BEFORE IN MY 18 YEARS OF LIFE!!
No rest for me thou even it was my no class day.My mum took the day off saying to rest and she herself did not have the chance to rest too!!Does this runs in the blood??!!Ha ha ha~~went to get a teeth checkup at the dentistry and ended up waited for 30minutes and did not get to do my pasting because today was only for extraction day!I was like"whadda crap!!" Then went back and my mum said"Letz go to the pasar to get some pork meat!" and i was like "Owh~~what ever lur~if i say no you will still go mur~no point asking me also!" And so we went and was nagged all the way there and back for being so do not know what to say!!Ha ha~Then went back and ate my delicious tau fu fah!Mmm~PERFECTO!!Ha ha~Then went into sleeping again and slept and overslept!Ha ha~and was suppose to go to Yutha's there for lunch but was in such a bad mood that i decided to not go!SORRY YUTHA!!Then sleep some more(cuz too bad mood and dun feel like seeing the world!xp)And then woke up and felt hungry and my mum fried some keropok lekor for me to eat!!HAhaha~Yummy but going to have sore throat now(the feeling is there!!)Then read newspaper(my life is so boring rite??!!)and then eat some more and then continue eating and then slice up the honeydew and then eat some more and then rest and then eat some more~~and this continues from 4 to 6!!Lolz!!I can really do "alot of stuffs" when i am at home!!Ahahahaha~~I totally neglected my studies today and i can feel that i am getting more and more stupid!!Ahahahahah~~(damn!im so nerdy!!)But i like to just sit there and to hold a book in hand and to study without anyone disturbing me and it is so calm and there is why i can calm down and find peace!And if they do offer a job that only requires you to sit there and study and with a high pay,I WILL SURELY TAKE UP THAT JOB LUR!!I am so~nerdy!!Ha ha~
Anyway,tomorrow is my ex-secondary school carnival and really looking forward to it for some hard core fun with my friends and those psycho teachers!!Lolz~~
Well,thatz all for today!Chiowz~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What A Shitty Day!xp

Always start my day at the forever busy KL Sentral station and today was even worse because i waited for around 10 turns before i am able to board the train and obviously i was late for my morning class.I was so embarrassed to be late for class as i have never been late before(so unfair to be embarrassed cause by a train!!).Then later on in ENG class,the lecturer(who is like the fav teacher)was saying and quoting this phrase "First class facility but third class mentality" about our public transportation.And i half disagreed with her so much that i stood up and said:"I can accept that the facility is first class but the one with the mentality part,I would say that by saying third class is like so giving face to M'sian's already.To me the ranking of 10 is still way to good to describe their mentality."The reason i fought with her is because of this one aunt y and this particularly ugly looking uncle!
We was all waiting nicely in line(FYI!nicely but still jam and pack)and this fully packed train was on the track(obviously we had no chance to board it lur~)so i was in the front of this aunt y and i did not budge lur when the train was in front of me because i cant even stuff half of my butt into it let alone my whole body and this SO EVER PATIENT aunt y pushed me and said"fai tit lar~"then i said"dou yup mm dou!!".Then this"wonderful"aunt y was so darn rude and scold some bad words and it is so not like her(by the way she dress and all!!)Hated her lur~so old already still doesn't know how to behave appropriately among younger generations(CHEWAH~XP).Ok..enough with the aunt y and let's go to the uncle's story.When a non-passenger train arrived,this uncle just so ada face pass through the whole crowd and including me in which he stepped onto my foot and did not realize it and rushed into the train!!(this uncle story shorter lur cz he stepped on my foot ny..xp)
Late for school is the worse and embarrassed thing that has happened to me so far in college life!Anyway,the problem of last night has been solved and nothing should have been said anymore .Relieved~that i had chose the"TELL MY MUM THE TRUTH"path and he had learned his lesson and is heading to be goody-goody back!xp
Anyway,got Business Stats test tomorrow~wish me luck!!
God bless you all!Chiowz!!

What Do I Do??

What do you all do when you found out that the one that has always been the white sheep suddenly change it's skin and have this desire to become a black sheep???To make things worse,this particular person is of your own blood!!
Found out clearly about some shocking stuffs that i have been pondering about for the last few months.I did not really cared about it as i thought it was just one of my jealousy side taking over me.Found out that my brother changed alot and i mean ALOT!!He was the goody goody type of child and would not even dare to hide a speck of dust without my mum knowing it!
He lied!To my mum!And me accidentally found out about this ain't knowing what to do!!If i tell my mum,then she would be damn upset and if i keep quiet,this will make the condition worse and he would be more bad than he is now!haiz~~no modd to blog lur~thatz all lur~chiowz!
*in a very very down and confusing mood*

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For The Past 3 Days!

Did not blog for the past three days is with a good reason and that is the never ending assignments!xD You probably figure out that i am done with the recent assignments to have time to blog now=P The damn troublesome assignments that has been bugging me and making me look like a panda now is the Hubungan Etnik.Let me start blogging my last three starting from saturday till today.
As usual,woke up early in the morning and accompanied my mum to the pasar to get some grocery for the next two days.And suprisingly,met someone that would be last on my list to meet at the wet market and that is YUN QI!Yup,that tall clumsy guy was there helping his mum with those heavy groceries.When they was buying some nasi lemak(for his breakfast.i presume),the lady selling the nasi lemak commented on my friend for his height and even claimed that he must be a model!!Wuahahaha!!I think that lady need to find someone good to have her eyes check and it should be a thorough checkup!!C'mon lur~he is tall but with like TONS and TONS of fatSS~(that lady must have thought that they would buy more if she polish their shoes)but at the end,they bought A tiny and barely there nasi lemak. Later on,had my breakfast and lunch and all,was all set at the study table and studied the whole day as it was tests the nex week(it is this week ,mind you).Later on at nite,busied myself with that wonderful assignment till the wee hours!
Went to church early in the morning and the sermon that day was really good as it really pierce through my heart and felt like it was preached especially for me!Well, God is really great and He knows when and why You need Him and He will always preparED a path that is righteous in His sight for us.Later after service ended,went for branch with mum,bro,and aunty.We went to this(darn it,i forgot the name)but it is somewhere near to the new(kinda of)sports complex nearby Connaught.The food there are superb and would definitely recommend it to all of you!Great price(not affected by the petrol increased wan)comes with great stuffs,i will say and describe that place!!Definitely on my list to go when i am craving for food!Later in the afternoon,went for a dance class and i actually rot my moves already due to lack of practice!WATEVF~Lolz!
Had class at 10 today but still left the house around 7 and was not expecting a massive jam but it occured somehow or rather!*chuckles*As usual went to the Kl Sentral to get to my college and was overwhelmed by the crowd!You cant never imagine how crowded it was and all i could say that the amount of people today could really stand a chance to beat those crowds at Planet Shakers concert!!Wuahaha~not exaggerating and all but it seems like it lur~Never saw such huge crowd before at a transportation area(those angmo lang must have scared to death!)
When we finally had the chance to be at the platform,i,waited for 7 turns!!7 TURNS!!Before i am able to board it!!UNBELIEVABLE!!But believe it!
Was darn chissed and pissed off(obviously)and let out the anger on a friend!(ooppss~~sorry)Later on,went to classes and all and was feeling kinda cheeky and went and sat behind just to have a look whether are they any handsome guys and pretty gurls in our course and class!Lolz!!That was fun,although today's survey confirm that they are none of such other than us in our class!!(other than us~got that??WAKAKA!SELFPROUD!)
Went back with lrt again when class ended and i saw i guy scratching his ass in the train!!EEYEW~DOUBLE EEYEW~@@ and told my friend to take a pix of it but were unable due to the flash that might alert everyone that is in the same bunk with us!But we had a great laugh at the train today due to the public ass scratching!~Lolz~Lmao~xp

That is what had happened in my last three days and although those are nothing special for most of you but every second and minute of my day are memorandum for me because we will never know how long we will live and you will never even know what will happen to us this very minute!So...'LIVE AND LIVE LIFE' everyone!!
Saturday, June 21, 2008

What Happened Today??

In the news of Victoria's life today:
-Woke up at 7 today.
-Then online straight away
1)meet Tze Kai and John IN msn and msn-ed the whole morning.
2)me and Tze Kai talk bad bout some one that i shudn post incase SHE reads this!!
-Later on bath and cooked(is there an -ed?) lunch.
-Then msn again and the let my brother use so i offlined
-Learned some new and not found in dictionary words today,courtesy of John and the words are
Hhahahahaha!!LOve those words la~Thx alot!!haha!!
Nothing much la~So,chiowz!!
Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting Lazier By Each Day=P

*Laugh out loud*
I am really sensing that i am getting lazier by each day!Lolz=D
Because at the 1st to 3rd week of my college life,i was so exited to learn new stuffs and even promised myself that i will have this burning fire to study until right to the end of this semester(as if it will happen xP)
I even slept in the class today(on my friends lap samo!).Tskk..tssk..=p
I just don't know why when it comes to counting,i really had no interest in it and i will suddenly feel that my eyes are a ton heavier then usual!! HAHAHA!! A sign of lazy-bummness!!=p

Hahaha~~so cute punya lazybum!x)
At last,we are now at the brink of our coursework and i estimate that it will be all done and nicely printed out by next tuesday!!Muahaha~what a confident verse!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Can i cope OR Cant i cope ?? (?_?)

Today was so darn hectic lur~there were so many people(out of the blue public transportation is well accepted) at the lrt station this morning till we were tahan-ded for around 5 mins before we were allowed to go to the platform to wait for our turn to board the train.As usual,was canned like tuna in the train and i could smell all sorts of aroma(contribution of hot weather makes it worse T.T) and i just imagine that i am in the widest and most fragrant smelling field to avoid pucking!

Longing for some country-side getaway!!
Was almost late to tutorial class(due to the must-full-people-only-can-go policy of Metro bus)
Love my BITA tutorials today because we only deal with simple yet alot of people dun't know how to use the tools of the Microsoft Word!How pathetic(it is not that im damn comp-literate la~)
Headed for BITA lecture class after that and was bored to death by the lecturer because all she do is sat there and read from the notes that can be found on the E-learning!Might as well no need to attend the class and we just read at home!!Haiz~
Before that,we..i meant me,Amelia,Choo Pin and Zhe Han were in the library intended to do our acc homework.I..obviously dun't know how to do at all(im like who gives a damn!!)slept through put the time they were doing their acc homework and as a result...i dun't get what teacher teach and discuss at tutorial today(obviously hated acc and dun't give a damn la~~) I really really hate acc tutorial,not the teacher but i hate the faq that i cant even understand eventhough i had tried very very very hard to try to understand and to accept the faq that i need to learn acc and know how to do accounts if i wana be successful in future undertakings.But i JUST CANT!!!
Had major right brain headache for the past few days(att:only the right side of brain~)and i really dun't know and was unsure of the course of this major headache!(the reason i slept instead of doing acc)Was and am really afraid now because this time around the pain is really intense and i really could feel the only right side of my brain to be painful!!Wore specs,still pain-din't wear specs,lagi pain!!Haiz!!Surely this has got nothing to do with my eye sight rite??!Hope not because i would rather die that to have to wear specs at all times!!!

I don't wana be A NERD!!!NO!!NEVER!!
I seriously cant accept the faq if need to wear specs at all times!! T.T
Tomorrow's another hectic day to pull through and what my mum said today is so true:
"Everyday leave house before sunrise and everyday reach home after sun set! It's so hectic and no time to do what we like and definitely no time to rest!"
Good night everyone and God Bless all of YOU!!=D
Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am SICK & TIRED of it !!! x(

For the past few days, i had been working on our coursework about the existence of ethnic groups in Malaysia.I offered to do all the writing and researching on this task and only ask my friend to type it all over again because i ain't good at that and now i am having abit of regret-sion on my offer because it is very hard to find the info and to translate them back into malay and no plagrising is some other factors that make this coursework a pain in the ass!!(im a perfectionist and that is why i offer to do it all cuz i wan it to look good and informative and not some work on some paper)
Was kind of proud of my achievement today and that is 'I HAD STUDY FOR 6 STRAIGHT HOURS TODAY!' wOHooo~~well,at least i am now freakingly sure that nothing in Microeconomics will make me blur when we are gonna have our week5 coursework test!I have all this energy to study is due to the cuppa that i had since last night!What a strong caffeine they had in coffee!=P
By the way,wasn't asleep till 3 something and was like this @.@ when the next day arrive!

Isn't that adorable?!!But this is how i look like this morning!!!=P
Nothing special today~Every saturday is the same old routine,mum cleaning up the whole house and it is now spick and span!!Not a single dust to be seen!=D

To my house!!~~=P

Our clean house motto!(juz joking~=P found it on the net!)

My dreams house!!This house i s so worth and comfy to lie in!!
Just adore the lawn!=D
Think that's it for now and today, Jone hasn't reply me yet so i guess i had to leave the murut etnhnic with no tradisional delicacies!
Haiz~God Bless You=)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Hectic Day !! +p

I do not have class today and thought i would have a day all by myself to reat and to do my coursework and hoping it would all(at least 50%) be done. But that was only a wish!Lolz! As my mum had planned early of this week, she would take a leave to bring me to the Agro Bank to close down my account with the bank that i had to open for my NS income.

This is the building that i have been lingering around for the whole day this morning.
For those frogs under coconut shell(u noe what i meant),this bank has change it's name to Agro Bank.
Early on was suppose to go to the dentistry for teeth checkup and later on was canceled due to the over flowing of people waiting for their turn to have their teeth check.

Alway remember this code,people!!haha!!It is very healthy(btw,ure suppose too)to have your teeth check up every 6 months once to ensure that you have healthy teeth and to own a confident smile!(now i sound like im promoting dentistry!!)LOLZ!!
Later in the afternoon,went for a sumptuous lunch which is Pizza Hut~~!!

Now ure wishing that ure me rite??Lolz!!
At night,we had Mac Donald for dinner!!=D it was like a fast food spree for me today(im trying to ignore the calories that i pound onT.T)Hahaha!!

this is just a pix,k??im unable to finish all this up by myself!!
And now i am here in the wee hours blogging about what i did on Friday morning and i am unable to sleep and my eyes are still wide awake due to the most evil drink ever existed in this world and that is~~~COFFEE!!Never love it and had it before,well,not till NOW~It is terpaksa,ok!!If not because of this evil beverage, i would be banging my head on the desk everytime i try to study.(im freaking tired la,k??!)

Love the designs that they do with coffee but hate the taste of it!!
It is so creative of them to even do arts with COFFEE~!!Cant believe it=P
Anyway,got to chiow now!!Bye and God bless all of you!!
Thursday, June 12, 2008


Thursday is always the day that i always look forward to because:
1)class ends early(8 - 12)only=)
2)the next day which is friday,i am free from attending any class!!=D
I or rather WE~~(my coursework group members)were suppose to pay a visit to the so call "well-known" Museum Orang Asli that(according to our HE teacher)is very near and very easy to find and it is a tourist attraction whereby taking any means of transportation (taxi~to EMPHASIZE)will be able to bring us there and back.Of course we,i meant ME~idiotly believe her and planned for the visitation.
So after today's last class,we went out to take a cab and wasn't worried at all to go there(although all of us dun't know where the tut it is)and tahan-ded a cab lur~

Me:Encik tau mana musium orang asli?
Driver:....mana tu??takpe..takpe..naik la~
Me:Encik betul betul tahu ke??sebab kitorang tak tahu...
Driver:Korang tak tahu ke??saya lagi la tak tahu!!!
Me:*pissed off and slam the door*
I was like"wat the heck was that about??"so we thought that guy was a new driver la and was forgiven(by me~)and tahan-ded our 2nd cab.This time the guy just raise his hands indicating that hz not taking any passenger for that moment.Then the driver which i 1st spoke to went and ask him the dun't-want-passenger driver whether he noes the way to our destination or not lur~Unknowingly,the 2nd driver was a chinese and we had a conversation:
2nd Driver:lei dei chou meh yu hui gor dou??
(why do u all wna go there for?)
Me:ghor dei yu hui gor dou ying wai ghor dei yu wan zhi liu for assignment.
(we wna go thr cuz we nidta find some info 4 our assignments)
2nd Driver:lei dei zhi mm zhi dou gor dou ho yap geh??gor dou ho gan nan tap taxi gar!!yau yun leh!!mo meh yan hui gor dou gar!!
(do you all noe that it is very deep into gombak area and it is hard to get transportation cuz seldaom people go there and it is very far away!!)
Me:hou yap geh meh??lou shi lou dim ghor dei a,kong ho kan jie~~mm shai do assignment lur~~
(are you sure it is very far??teacher bullshitting a to the faq that it is very near!dunidta do the assignment lur~~)
That is abit of our conversation and at last we ended up at the library intended and wish that there are enough info for us to do this assignment but we found nothing and the workers there are as lazy as a pig and were far more than willing to help us to find for the books of that particular subject!!Pissed off habis habis!!

Crap betul!!Our nation's transportation so "efficient".
Then,went back home with zhi han and bin bin,zhi han till KL Sentral and the other till i reach Serdang.Waited for another 15 minutes at that weird and hulu place for the tut~T411!!Reach home around 4.45p.m,bodd was sticky like shit due to excessive sweating and was looking forward to have a nice and long and cooling shower~

How i wish this is my shower room!!=P
Then my aunt called and we talk for another 30minutes and then only then i can go take my luxurious shower!!Hhahahaha!!Ended my day here,blogging and..and...and....
Wait for more of me tomorrow,ok??Chiowz!=)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stressed Out (T.T)

Was canned like a can of tuna(as usual)while taking train to college.Really sick and tired of that situation lur~but there is no other option for me!!

An illustration of what we look like when we are in the train compartment!!Lolz!!
You are presented with alot of aroma early in the morning too=D

the aroma of the peoples!!LOLZ~
That is what i felt an was what going on in my mind this morning while i have nothing to do,standing there in the train as there were no empty bunk for my to lay my ass down.Lolz!
Nothing really special happen to me today and i am kinda stressed out for this few weeks because there are really alot of things to catch up and to study and on top of that my assignment's due date is a week away from now and nothing has started yet!!T.T My group of people aren't really taking this coursework seriously and come to the thought of it,they are really relying on me alot to do tutorials and those courseworks!!What the gua!!

Im gna be like that cat sooner or later!!Haha!!
And my table is like this:

Haiz!!im gna go crazy soon!!Wee~~

And this is what i get when i type'crazy look images'on Google!!Hahahahahaha!!Lolz!!no doubt that the gal is one wacko diva!Who in the right mind would give vodka to their small todds in attempts to make them to go to sleep!!Lolz!!Im imagining that he tood looks like this when she did that crazy act!!

Hahaha!!!Care less bout this diva humans!!Hihi~Anyway,enough with crappings~Going to the Museum Orang Asli tomorrow to get some infoSSS for my Hubungan Etnik assignments and i hope everything will go on smoothly and without anyone FFK-ing me or with the rest of the group members!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My NS's 2nd Homecoming=D

I was so busy that i forgot to post about my 2nd returning to the NS campsite for their closing ceremony.Actually what we expected to happen and expected to do was totally out and neither of the expected one happen.Well,of course we did reach to the camp sound and safely but for just a mere 2-3 hours stay and my friend came up with a brilliant idea and that is to drive to Genting Highlands(duno just for fun or wat lar~)so i just followed(if not i got no transport to go back kayelle~)

Took a pix of this while on the way to camp site(cuz wuliao~=p)but on our way there along the Behrang road,sceneries that cant be found in kayelle really awed me and every single time i pass through that place(not gna have that chance ny more)

Was actually tring to take a pix of that tree cuz it look so nice and itz so lushy and it is actually full of golden(duno which la~)flowers/leaves.And it was a bright yellow but this pix did not enhance what we saw on that day(oh well~)Lolz!!

This is our driver!!HAHA~he drove the whole day la~and it was so sweet of him to offer to fetch us and to drive us to the ns camp site eventhough the petrol increase like tut~~

This~~trying guessing who is this la~haiz~letz forget bout this one(not important!haha~)

This is where we stayed for the last 1 and a half months~(they did water confidence in that muddy pool~)i was safe from that and i did not do my part of water confidence cuz we were given a holliday dyring that period of time.(pheeww~)

Took a pix with Cikgu Hasbulah with say woon,peggy(thatz me beside the teacher)and with say kee=) Fondest memory!!
There are for me to blog actually but i am too lazy for that and it wasn't anything special that day and the events that they held that day was exactly the same thing that we had for our Hari Terbuka!Crap!So,i think this will be the last time ever i will blog about my experiences in camp,during out of camp and when returning to the camp.
Overall,no doubt it was a crappy camp with no purpose and they make us stay at that crappy dorm with no proper fixtures and fixing,not forgetting also their wonderfully cooked meals...nevertheless,we enjoyed making new friends and we were able and was given a chance to know more about their background since everyone came from differ places in Malaysia(except for 1 frm Singapore lur~=p) In a way,it also make us realise that we are really taking for granted for everything that our family members especially
our parents had provided for us!
But i seriously go against the continuation of this program as it is a waste of time and you will never know what will happen to you cuz death does not happen with a warning!!


Monday, June 9, 2008


Started my monday morning to TARC by the Putra-Line lrt at KL Sentral.Was furiously packed with people of all colors and fragrance(suffered~)Was able to squeeze myself into the overflowing monorel cart after like waiting for 3 turns(terrible)

This is the info counter that does not provide you with much of info but expect you to know kl sentral inside out just like you own the place(how i wish!)

This is the 1st place i will go to when i am in sentral to get my tickets to Wangsa Maju Lrt station(just a click away n still thr r alot of ppl who does not no how!)

That is the escalator that i uses every single day to reach my platform and surely enough that is the platform(right there!)beside the big Celcom ad~

Yup~this the the canggih-est lrt train there have in Malaysia where this had been faithfully escorting me to TARC and has not(till now)given me trouble except for the occasional rumble in which it can be forgiven!(lauya ma~)

After a 30min ride of lrt frm snetral to wangsa maju,this is where il end up for the rest of the day hustling and bustling around the furiously large college either finding my way to class or finding a place to lepak while waiting for the next class.
This is what i am going to see for the next 4 years(hooray~as if~)
When i had ended every day,i repeat my route whereby i stop at sentral's entrance and waited for my mum.And as for today,needless to say and was expecting it too~a massive jam!!

And my mum was like this:

All the way home!!(that is not her la~of course)
I seriously do not know what is wrong with the traffics in malaysia and the occurence of it is a pain in the a@*!!
I just hope and would be very happy if i can reach home within 15minutes!!


Clap and cheer for the Petrol increased!!!
Thatz a BIG BIG NOT!!!
Ruin my life an now i need to spend less an shoppings and other utilities that satisfies me!!

The increasing price really kills us all

Haiz~i really got nothing to say!!Malaysia's not gemilang anymore!
Where are all the good old bicycle??That doesn;t nid fuel!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bye Bye!!!Kayelle~=p

It is time for some country side living style after i left it for like one month plus~In case o f those who does not understand what i meant..I am going to go back to my NS campsite situated at the borders of Perak near Behrang.
Let me enhance all of you what is and might going to happen tomorrow:
Going to happen:
-will meet up with kkk and senior,kyo and not forgetting one of my 38 gang(peggy)at the L.M's Mcd.
-have breakfast at Mcd(kyo's suggestion)
-will start late and might reach there late due to the traffic.
-i will be the one with the biggest bag of all=p
-will be the latest to arrive at meeting point also!!Lolz~
Might happen
-will lost track half way cuz the driver is not professional at recognizing road(i assume)cuz tomorrow will bw his 1st time driving outstation.(kinda scare actually)
-will stop umthy times at R&R
-might kena marah or sai from the trainers there.
-expecting to see alot of perfomance tomorrow including TTS(so called Taekwondo)
-miss kawad-ing,so im hoping to see that too
-not going to eat the canteen's food anymore and rather starve to death than eating it again!!
-will be abit boring i guess cuz we aren't allow to do any of their activity since we are EX-trainees
Anyway,whatever happen tomorrow..i can't and no power to stop it from happening too right??I really pray to God tonight that he will grant us safe journey tomorrow and will lead us all the way there so that not getting lost issues and i also pray that the driver will have an alert mind tomorrow so i pray that he will have a good and fitful sleep tonight.Amen=)
Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yet Another Day To Go Through Happily=D

As usual, i went to college early in the morning and was squash like a sandwich in the poorly created and designs of M'sian's public transports(to specify it was a monorel that they are so proud of T.T)
Wednesday have always been my fav day among the week since like in primary school and i have no specific reason for that so do not even bother to scratch to ask why because i do not even have the answer to your question!Lolz~=p Anyway, had three of my most fav units today(can consider as fav among those 7 lur~)which is English Language,Hubungan Ethnik,and last but not least Microeconomics!Hihihi~
Today was not a hectic day and i even had time to mingle around with my newly-make friends,well,they are actually part of my tutorial class people la,so of course need to mix with em lur~Haha~Willingly lur~=) I even went all out to listen to what my lecturers were trying to teach and was not even sleepy till the whole class ended in which usually i would have felt bored when the lecturer is half way through the notes!!LOLz!!=D Yup...thatz me..dosing off in classes in not a new thing for me!!Hahaha~Dark secrets revealed!!=p
Hm..tomorrow is going to be Friday which means i am a day closer to go back to my National Service camp site which is in Behrang to celebrate the closing ceremony of the Kump2/5 2008 series of National Service.Yeah~~=D i cant wait for the day to arrive!!
Isn't it ABIT IRONIC!!Lolz!!when we were ask or specifically called to go for the training,we went all out to look for ideas that will prevent us from going into what we called it 'HELL' but now we are all so equally eager to go back there and willingly samo and even wrote our own letter samo for pemohonan!!Lolz~Come to the think of that it is a funny situation!So,the says is always right and that is 'We need to appreciate what is present to prevent any regrets in the days to come.'
So for those NS trainees from my camp who reads my blog...sorry to say that i would not be blogging for the period of time(6th-7th June) but i am going to bring back lots of pix for you all so that you will not miss the excitement too!!=p Chiowz for now!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What A Shame!=p

It is true when people say that Malaysian's aren't good in anything except for cheap imitations and the always-nak-makan-attitude!!It is true~When you ask m'sians about knowledge stuffs they would not and aren't able to give you the best answer but when it comes to questionings of foods~they score with flying colors!!=p
Letz take a look at the pix below and you'l understand what im craping here=)

Abu Dhabi



Las Vegas




And last but not least...~~

Isn't that ironic!!Does this pictures remind you or specifically tells you anything?
Malaysians~it is time to grow up and mature and create our own identity instead of always being the follower,we should learn to be leaders!!

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