Monday, June 9, 2008


Started my monday morning to TARC by the Putra-Line lrt at KL Sentral.Was furiously packed with people of all colors and fragrance(suffered~)Was able to squeeze myself into the overflowing monorel cart after like waiting for 3 turns(terrible)

This is the info counter that does not provide you with much of info but expect you to know kl sentral inside out just like you own the place(how i wish!)

This is the 1st place i will go to when i am in sentral to get my tickets to Wangsa Maju Lrt station(just a click away n still thr r alot of ppl who does not no how!)

That is the escalator that i uses every single day to reach my platform and surely enough that is the platform(right there!)beside the big Celcom ad~

Yup~this the the canggih-est lrt train there have in Malaysia where this had been faithfully escorting me to TARC and has not(till now)given me trouble except for the occasional rumble in which it can be forgiven!(lauya ma~)

After a 30min ride of lrt frm snetral to wangsa maju,this is where il end up for the rest of the day hustling and bustling around the furiously large college either finding my way to class or finding a place to lepak while waiting for the next class.
This is what i am going to see for the next 4 years(hooray~as if~)
When i had ended every day,i repeat my route whereby i stop at sentral's entrance and waited for my mum.And as for today,needless to say and was expecting it too~a massive jam!!

And my mum was like this:

All the way home!!(that is not her la~of course)
I seriously do not know what is wrong with the traffics in malaysia and the occurence of it is a pain in the a@*!!
I just hope and would be very happy if i can reach home within 15minutes!!


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