Monday, June 2, 2008

King's Kids Holiday Fun On Wheels!!=)

On the 31 of May, our church held an event named 'Holiday Fun On Wheels' at the Cheras ministry centre.Yup,at Cheras!! The event was divide into two sessions which are the morning session for the Myanmarians. I wasnt there because i wasnt informed about the divided session(thx to ps.Wai Fun's blurness~)'s some pix about the morning session.

kesian the clown=p

telling God's word

aunty bell doing the heart trick again
(was impressive..for kids~=p)

aunty bell's prior job..strangling innocent kids!!

vivi jagaing kids also still can pose!!lei hoi!!

worshiping God earnestly at such a tender age!!this is what i love about kids!!they are so naive and their faith is the purest faith of all mankind!!we should practice this kind of child-like faith!!=)

myanmar kids on the roll!!

there are around 70 myanmar visitors and it is a joy to see em all!!
That is all foe the morning session and now lets have a look at the afternoon session where i am there to explain to you what is going on=p

sarah and me camwhored before the kids arrive!!=p
When the kids arrived, everything is pretty much similar to the 1st session.For the 2nd session not much of pix were taken due to an aunty who held on to sarah's cam and she look so stressed out while taking those pix.And due to that no nice pix were captured and were all deleted to avoid bad comment and ofcuz to protect the aunty's dignity of self-claiming pro camwhore!!LOL~~im so freaking evil!!=p
Anyway, back to the KK's,here a pix of competitions!!Enjoy!=)

the sporting dad's getting ready for banana gobling!!
nope..that uncle is not scratching his booty~=p

pisang emas aso struggling to gobble luckily not pisang tanduk!!LOL~~=D

Happy kiddos getting their prices~
And this is how the Holiday Fun On Wheels ended with not much of camwhoring but it was a great experience ministering to kids and it is definitely way harder than ministering to teenagers!!Lolz~cuz alot of energy is required to catchup with this kids and kids they never get tired!!=D At the end of the day,sarah cant hardly use her legs!!Wuahahahhaha=D
God Bless All Of You=)


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