Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yet Another Day To Go Through Happily=D

As usual, i went to college early in the morning and was squash like a sandwich in the poorly created and designs of M'sian's public transports(to specify it was a monorel that they are so proud of T.T)
Wednesday have always been my fav day among the week since like in primary school and i have no specific reason for that so do not even bother to scratch to ask why because i do not even have the answer to your question!Lolz~=p Anyway, had three of my most fav units today(can consider as fav among those 7 lur~)which is English Language,Hubungan Ethnik,and last but not least Microeconomics!Hihihi~
Today was not a hectic day and i even had time to mingle around with my newly-make friends,well,they are actually part of my tutorial class people la,so of course need to mix with em lur~Haha~Willingly lur~=) I even went all out to listen to what my lecturers were trying to teach and was not even sleepy till the whole class ended in which usually i would have felt bored when the lecturer is half way through the notes!!LOLz!!=D Yup...thatz me..dosing off in classes in not a new thing for me!!Hahaha~Dark secrets revealed!!=p
Hm..tomorrow is going to be Friday which means i am a day closer to go back to my National Service camp site which is in Behrang to celebrate the closing ceremony of the Kump2/5 2008 series of National Service.Yeah~~=D i cant wait for the day to arrive!!
Isn't it ABIT IRONIC!!Lolz!!when we were ask or specifically called to go for the training,we went all out to look for ideas that will prevent us from going into what we called it 'HELL' but now we are all so equally eager to go back there and willingly samo and even wrote our own letter samo for pemohonan!!Lolz~Come to the think of that it is a funny situation!So,the says is always right and that is 'We need to appreciate what is present to prevent any regrets in the days to come.'
So for those NS trainees from my camp who reads my blog...sorry to say that i would not be blogging for the period of time(6th-7th June) but i am going to bring back lots of pix for you all so that you will not miss the excitement too!!=p Chiowz for now!!


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