Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What A Shitty Day!xp

Always start my day at the forever busy KL Sentral station and today was even worse because i waited for around 10 turns before i am able to board the train and obviously i was late for my morning class.I was so embarrassed to be late for class as i have never been late before(so unfair to be embarrassed cause by a train!!).Then later on in ENG class,the lecturer(who is like the fav teacher)was saying and quoting this phrase "First class facility but third class mentality" about our public transportation.And i half disagreed with her so much that i stood up and said:"I can accept that the facility is first class but the one with the mentality part,I would say that by saying third class is like so giving face to M'sian's already.To me the ranking of 10 is still way to good to describe their mentality."The reason i fought with her is because of this one aunt y and this particularly ugly looking uncle!
We was all waiting nicely in line(FYI!nicely but still jam and pack)and this fully packed train was on the track(obviously we had no chance to board it lur~)so i was in the front of this aunt y and i did not budge lur when the train was in front of me because i cant even stuff half of my butt into it let alone my whole body and this SO EVER PATIENT aunt y pushed me and said"fai tit lar~"then i said"dou yup mm dou!!".Then this"wonderful"aunt y was so darn rude and scold some bad words and it is so not like her(by the way she dress and all!!)Hated her lur~so old already still doesn't know how to behave appropriately among younger generations(CHEWAH~XP).Ok..enough with the aunt y and let's go to the uncle's story.When a non-passenger train arrived,this uncle just so ada face pass through the whole crowd and including me in which he stepped onto my foot and did not realize it and rushed into the train!!(this uncle story shorter lur cz he stepped on my foot ny..xp)
Late for school is the worse and embarrassed thing that has happened to me so far in college life!Anyway,the problem of last night has been solved and nothing should have been said anymore .Relieved~that i had chose the"TELL MY MUM THE TRUTH"path and he had learned his lesson and is heading to be goody-goody back!xp
Anyway,got Business Stats test tomorrow~wish me luck!!
God bless you all!Chiowz!!


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