Monday, June 16, 2008

Can i cope OR Cant i cope ?? (?_?)

Today was so darn hectic lur~there were so many people(out of the blue public transportation is well accepted) at the lrt station this morning till we were tahan-ded for around 5 mins before we were allowed to go to the platform to wait for our turn to board the train.As usual,was canned like tuna in the train and i could smell all sorts of aroma(contribution of hot weather makes it worse T.T) and i just imagine that i am in the widest and most fragrant smelling field to avoid pucking!

Longing for some country-side getaway!!
Was almost late to tutorial class(due to the must-full-people-only-can-go policy of Metro bus)
Love my BITA tutorials today because we only deal with simple yet alot of people dun't know how to use the tools of the Microsoft Word!How pathetic(it is not that im damn comp-literate la~)
Headed for BITA lecture class after that and was bored to death by the lecturer because all she do is sat there and read from the notes that can be found on the E-learning!Might as well no need to attend the class and we just read at home!!Haiz~
Before that,we..i meant me,Amelia,Choo Pin and Zhe Han were in the library intended to do our acc homework.I..obviously dun't know how to do at all(im like who gives a damn!!)slept through put the time they were doing their acc homework and as a result...i dun't get what teacher teach and discuss at tutorial today(obviously hated acc and dun't give a damn la~~) I really really hate acc tutorial,not the teacher but i hate the faq that i cant even understand eventhough i had tried very very very hard to try to understand and to accept the faq that i need to learn acc and know how to do accounts if i wana be successful in future undertakings.But i JUST CANT!!!
Had major right brain headache for the past few days(att:only the right side of brain~)and i really dun't know and was unsure of the course of this major headache!(the reason i slept instead of doing acc)Was and am really afraid now because this time around the pain is really intense and i really could feel the only right side of my brain to be painful!!Wore specs,still pain-din't wear specs,lagi pain!!Haiz!!Surely this has got nothing to do with my eye sight rite??!Hope not because i would rather die that to have to wear specs at all times!!!

I don't wana be A NERD!!!NO!!NEVER!!
I seriously cant accept the faq if need to wear specs at all times!! T.T
Tomorrow's another hectic day to pull through and what my mum said today is so true:
"Everyday leave house before sunrise and everyday reach home after sun set! It's so hectic and no time to do what we like and definitely no time to rest!"
Good night everyone and God Bless all of YOU!!=D


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