Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bye Bye!!!Kayelle~=p

It is time for some country side living style after i left it for like one month plus~In case o f those who does not understand what i meant..I am going to go back to my NS campsite situated at the borders of Perak near Behrang.
Let me enhance all of you what is and might going to happen tomorrow:
Going to happen:
-will meet up with kkk and senior,kyo and not forgetting one of my 38 gang(peggy)at the L.M's Mcd.
-have breakfast at Mcd(kyo's suggestion)
-will start late and might reach there late due to the traffic.
-i will be the one with the biggest bag of all=p
-will be the latest to arrive at meeting point also!!Lolz~
Might happen
-will lost track half way cuz the driver is not professional at recognizing road(i assume)cuz tomorrow will bw his 1st time driving outstation.(kinda scare actually)
-will stop umthy times at R&R
-might kena marah or sai from the trainers there.
-expecting to see alot of perfomance tomorrow including TTS(so called Taekwondo)
-miss kawad-ing,so im hoping to see that too
-not going to eat the canteen's food anymore and rather starve to death than eating it again!!
-will be abit boring i guess cuz we aren't allow to do any of their activity since we are EX-trainees
Anyway,whatever happen tomorrow..i can't and no power to stop it from happening too right??I really pray to God tonight that he will grant us safe journey tomorrow and will lead us all the way there so that not getting lost issues and i also pray that the driver will have an alert mind tomorrow so i pray that he will have a good and fitful sleep tonight.Amen=)


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