Friday, April 30, 2010

It's A Carnival! Come!

I am now currently jobless, on semester break and no one dates me out wtf so I have decided to wake up super early this morning to accompany mom and aunty to lend a helping hand for the church as we will be having our first carnival at our new and much much big church *chuckles*

The new place even has big big mirrors hanging every where in the toilet!
Who wouldn't be happy about that?! Even guys are! Your mom pawns that *winks*

Without wasting anytime, we started off laying out all our goods that we are gonna sell tomorrow and decorating the booth as early as 10a.m. As vain as I can be, or it's either vanity like to be with me wtf, I was assigned to take care of the booth selling pretty necklaces, bangles, handphone key chains, real swarovski, beads from China, Hong Kong etc etc...

That is just 1/273382 types of jeweleries that we are selling.
We are using like 4 tables for this jeweleries and there are more underneath the tables!

I am gonna show all of you part of the thing that I find it my taste and I would love to get my hands on =)



My ALL TIME favorite!!

This for only RM30! I leave this out for you all to buy okay wtf!
Cause I bought a Juicy Couture one! HAHAHA

That few fewwwww pictures are only some of the things that our church are selling out of the 262518 kinds! LOL.
Pictures aren't clear because China Phone bah~

And for the first 2000 visitors, you will be given a goodie bag! Yes, so come early to get the goodies and they are real goodie-fy! =p Eh I don't get it okay! *sulks*

People of all ages came to help!

Don't worry, we prepared 2000! YES DUA RIBU!

And as we move down, there will be all the games and foods! I tried some of the games and it was total fun and sweat a lot as well, so it's better to bring an extra tee or two cause they will be this dunking game!





This! Is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!
I got hit down and I can't get up wtf hahahahah!
Pastor got stuck in the middle! LOL totally!

I am sure your're tired with all those pictures so... TADAH!


Cute cups fer sale!!

I like this A LOT! Cause it's just SOO me! Pawns! LOL

I have got so much to show and so much to say and so much pages are needed to tell you how excited I am for tomorrow though I will be helping the whole day and tomorrow would be an awesome day cause friends are coming from Singapore as well! To the carnival!

Just come and have fun!
Owwwhh, ontop of me, we opened a saloon booth and that lady cuts it like Winnie Loo! LOL

Wisma Philomath,
No1, Jalan Samudera Utama,
68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
(behind Giant, along the MRR2)

It's from 9am to 8pm!
Yes, it's before the Batu Caves =)
Thursday, April 29, 2010

Toni&Guy Academy is The New Love

Few days ago, I got a call from Zoe whom is currently working with the company mentioned above, and she got me into an appointment for a hair dye. I was not at all reluctant because "Hey it's a free hair dye, so why not?!" was what I had in mind. J.U.S.T N.O.R.M.A.L D.Y.E.

But I was so wrong that I really do need to kick myself ten times in the shin when I took the lift up to their Saloon and "Hey! Now I know why people pay millions to do their hair with Toni&Guys" was what I instantly had in mind! The decoration itself is what I like, splashes of white and black decorations, very simple yet classy yet vogue. No fancy pancy "hanging-all-around" decos which I find it a bit the annoying like what normal hair saloon will do, hanging some dumb tanglungs in the shop, wtf.

I was there 11a.m, right on time for what Zoe has booked for me and I met Jessica and Xiang there as well! =)

Student listening very attentively and for that one moment, I realized that I am a white mouse
LOL. I am slow, bear with me.

When the whole troupe finally came up to me, I was introduced to my hairstylist for the day, the professional way. His name was Chris and he fidgeted and he grew red in the face,LOL! And I was like "Shit! He is gonna do my hair?! MY precious hair?!"

After reading all the above, YES, obviously I was very very VERY skeptical about the whole dye-hair-thing-by-students, it was my first experience and I love my hair just way too much.
But it was all wrong when Chris attended to my stuborn decision of not wanting to dye my hair black, matter of fact, any darker than my recent color. No black, no highlights cause I hate em and I see no purpose with highlights, definitely no platinum blonde.
Chris was really friendly and chit chatty as well! =)

I am fussy I know.
Chris made me happy by the end of the 5 hour session because he kinda changed my recent hair color and it turned out something nice, and I am looking forward for it to fade wtf because I wanna know what Brunette will turn into LOL!

Nice or not?! I don't care, not nice also must say NICE!
My stylist made three different kind of degree of color tone of the same color just to make me looking like this. Thus the 5 hours, plus minus the time taken to wait for the color to set in.

Toni&Guy has this awesome(i think) 21" Mac desktop on the waiting lounge and I was asked to have a picture taken so that they could upload it to their facebook fan page.YES, they do have a facebook fan page, just hover here and be a fan! They will constantly need models, for white mouse purposes wtf, for shows etc etc.

Something changed my mind today.
I am not gonna kiam on the money for home kit hair dyes and starts going to great saloon and yes, I meant Toni&Guy, where else?! *winks*

I am gonna be real nice and lets you all know where it is so that you can jam pack the schedule there, and when I need a hair make over, I will never get an appointment cause you people flooded the damn place LOL.
Jalan Bukit Bintang
144/04 4th Floor Patent House, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, KUALA LUMPUR
Monday, April 26, 2010

Gatsby Turns to Deodorant

Approximately 3 weeks ago, Nuffnang invited most bloggers for a mass gathering sponsored by Gatsby and the "so called" theme was "The Largest Blogger Gathering" and was said that this event is to be recorded into the World Book of Records. Hmmm~

We were asked to be there by 10a.m but the registration was not opened for us till late 10.10a.m or so and it was pretty much a messed up line cause no one knows where they need line up...Guidance was not clear enough as the tag was set up right in front of the table and not somewhere up high where everyone can see where they need to go.

Stuck like this aimlessly for a good 30minutes or so.
Everyone started to sweat and all the body odor mania LOL

Then they announced that they will be closing the signature session that will entitle us to get RM50 in like 5 minutes when there were still like 6 people ahead of me who just either forgets their blog URL or they have a whole bullshit stuffs to ask *rolls eyes*. And I was a bit panicky cause it's the money that got me all motivated to wake up at 8.30a.m on a SATURDAY!

The RM50 is all settled in my account now and we were asked to change to the Gatsby Red Tee which signifies all the bloggers. And the changing room are just built up canvases but it was separated, men and women. There were quite a few of Malay lady bloggers who weren't very comfortable with this arrangement and er, I got no comments cause I am not as holy as them wtf.

All of us bloggers in our Ang Ang Annnnggg (red) Tees, waiting for our cue to take pictures the "Blogger's Way", "Gatsby Way" and last but not least, the "World Book Record Way".
Which resulted to not much differences with the picture above.

And hey, Dusty is in action!

And we are free to roam around to play games at booths that were set up and all games are themed Gatsby =) I find some very interesting as I have never see any of such games at carnivals that I have attended. Obviously I am not attending enough of carnivals wtf.
So me and Boyfy tried our hands on a few games and we got bored. Due to the weather and also that we need to wait for our turns to play games and earn points. Which is rather useless to me.

I like this but I did not get to try cause apparently in the email, we are told to not wear skirts and heels and I just can't be an arse and I did not read it wtf.
Cause I just did the opposite! So no lasak games for me!

Changing Tyres in the fastest time and yes, I am not obliged to play this

I think she need to collect the red colored ones with bending down and I saw that they red colored cubes just wouldn't float up and yes, I can't play this as well =(

LOL A very candid picture that Samuel took of this girl who were taking care of the booth and I played this game and I suck! T_T

"Aiya,you all cannot get it into the colored bowls one la" expression taken by Samuel of the Uncle!
I tried this and it is hard. Cause its pingpong balls and it bounces from one bowl to another. How frustrating. I played one round and gave up wtf.

Then I got attracted to this Ride The Bull game and I saw a girl went like berserk on the bull wtf. Maruah tercalar hahah wtf wtf...
We went one round and then we got bored, so we sat down with Shaz and other bloggers(duhh).

LOL See my dumb dumb doing the Night Fury smile.
Wheee, I own a Night Fury and Im gonna train him wtf wtf HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

And then Shaz got a bit too over protective of his monkey wtf. Let me show you a series of pictures which I bullied his Monkey and he being over protective and Samuel took all the pictures LOL..

Showing off his monkey

And I hit it with my Kipas Sakti wtf which everyone has

The monkey turned around and this caught Shaz's attention towards me

And he "OIII" me and got all protective over the monkey.

I did something funny and Shaz went =D

Overall, I don't enjoy myself a lot. It's just the company of all the blogger friends that made the day. Awfully long cause I want to show the pictures LOL. Okay bye la I go study now. Therapeutic sial, memblogging ini~ =p
All pictures credit to my Night Fury

I Love Weekends

Woke up earlier on Saturday and got myself ready to go out to meet Boyfy =)
And that is the only reason that braces me through lonely weekdays and makes me all smiley on Fridays,because we try to meet up and spend weekends together. Thanks Bie.

Yup, a happy me cause I only take pictures when I am happy LOL.
On the bus on the way to KTM and to another KTM before I can kiss my Teddy =D
All worth it =)

In Teddy's car =)
Teddy is my boyfriend and not some teddy bear wtf.
Samuel is a lot of things to me and by saying that, he means a lot of things to me.
He is my Teddy, Boyfy, Monkey, Pig but he is all I love and all the within within wtf =)

I just got back from Kelly Clarkson's concert.
Working la okay~ Not that rich and not such a big fan of her till I will go and buy her tickets to watch her sing for 2 hours only. Tired now, so am gonna hit the sack. Got exam tomorrow! FML!
Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

I love to travel! Virgo's horoscope states it nice and clear that Virgo-ians loves to travel and indeed, I am a travel-holic. Provided that I have the money that is, time does not matter. I would just have the mindset of "Who gives a heck to exams!" and BAM, there I am on a roadtrip =)

That was what I did a week ago and I am still having my exams till today. Nevertheless, I went on a 3days2nights holiday with the Boyfy and a couple of friends to PortDickson and Malacca. That was the places that we budget travelers head over too but what if we are sponsored?? *winks winks*

My dream destination to go now would be somewhere where it is spring and Hanami(the art of flower viewing)would be practiced.

Who wouldn't want to fix their eyes on this right?!
It's just breathtaking =)

And on the month of April, there would be a highly anticipated annual showcase of geiko dances (geisha) calles Miyako Odori at the Kobu Kaburenjo Theatre, Kyoto.

Besides that, in the month of April, there would also be a festival named Ose Matsuri where men dressed in women's clothes dance a lively jig on board a boat afloat in the harbour which is festooned with flags and streamers.

Yes, going to Japan would be my dream destination this year! =D How about you?

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Dirty Little Secret

When was the last time I ever signed into my blog and clicked "New Post", I can't really recall as the blogging mojo sort of disappear into thin air wtf wtf. I drafted quite a lot of post but somehow or rather it's either not published and stays as a draft or it was manually deleted by me. Let's just see what is gonna happen to today's drafted post =)

I thought of the title above as I was walking from the living room, going upstairs to my room to bathe. And by what I meant "dirty" is not the kinky type of dirty okay~ wtf. Dirty too brings meaning of secretive/secret. After much hesitation since yesterday till this morning, I have finally decided to draft this out cause I don't really have anything to do, secondly, I am procrastinating over studying again, thirdly, I wanna test out my keyboard as this is gonna be an all-word post.
Cause I have 3 years warranty over this HP laptop *joyjoyjoy*

Okay my first dirty secret is that I will constantly wear the same PJs that I like for many many nights in a row in a week. As in like I wear them on a Monday and I wake up on Tuesday and I bathe and then I wear back the same thing on Tuesday night itself. I have no idea onto this weird habit of mine but I secretly like the smell of my bed and my own self. Another reason should be my liking towards that PJ and I don't want to wear another one that is not very much to my liking, thus the non-changing of clothes for many nights. I have been doing this all my 20 years of life and yesterday morning was the very first time I feel disgusted over such doing. What is wrong with me? Mum said that this is part of growing and I am finally (one part only ar) growing out of my childhood habits. As for me, my mind went, "Damn it! So I am officially getting older la now?!*toot*"
And I changed my PJ, so I am wearing a new PJ this morning har har har~

I am well known for my very bad temper and my straight-forwardness. People would scoff when they heard others saying so about me and start comparing on how much more straight forward they are. They eventually shut up when they come across me and my sarcasm+straight forwardness cause no one beats me,eventually. Not that I am proud of it but nonetheless, I am not ashamed of it either. But there is this one dark side of me that not much people knew about, well after this much more people will know la wtf wtf, is that I secretly enjoys and basked in all it's glory on other's downturn. This feeling has always been a third party kind of feeling, whereby I feel that as if there is another person inside of me that is liking everyone's downturn. And this is only applicable to people that either I have a bit of dislike towards to, i dislike em and to the people that I hate much. Non-applicable to the ones I love =)
I would so much love to grow out of this stupid dirty secret but I don't know how~ le sigh~

I have fetish towards nice and decorated nails and this is not really a secret lol cause most of my friends knew it already but I would still like to think of this as a secret and continue being secretively eyeing on every girl's nails to see whether is it well decorated, not decorated or simply ugly that it is chipping off wtf. This hobby of mine started off when my mum finally has the mood to paint my nails pink for me, at the age of 5. That was when I started to secretly apply the shiny lacquer and would show them off at school like what small kids do when they think that they are doing the "grown up" thing lol, such memories wtf. Friends would then all go OOOHHH and AHHH or "I also wanttt!" everytime they see my nice nice shiny nails. But they did not know about the part that I got some nice whacking at home when my mum found out that I applied lacquer to school har har~
So the interest grew much much more as I grow up and decorated nails is part of my fashion now and I might go out makeup-less but nails will always be decorated =)

I still have a whole lot more of secret but I think I should start studying now. Bye!
Monday, April 19, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

Girls are born vain pots and I am not to be excluded. Though I don't go out fully makeup 100% all the time, secretly, I have 2372 types of moisturizers, face wash, face cream, eye gel and many more, all stacked up on the table.

Now that's a secret not many people know, but since I told you all so now a lot of people will know that I am not born with perfect skin, chemicals helped me achieved it wtf wtf...


And I have a great realization that we too need to smell good all the time. What is the use when you have a pretty face but smells like you have not bathe for days, right? Its like when guys think that it's a pretty girl from behind, but a total turn off when she actually looks 50+ up front LOL!

Yes, a very much needed grooming regime needed in this hot climate country that we are in.

And every time you see Adidas Action 3, you would definitely know that Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Enjoy the first 3 episode of Project Alpha Season 2! =) As much as i enjoyed it myself...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Of Malacca and PD

I am back from a 3 days 2 night trip, covered two place which is Malacca and Port Dickson =)
The reason to go to Malacca is always the urge to eat all the specialty foods there and what I wanted to eat, I ate. And I have a new love, PORK SATAY!! Super duper muthafatha delicious, ahhwhuuuuu~ But there is no shops in KL that sells that! Sad giler weh~
Then there were,
Awesome Durian Cendol
Nyonya mee
Satay Celup

and a

not so awesome Chicken Rice wtf, just because the initial plan to go Capitol(satay celup)got cancelled cause the shop decided to close for the day cause they knew that we were going there wtf and wants to potong our steam to experience the infamous long line and the famous satay celup.

We did not eat Rice Balls though cause they say its over rated and its not like awesomely nice and drool worthy like PORK SATAY!

PD was awesome as well, as we get to stay in an apartment with the another couple friend =)
We had seafood menu for the night and mamak food and tutti fruity sparkling wine, which Samuel finished it all up! LOL~

Then I got sunburnt wtf, cause my back was facing the sun while I was so engrossed in picking shells. I know, dumb right? And I din get to suntan a V wtf...
Really good update with pictures soon =)

Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

Ever want to go online everywhere you go? But bringing out the chargers with its wires and disturbing strings all tangled up, it will definitely make you wish that things weren't so messy and how nice it would be when it's just you laptop and a wireless broadband!

Worry no more cause P1 Wimax IS string-less!

The USB head is definitely not gonna take up any of you space cause it's fold able =) Amazing right?? And it has a very chio diamond design as well and I am here to say that I am a proud user of P1 Wimax as it is not a hassle at all to bring it out! I could just slip it in my jeans pocket and out of the house I go~

Told you that it's fold able =D

And I am a proud user =))

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.
Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just Another Update

Har har~ Yes this is just another update on what I have been up to for this past few weeks and I am not sleepy yet and I have got nothing better to do, so I am gonna spam my own blog =)
Don't you go start asking me to go study, I studied the whole entire day today. Just because exams is on Monday harharhar~

Harharhar is sarcasm, yes, you got it right *winks*

Today is Sunday. Which means that another week had came and past and I am yet again a week older wtf. But next week is THE ultimate week to look forward too.. Wheee~
Despite having 4 papers to resit, I am gonna go enjoy myself to the maximus first before facing my papers =p Yes~ I am gonna go Port Dickson and Malacca with the Boyfy =) Happy to the max cause the actual plan was far way different than this and I was not included in it!

You can totally imagine how devastated I felt! To the thought that my boyfy will be spending his holidays without me and then me spending mine alone cause he ends Diploma earlier than me, and my added values are my resit papers wtf.

Then then, unfortunately the actual plan kaput and they were all back to square one with no vacation. Unfortunate for them but fortunate for me wtf =p . And Victoria came to the rescue wtf harharhar~ I said so cause the blardy timetable was FINALLY out and I was overjoyed when I saw that I only got one paper on the 12th and the rest are on the 20th something something.
Boyfy is gonna start his degree on the 19th, so everything eventually falls into a plan! And then you could not imagine how muthafucking happy I am now that there is a plan and I AM IN IT =)

Whee~ Gonna keep boyfy all to myself for the whole entire week(almost)next week! Please do not let anything eg period, rain, hailstones, enormous waves, sickness, weather and many many more unexpectedness to ruin MY planned plans. I am so gonna be in a fit if anything goes wrong =s

Diploma ended, directly and indirectly for me and I am pretty much contented at first... Then only I felt the pinch wtf am I THAT slow ar?? Tsk myself
After one whole day only that I realized life in College is gonna be much much tougher, that I am not gonna meet quite a number of my bonded friends anymore after this, teachers are gonna be much more nastier, that there would be more works to do and I cant afford to slack as much as I did during my Diploma. Issues of financials. Issues of finding my way in college and also in the courseworks. Issues of loneliness. Le sigh~

The only thing that I am really looking forward to Advance Diploma is that mummy allowed me to take up French and Japanese language classes! Whee~ Then I can sound sexy speaking French or maybe bitch talking in a more atas way - The French Way wtf hahahahahah~xD

Ahlalalalala~ I think I am sleepy now cause all i see are words harharhar~ So that's all for now and yes you all can see how excited I am for next week =) I am gonna start packing tomorrow! OMG So many thing I have in mind to bring LOL. I am sure that I will kena tio from Samuel bie for bringing so many things! Even shoes, I had in mind of bringing 3 pairs =x
Okay Goodnight all =)
Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Miss You

Diploma has finally ended and with me adding "finally", it doesn't brings a whole meaning of being happy that it all over... Happy because my mom has successfully single-handedly raised me through out this two year and I don't need to study damn accountings and irrelevant mathematics wtf.


I am very reluctant to start a new day tomorrow as tomorrow will be the "official" last day together as a group, as there will be quite a few who has decided to bid goodbye to tertiary studies and has planned a future ahead in the working world, while most of us will be parking our ass at TARC for the next 2 years for Advance Diploma and there are quite a few that made us envy-worthy, as they had the moolah to further their tertiary studies to awesome UK Universities such as Shefield Hallam and Teeside University.


There aren't many pictures taken together with the rest of the classmates, all but the ones that we took crazily of on one of our "makan" sessions and it was awesome!
2 years ago, I did not have much choice of which college I could go to due to my family condition, as much as I had wanted to be called as a Segi-ian. TARC was the only choice. I wasn't really sad to be apart with my close secondary friends as I am more willing to make new ones then to stick to the "gangs" but the first week of orientation made me think "Fuck it, am I going to go through and end my college life roaming around ALONE?" as the people there were all very much Chinese speaking people and not forgetting snobbishness, something I cannot tolerate.


Then I found her, wait no, she found me,er sounds wrong, okay~ She found me wtf =p
Orientation started as usual and this lil Missy here arrived late or something and came in strutting like some bitch(that was what I was thinking laa~) and as I "scanned" her, I thought she had a nice body thus the strutting. I even had this lil voice in my head screaming, "Please DO NOT sit beside my empty space! I want one sit away from all Cina people!"
Yes, I am that bad. As I cant really converse in Mandarin and I had no intention to "join" them, so why even bother to be close to any right? Start college, go through it, end the fucking 2 years and HELLO WORKING WORLD. "Who needs a bestie in college?!" was my mindset.

I am gonna sound fucking lesbo wtf

This girl changed my mind set when she said "So did the lecturer gave any important tips or notes?" IN ENGLISH!!! I was like "WTF COOLIOS! SOME ONE ACTUALLY SPEAKs ENGLISH HERE! FTW"
And with that, we stuck and stood up for each other through out our 2 whole years =)
I was pretty much comfortable talking to her even though I met her for the second time and I think she is too cause she told me her family stories on the third day wtf LOL~


Easy said, my college life is all about my this bestie named Amelia and she is not gonna continue! I am gonna feel alone all over again like how I felt 2 years ago, sigh~ But I am very happy for her to have an awesome start-up job and I know she will land herself in her dream job one day =) Though the harsh comment I spurt out, I am still praying that she will get her dream job!! Rawwr! Don't forget me yea, I want comfortable flights wtf Har har har~


As for me, myself, I think I have grew much. From a childish mind thinking bitch, I am more positive thinking than ever before now. Though I still suck monkey balls in my countings and financial spendings and my financial advisor and walking calculator isn't gonna continue studies, I think I am gonna get con more easily now WTF!

Through out this two years, the best things that had ever happened to me is this

I found myself a best friend and I would dare to say, for life =)


I found myself a good partner =) But a bit naughty wtf, nevertheless, very very the talented =D
You know I ❤ you much

So yea~ That probably wraps up my 2 years of life. Woahhh 2 years came and go in just a blink of an eye! I thank God for everyone that had been a part of my life and I appreciate them, all the friendliness I got, all the bootlicking I received, all the special treatment I get when they thought I am a foreigner wtf, all the wonderful praising for saying that I am cute and also not forgetting all the little fightings that happened in between all the joyfulness. Cause it made me grow and those fightings made me see another kind of world that I have never see before as I am constantly very much in my own comfort zones.

I learnt that not everyone likes me wtf.
Har har har~ But that the truth and I did not expect ALL to bootlick me, I need some rivalry *winks*


The most complete picture of DEM1 =)
Nice 1 year studying with all of you!!
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