Monday, April 26, 2010

I Love Weekends

Woke up earlier on Saturday and got myself ready to go out to meet Boyfy =)
And that is the only reason that braces me through lonely weekdays and makes me all smiley on Fridays,because we try to meet up and spend weekends together. Thanks Bie.

Yup, a happy me cause I only take pictures when I am happy LOL.
On the bus on the way to KTM and to another KTM before I can kiss my Teddy =D
All worth it =)

In Teddy's car =)
Teddy is my boyfriend and not some teddy bear wtf.
Samuel is a lot of things to me and by saying that, he means a lot of things to me.
He is my Teddy, Boyfy, Monkey, Pig but he is all I love and all the within within wtf =)

I just got back from Kelly Clarkson's concert.
Working la okay~ Not that rich and not such a big fan of her till I will go and buy her tickets to watch her sing for 2 hours only. Tired now, so am gonna hit the sack. Got exam tomorrow! FML!


Jeffro said...

Samuel is an animal! - "Teddy, Boyfy, Monkey, Pig" LMAO

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