Friday, April 16, 2010

Of Malacca and PD

I am back from a 3 days 2 night trip, covered two place which is Malacca and Port Dickson =)
The reason to go to Malacca is always the urge to eat all the specialty foods there and what I wanted to eat, I ate. And I have a new love, PORK SATAY!! Super duper muthafatha delicious, ahhwhuuuuu~ But there is no shops in KL that sells that! Sad giler weh~
Then there were,
Awesome Durian Cendol
Nyonya mee
Satay Celup

and a

not so awesome Chicken Rice wtf, just because the initial plan to go Capitol(satay celup)got cancelled cause the shop decided to close for the day cause they knew that we were going there wtf and wants to potong our steam to experience the infamous long line and the famous satay celup.

We did not eat Rice Balls though cause they say its over rated and its not like awesomely nice and drool worthy like PORK SATAY!

PD was awesome as well, as we get to stay in an apartment with the another couple friend =)
We had seafood menu for the night and mamak food and tutti fruity sparkling wine, which Samuel finished it all up! LOL~

Then I got sunburnt wtf, cause my back was facing the sun while I was so engrossed in picking shells. I know, dumb right? And I din get to suntan a V wtf...
Really good update with pictures soon =)



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