Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Dirty Little Secret

When was the last time I ever signed into my blog and clicked "New Post", I can't really recall as the blogging mojo sort of disappear into thin air wtf wtf. I drafted quite a lot of post but somehow or rather it's either not published and stays as a draft or it was manually deleted by me. Let's just see what is gonna happen to today's drafted post =)

I thought of the title above as I was walking from the living room, going upstairs to my room to bathe. And by what I meant "dirty" is not the kinky type of dirty okay~ wtf. Dirty too brings meaning of secretive/secret. After much hesitation since yesterday till this morning, I have finally decided to draft this out cause I don't really have anything to do, secondly, I am procrastinating over studying again, thirdly, I wanna test out my keyboard as this is gonna be an all-word post.
Cause I have 3 years warranty over this HP laptop *joyjoyjoy*

Okay my first dirty secret is that I will constantly wear the same PJs that I like for many many nights in a row in a week. As in like I wear them on a Monday and I wake up on Tuesday and I bathe and then I wear back the same thing on Tuesday night itself. I have no idea onto this weird habit of mine but I secretly like the smell of my bed and my own self. Another reason should be my liking towards that PJ and I don't want to wear another one that is not very much to my liking, thus the non-changing of clothes for many nights. I have been doing this all my 20 years of life and yesterday morning was the very first time I feel disgusted over such doing. What is wrong with me? Mum said that this is part of growing and I am finally (one part only ar) growing out of my childhood habits. As for me, my mind went, "Damn it! So I am officially getting older la now?!*toot*"
And I changed my PJ, so I am wearing a new PJ this morning har har har~

I am well known for my very bad temper and my straight-forwardness. People would scoff when they heard others saying so about me and start comparing on how much more straight forward they are. They eventually shut up when they come across me and my sarcasm+straight forwardness cause no one beats me,eventually. Not that I am proud of it but nonetheless, I am not ashamed of it either. But there is this one dark side of me that not much people knew about, well after this much more people will know la wtf wtf, is that I secretly enjoys and basked in all it's glory on other's downturn. This feeling has always been a third party kind of feeling, whereby I feel that as if there is another person inside of me that is liking everyone's downturn. And this is only applicable to people that either I have a bit of dislike towards to, i dislike em and to the people that I hate much. Non-applicable to the ones I love =)
I would so much love to grow out of this stupid dirty secret but I don't know how~ le sigh~

I have fetish towards nice and decorated nails and this is not really a secret lol cause most of my friends knew it already but I would still like to think of this as a secret and continue being secretively eyeing on every girl's nails to see whether is it well decorated, not decorated or simply ugly that it is chipping off wtf. This hobby of mine started off when my mum finally has the mood to paint my nails pink for me, at the age of 5. That was when I started to secretly apply the shiny lacquer and would show them off at school like what small kids do when they think that they are doing the "grown up" thing lol, such memories wtf. Friends would then all go OOOHHH and AHHH or "I also wanttt!" everytime they see my nice nice shiny nails. But they did not know about the part that I got some nice whacking at home when my mum found out that I applied lacquer to school har har~
So the interest grew much much more as I grow up and decorated nails is part of my fashion now and I might go out makeup-less but nails will always be decorated =)

I still have a whole lot more of secret but I think I should start studying now. Bye!


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