Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dream Destination

I love to travel! Virgo's horoscope states it nice and clear that Virgo-ians loves to travel and indeed, I am a travel-holic. Provided that I have the money that is, time does not matter. I would just have the mindset of "Who gives a heck to exams!" and BAM, there I am on a roadtrip =)

That was what I did a week ago and I am still having my exams till today. Nevertheless, I went on a 3days2nights holiday with the Boyfy and a couple of friends to PortDickson and Malacca. That was the places that we budget travelers head over too but what if we are sponsored?? *winks winks*

My dream destination to go now would be somewhere where it is spring and Hanami(the art of flower viewing)would be practiced.

Who wouldn't want to fix their eyes on this right?!
It's just breathtaking =)

And on the month of April, there would be a highly anticipated annual showcase of geiko dances (geisha) calles Miyako Odori at the Kobu Kaburenjo Theatre, Kyoto.

Besides that, in the month of April, there would also be a festival named Ose Matsuri where men dressed in women's clothes dance a lively jig on board a boat afloat in the harbour which is festooned with flags and streamers.

Yes, going to Japan would be my dream destination this year! =D How about you?

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