Thursday, April 29, 2010

Toni&Guy Academy is The New Love

Few days ago, I got a call from Zoe whom is currently working with the company mentioned above, and she got me into an appointment for a hair dye. I was not at all reluctant because "Hey it's a free hair dye, so why not?!" was what I had in mind. J.U.S.T N.O.R.M.A.L D.Y.E.

But I was so wrong that I really do need to kick myself ten times in the shin when I took the lift up to their Saloon and "Hey! Now I know why people pay millions to do their hair with Toni&Guys" was what I instantly had in mind! The decoration itself is what I like, splashes of white and black decorations, very simple yet classy yet vogue. No fancy pancy "hanging-all-around" decos which I find it a bit the annoying like what normal hair saloon will do, hanging some dumb tanglungs in the shop, wtf.

I was there 11a.m, right on time for what Zoe has booked for me and I met Jessica and Xiang there as well! =)

Student listening very attentively and for that one moment, I realized that I am a white mouse
LOL. I am slow, bear with me.

When the whole troupe finally came up to me, I was introduced to my hairstylist for the day, the professional way. His name was Chris and he fidgeted and he grew red in the face,LOL! And I was like "Shit! He is gonna do my hair?! MY precious hair?!"

After reading all the above, YES, obviously I was very very VERY skeptical about the whole dye-hair-thing-by-students, it was my first experience and I love my hair just way too much.
But it was all wrong when Chris attended to my stuborn decision of not wanting to dye my hair black, matter of fact, any darker than my recent color. No black, no highlights cause I hate em and I see no purpose with highlights, definitely no platinum blonde.
Chris was really friendly and chit chatty as well! =)

I am fussy I know.
Chris made me happy by the end of the 5 hour session because he kinda changed my recent hair color and it turned out something nice, and I am looking forward for it to fade wtf because I wanna know what Brunette will turn into LOL!

Nice or not?! I don't care, not nice also must say NICE!
My stylist made three different kind of degree of color tone of the same color just to make me looking like this. Thus the 5 hours, plus minus the time taken to wait for the color to set in.

Toni&Guy has this awesome(i think) 21" Mac desktop on the waiting lounge and I was asked to have a picture taken so that they could upload it to their facebook fan page.YES, they do have a facebook fan page, just hover here and be a fan! They will constantly need models, for white mouse purposes wtf, for shows etc etc.

Something changed my mind today.
I am not gonna kiam on the money for home kit hair dyes and starts going to great saloon and yes, I meant Toni&Guy, where else?! *winks*

I am gonna be real nice and lets you all know where it is so that you can jam pack the schedule there, and when I need a hair make over, I will never get an appointment cause you people flooded the damn place LOL.
Jalan Bukit Bintang
144/04 4th Floor Patent House, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, KUALA LUMPUR


Samantha Chow said...

chris was my hairstylist too the first time! Hehehe

Victoria said...

Wheee!! He is such a nice guy righttt?? Damn talkative as well XD

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