Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just Another Update

Har har~ Yes this is just another update on what I have been up to for this past few weeks and I am not sleepy yet and I have got nothing better to do, so I am gonna spam my own blog =)
Don't you go start asking me to go study, I studied the whole entire day today. Just because exams is on Monday harharhar~

Harharhar is sarcasm, yes, you got it right *winks*

Today is Sunday. Which means that another week had came and past and I am yet again a week older wtf. But next week is THE ultimate week to look forward too.. Wheee~
Despite having 4 papers to resit, I am gonna go enjoy myself to the maximus first before facing my papers =p Yes~ I am gonna go Port Dickson and Malacca with the Boyfy =) Happy to the max cause the actual plan was far way different than this and I was not included in it!

You can totally imagine how devastated I felt! To the thought that my boyfy will be spending his holidays without me and then me spending mine alone cause he ends Diploma earlier than me, and my added values are my resit papers wtf.

Then then, unfortunately the actual plan kaput and they were all back to square one with no vacation. Unfortunate for them but fortunate for me wtf =p . And Victoria came to the rescue wtf harharhar~ I said so cause the blardy timetable was FINALLY out and I was overjoyed when I saw that I only got one paper on the 12th and the rest are on the 20th something something.
Boyfy is gonna start his degree on the 19th, so everything eventually falls into a plan! And then you could not imagine how muthafucking happy I am now that there is a plan and I AM IN IT =)

Whee~ Gonna keep boyfy all to myself for the whole entire week(almost)next week! Please do not let anything eg period, rain, hailstones, enormous waves, sickness, weather and many many more unexpectedness to ruin MY planned plans. I am so gonna be in a fit if anything goes wrong =s

Diploma ended, directly and indirectly for me and I am pretty much contented at first... Then only I felt the pinch wtf am I THAT slow ar?? Tsk myself
After one whole day only that I realized life in College is gonna be much much tougher, that I am not gonna meet quite a number of my bonded friends anymore after this, teachers are gonna be much more nastier, that there would be more works to do and I cant afford to slack as much as I did during my Diploma. Issues of financials. Issues of finding my way in college and also in the courseworks. Issues of loneliness. Le sigh~

The only thing that I am really looking forward to Advance Diploma is that mummy allowed me to take up French and Japanese language classes! Whee~ Then I can sound sexy speaking French or maybe bitch talking in a more atas way - The French Way wtf hahahahahah~xD

Ahlalalalala~ I think I am sleepy now cause all i see are words harharhar~ So that's all for now and yes you all can see how excited I am for next week =) I am gonna start packing tomorrow! OMG So many thing I have in mind to bring LOL. I am sure that I will kena tio from Samuel bie for bringing so many things! Even shoes, I had in mind of bringing 3 pairs =x
Okay Goodnight all =)


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