Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Miss You

Diploma has finally ended and with me adding "finally", it doesn't brings a whole meaning of being happy that it all over... Happy because my mom has successfully single-handedly raised me through out this two year and I don't need to study damn accountings and irrelevant mathematics wtf.


I am very reluctant to start a new day tomorrow as tomorrow will be the "official" last day together as a group, as there will be quite a few who has decided to bid goodbye to tertiary studies and has planned a future ahead in the working world, while most of us will be parking our ass at TARC for the next 2 years for Advance Diploma and there are quite a few that made us envy-worthy, as they had the moolah to further their tertiary studies to awesome UK Universities such as Shefield Hallam and Teeside University.


There aren't many pictures taken together with the rest of the classmates, all but the ones that we took crazily of on one of our "makan" sessions and it was awesome!
2 years ago, I did not have much choice of which college I could go to due to my family condition, as much as I had wanted to be called as a Segi-ian. TARC was the only choice. I wasn't really sad to be apart with my close secondary friends as I am more willing to make new ones then to stick to the "gangs" but the first week of orientation made me think "Fuck it, am I going to go through and end my college life roaming around ALONE?" as the people there were all very much Chinese speaking people and not forgetting snobbishness, something I cannot tolerate.


Then I found her, wait no, she found me,er sounds wrong, okay~ She found me wtf =p
Orientation started as usual and this lil Missy here arrived late or something and came in strutting like some bitch(that was what I was thinking laa~) and as I "scanned" her, I thought she had a nice body thus the strutting. I even had this lil voice in my head screaming, "Please DO NOT sit beside my empty space! I want one sit away from all Cina people!"
Yes, I am that bad. As I cant really converse in Mandarin and I had no intention to "join" them, so why even bother to be close to any right? Start college, go through it, end the fucking 2 years and HELLO WORKING WORLD. "Who needs a bestie in college?!" was my mindset.

I am gonna sound fucking lesbo wtf

This girl changed my mind set when she said "So did the lecturer gave any important tips or notes?" IN ENGLISH!!! I was like "WTF COOLIOS! SOME ONE ACTUALLY SPEAKs ENGLISH HERE! FTW"
And with that, we stuck and stood up for each other through out our 2 whole years =)
I was pretty much comfortable talking to her even though I met her for the second time and I think she is too cause she told me her family stories on the third day wtf LOL~


Easy said, my college life is all about my this bestie named Amelia and she is not gonna continue! I am gonna feel alone all over again like how I felt 2 years ago, sigh~ But I am very happy for her to have an awesome start-up job and I know she will land herself in her dream job one day =) Though the harsh comment I spurt out, I am still praying that she will get her dream job!! Rawwr! Don't forget me yea, I want comfortable flights wtf Har har har~


As for me, myself, I think I have grew much. From a childish mind thinking bitch, I am more positive thinking than ever before now. Though I still suck monkey balls in my countings and financial spendings and my financial advisor and walking calculator isn't gonna continue studies, I think I am gonna get con more easily now WTF!

Through out this two years, the best things that had ever happened to me is this

I found myself a best friend and I would dare to say, for life =)


I found myself a good partner =) But a bit naughty wtf, nevertheless, very very the talented =D
You know I ❤ you much

So yea~ That probably wraps up my 2 years of life. Woahhh 2 years came and go in just a blink of an eye! I thank God for everyone that had been a part of my life and I appreciate them, all the friendliness I got, all the bootlicking I received, all the special treatment I get when they thought I am a foreigner wtf, all the wonderful praising for saying that I am cute and also not forgetting all the little fightings that happened in between all the joyfulness. Cause it made me grow and those fightings made me see another kind of world that I have never see before as I am constantly very much in my own comfort zones.

I learnt that not everyone likes me wtf.
Har har har~ But that the truth and I did not expect ALL to bootlick me, I need some rivalry *winks*


The most complete picture of DEM1 =)
Nice 1 year studying with all of you!!


Anonymous said...

thanks! MUCKS!!!! appreciate alot =D really went through alot of stuff and small fights alot =.=

Victoria said...

But small fights are the awesome ones cause we fight here then we talk again like normal hahahahaha

Bitch, continue Adv Laaa =(

Anonymous said...

LOL u think i really dont wan meh??? u know i so Si Ai Bin wan, if i really can, i sure take degree liao lo and i can escape working life and continue to enjoy student life so shiok lo....but to bad born to not have this kind of luck =D

Victoria said...

sighh~ trueee~

austincy said...

dun worry galz ....
all will be nice, swt just like our dream... galz

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