Friday, April 30, 2010

It's A Carnival! Come!

I am now currently jobless, on semester break and no one dates me out wtf so I have decided to wake up super early this morning to accompany mom and aunty to lend a helping hand for the church as we will be having our first carnival at our new and much much big church *chuckles*

The new place even has big big mirrors hanging every where in the toilet!
Who wouldn't be happy about that?! Even guys are! Your mom pawns that *winks*

Without wasting anytime, we started off laying out all our goods that we are gonna sell tomorrow and decorating the booth as early as 10a.m. As vain as I can be, or it's either vanity like to be with me wtf, I was assigned to take care of the booth selling pretty necklaces, bangles, handphone key chains, real swarovski, beads from China, Hong Kong etc etc...

That is just 1/273382 types of jeweleries that we are selling.
We are using like 4 tables for this jeweleries and there are more underneath the tables!

I am gonna show all of you part of the thing that I find it my taste and I would love to get my hands on =)



My ALL TIME favorite!!

This for only RM30! I leave this out for you all to buy okay wtf!
Cause I bought a Juicy Couture one! HAHAHA

That few fewwwww pictures are only some of the things that our church are selling out of the 262518 kinds! LOL.
Pictures aren't clear because China Phone bah~

And for the first 2000 visitors, you will be given a goodie bag! Yes, so come early to get the goodies and they are real goodie-fy! =p Eh I don't get it okay! *sulks*

People of all ages came to help!

Don't worry, we prepared 2000! YES DUA RIBU!

And as we move down, there will be all the games and foods! I tried some of the games and it was total fun and sweat a lot as well, so it's better to bring an extra tee or two cause they will be this dunking game!





This! Is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!
I got hit down and I can't get up wtf hahahahah!
Pastor got stuck in the middle! LOL totally!

I am sure your're tired with all those pictures so... TADAH!


Cute cups fer sale!!

I like this A LOT! Cause it's just SOO me! Pawns! LOL

I have got so much to show and so much to say and so much pages are needed to tell you how excited I am for tomorrow though I will be helping the whole day and tomorrow would be an awesome day cause friends are coming from Singapore as well! To the carnival!

Just come and have fun!
Owwwhh, ontop of me, we opened a saloon booth and that lady cuts it like Winnie Loo! LOL

Wisma Philomath,
No1, Jalan Samudera Utama,
68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
(behind Giant, along the MRR2)

It's from 9am to 8pm!
Yes, it's before the Batu Caves =)


Mr. Definite said...

Wow, lotsa girly stuff! :)))

HaoYi said...

I'm from Metro and was there today! It was really fun! :D

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