Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Melaka & Port Dickson Trip

Was cleaning up my desktop and I realized that I have not blog about the Melaka and Port Dickson trip that I went and came back 3 weeks ago! I thought I was a bitch for lagging it so long but Samuel beats me to it, he is not gonna do a post on it! LOL~ Ultimate bitch~

Mervyn and Eunice

But that ultimate bitch of mine was sweet enough to fulfill his bitch's demand to want to go on a trip with him. Called the couple above and Samuel drove us all the way to Melaka, around Melaka for lodgings and food, out of Melaka, all the way to Port Dickson FROM Melaka, around Port Dickson for lodging and food, out of Port Dickson and sends me back all the way to Cheras!
I know, that ultimate bitch is such a sweet heart.. Awww~ Love you =)

Reached Melaka after a 3 hours drive(?), I can't really recall now since it has been 3 weeks already LOL~ And we were hungry for food! And no, we did not crave for Chicken Rice Balls,overated.Pftts~

Being a picky eater and who coincidently do not fancy Yellow Mee, thinks that this mee pawns all mee that I have ever ate! It's nicely fried and we need to eat it with vinegar, adds to the spicy-ness and to the taste as well.
Of course, I had mine NON-spicy. =p

Samuel ordered this Buttered Bun as well and accordingly "It's Awesome!"
I did not try it cause I was too full after finishing one whole plate of mee =) And contented! LOL

Then we headed off to find for lodgings.
And mind me,I cannot remember or rather, I cannot differentiate the place where Jonker Street is and the place where The Dataran Mall is cause to me, Melaka is Melaka wtf.
After checking out two places that was suggested by a friend, we chose The Baba House and man, PLEASE do not DO NOT stay in that guest house.

It's fucking haunted la!
RM70 for two beds in a room but fucking HAUNTED knn! Living testimony here wtf~

I did not know it was till I was safely back in Malaysia, as in Kuala Lumpur.
So my whole trip wasn't affected, THANK GOD!
And we went for Satay Celup and the super famous one(I forgot the name)was closed for the day with a big sign on the door written "CLOSE" and we were so tempted and pissed off that we wanted to get out of the car and write a big "WHY" above the word CLOSE! LOL

We then resorted to another which we spent like 1 hour searching it and after much sturborness from Samuel *narrows eyes* and needing me to converse in Mandarin with an Uncle for direction, we finally sat down for some Satay Celup.

I think I only had two cause I got to know that EVERYONE who visits the shop, celups into the same pot above and the workers there will just come over, look over and adds more peanuts oil sauce. I went O.O!! I have a thing about this kinda celup celup shits... I don't mind celup-in in the same pot with friends BUT not strangers whom I do not know who sat there before!
But Samuel and Mervyn had their tummy all filled up =)

Then we headed back to our HAUNTED guest house to bathe and we went to the nearby pub and talk cock wtfwtf =D And that ends our first day in Melaka! The joy!! =))
Woke up around 12 the next morning and went for...



PORK SATAY!!! I am addicted!! I am going to go Melaka again this weekend and I will WILL noms Pork Satay till my tummy screams "Enough!!".

Then we headed back to er I don't know where but its somewhere our guesthouse there and we had..CENDOL DURIAN!! Omg~ I can die in peace~ =p

Samuel's orgasmic face for Durian Cendol and me looking fucking tired but LOVE me cendol! Rawwr!

They shared a bowl! How can!! How can you resist the Gula Melaka and the Durian paste! LOL

We bought some Melaka cookies and dodol and you know those overated stuffs LOL~
Headed to Port Dickson and I think I shall do the Port Dickson in another post =) Cause I am a bitch like that RAWWR!

Picture credits to Samuel (clickable) =)


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