Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When An Eagle is Above

Do you squirm back to where ever you are, whether you're standing or sitting down? When you spot an eagle flying swiftly above you, circling right above you, for a whole 10 minutes and you'd start wondering "Am I dying/rotting/smelly somewhere and I did not notice it but the eagle does?"

I do. Even when I was a child.
I'd be scared of the majestic animal. It's the animal that I'm afraid of. When I was a kid.

I still squirm now, 10 years later.
Squirms back to my comfy little section, half heartedly prayed that it will let me go and stop circling above me because I feel nauseous, I can't breathe, under watchful eyes.
I'm still afraid of "it". But metaphorically, not the animal but the people. People who tends to be/act all superior high above me.
I feel timid.
I feel that I should just find a thicker bush and hide even more to avoid such "eagles".
And full heartedly pray that "it" will leave me alone.

Just leave me alone, you "eagles".
I am not your "meal". Though I know, I'l never get to where you are now.
Let me reign in my own kingdom.


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