Sunday, May 23, 2010

No One Will Be Sad Forever

I know my title sounds stupid and in an agony, you might ask me to just as well titled it "No Sadness Last" but that phrase was tweeted by someone that I followed on twitter, willingly of course, and at just about the right time where sadness was what I experienced for the pass few days and after much crying, much suiciding thoughts, much thoughts that I am all grown up and wants to be alone, I found out that all I need is understanding.

That's why there are two post on nail art and no latest news about me. When I'm sad or down or depress or being emotional or whatever you call it, where nothing seems to go your way and you find nothing funny though your boyfriend tries his hardest to crack up a used-to-be funny joke, and still not a crack of smile. Only understanding given to me on that day managed to cheer me up.

Yup, I'm back. Your positive, optimistic, chatterbox bitch is back yo.
And I wanna generate more moolah la, so please click my banner? LOL Now with the presence of money makes my world all complete TEEHEE! What more can I ask? I have an understanding mum, a great boyfriend, a great listener which is my aunt, a job, something pre-planned ahead of me to pursue... I only lack money wtf.

"No one will be sad forever" was the tweet that made me nod in agreement, in front of my laptop and i glee-ed and mum saw and said that I was crazy.LOL. I learnt that taking time and be patient like what my boyfriend asked me to, brings arguments to a whole different new level. No longer argument, it turns into a debate. Where shouting occurred, but we are listening to each other and our minds are generating to bail out of the situation, hoping that we don't lose out and generates a fair conclusion.

Which is what happened to me. I am happy. I got my "understanding" and my respect from others. And all I need to do is to obey on certain rules that I chose to rebel against just because I wasn't getting my "understanding-ness" and the respect that I should be given, well, at least at my age! Rawrs.

In the mean time, I, with another 2 culprit cum best buddy cum blogger friends cum Samuel's mutual friends cum heart-to-heart talk buddy and please cum or /, whatever that pleases you, planned 3 weeks ahead for this awesomely done, twitched, cut, redefined, replaced, rendered which uses up all his RAM(LOL), all combined videos of birthday wishes and my "YO" for my dumb dumb's birthday.
I was the main culprit la kan~ DUHHHHH!! TEEhee!
So without further a due, I'm gonna share that here =) It surprised Bie and I'm glad that he is.RAWRS.

Kaichi got all the fame cause his face is on the cover! LOL Congrats dude, in dark room some more! Ahhhwhhhhuuuu~ xD

To end this finally-I-wrote-a-lengthy-post-filled-with-words-that-can-boringfiedpeople in and out, but I know you miss me!! TEEHEE!
Video editing credits to Jackie and I shall credit myself for the hijacking at Voice of EXpression!
And super thanks to all who did the videos and I know some weren't up and I apologized, not that I chose wtf, it's because my lousy laptop cannot read the videos, no matter how many times I redownloaded it!



Lee Kai Chi said...

OMG~! My face on the cover!! SO OILY!!

HitoMi Ng said...

well, i dun think all of us in

Jacquelyn Ho said...

kai chi fehmes now! haha

great to see this vid turned out to be a success! *hugs*

kim said...

awww nice video :)

Lee Kai Chi said...

lol, longest birthday speech award goes to jac. Really nice vid.

Victoria said...

KAICHI! LOL, whadda, why u took my spot? I should be on the cover? *erhem* LOL

Hitomi, as per explained =)

Kim: thanks!

JAcq:: wheee you all made this happened! =)

ohmywtf said...

well..time will heal EVERYTHING...:-)

Vince G said...

OMG! Freaking creative way to wish someone la. How I hope someone *ahem*Kaichi and the gang*ahem* will do this for me XD

Victoria said...

ohmywtf: yea i learnt that phrase
Vin:: LOL!! I wish kaichi subs me and he will get this at his mail

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