Friday, May 28, 2010

Snacks on Rice Crisps & Movie Screen-ed The Prince of Persia - Sands of Time With Mister Potato!

Thanks to Nuffnang, I get to watch The Prince of Persia and I got snacks for free, all thanks to Mister Potato. I wished I could get more than one can all by myself because I love snacking while movie-ing and usually snacks ARE fattening right? But this Rice Crisps by Mister Potato aren't!

I was actually very much looking forward for the crisps rather than the movie as I was hungry on our way to CineLeisure. Because I heard that it is in less fat with the same great taste! *drools*


What I really like is that this new Rice Crisps formula still comes with 4 flavors and it's knowingly Hot&Spicy, The Original, Sour Cream&Onion, last but not least, Flamed Grilled BBQ. I had always love eating my chips in it's Original flavor or Sour Cream&Onion flavor and this time around I went for the Sour Cream&Onion cause I feel green on a Saturday, LOL.

"One extra tall Sour Cream & Onion Rice Crisps for my dinner,PLEASEEE!"
Then a few more canister after I finish the first one! LOL.

And the next best thing is, its 20% less fat than the ordinary chips like "XX" brand, who gives you that extra lump on the tummy after eating probably 10 canister. RAWR and then it's gym 24/7 wtf.


Being a health conscious me, the 20% less fat has had me vouched for Mister Potato's Rice Crisps all the way till the end of time. However, I am a little allergy to MSG as well and you should have seen me glee-ed all the way into the cinema when I saw "NO ADDED MSG"! All the more reason to nom nom nom this rice crisps and not be afraid of hair loss or skin rashes (I get skin rashes if MSG intake melebih,FML)

Not tempted yet? Because you all think that NO MSG = NO TASTE?
Here is a picture to tempt you~

Potato chips with 20% fat free and no added MSG baked to perfection!

Drool much?? Go get this awesomechips at any of your convenient stores and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Go makan Rice Crisps, main Rice Crisps, tidur Rice Crisps! =D

To our Muslim friends, Mister Potato also had this yummylicious Rice Crisps made halal for all! We can all enjoy this without worrying or differentiating different races and religion that lives together harmoniously in our country.

A big big official HALAL sign right in front of the canister for easy viewing =)

So? Still having big question marks for the authenticity of this really healthily modified Rice Crisps?


Yes! 0 grams of Trans fat! Oh believe it already cause the government approved it before this yummylicious crisps are released into the market. Go get it NOW! SEKARANG!



My turtle can't resist the temptation and wants more!

I shall say that Sour Cream & Onion is the best tasting flavor among the whole lot.Teehee, shall be a bit bias on that =p

p/s: no animals were harm in this picture taking session
p/p/s: he really ate it after dropping some into the pond
p/p/p/s: he is still alive and healthy! So it's animal safe as well! LOL.


Lean said...

Dropping by ere. =). Smiles for u. have a nice day yeah.. Do drop by to mine yeah. =)..

nebular said...

Scary turtle turns hungry....following u too.

Victoria said...

Lean: Smiles received =) And yes I will as soon as Im free to stalk blogs again =)

Nebular:: heheh thanks fer following me

Vanessa said...

Awesome post :)

and gorgeous red eared slider turtles you have there

I have 4 and they're so awesome maybe I should start feeding them rice crisps as treats :P

Spectre said...

wat your turtle really loves mister potato

Victoria said...

Vanessa:: Wheee 4 big ones? And my turtle eats anything, moving or not moving LOL

Spectre:: yeala! see the mouth open bigbig

mabelebam said...

great post! dropping by from innit.
the turtle really knows his stuff haha... :)

Victoria said...

mebelebam:LOL, they are just like us humans, noms everything that is tasty and dont care die or not LOL.. And thanks fer dropping by and hope that u enjoyed this post =D

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