Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm Hired!

Yes, I'm working now at the age of 20 and no, I will definitely still continue my studies after one year. Most people whom has the rights to know what is this all about already knew it so I'm not gonna elaborate on that.. Let's just say that I want to gain more experience in what I am currently majoring before going any further, example, degree.

Studying and getting a certificate will surely super qualify you into a company compared to those that only has their secondary level certificates but that does not promise you a life long permanent job in that particular company if you're too paper based and not smart-handling-problem based. You have got to have 50% of both, you know what I meant? Experience. The ability to do/decide on something. The willingness to learn new things everyday. The ability to think and look far ahead, preferably 5 years from now.LOL.

This whole week was my first week of training to better understand the product that I am selling and I am selling services. Hotel services to be a bit more precise. And no, I'm not gonna disclose whom I am associated with now =).
Being a very new freshie and has not gone through the REAL interview sessions, my first week cost me two shoes, an aching feet and fairly worn out. I had finally experience Health Check! LOL~
Because if you're selling shoes or clothes at kinky places like SG Wang, the employers don't bother whether you have scoliosis or you have high blood pressure and works you like a dog, from 10am to 10pm.


Been walking around the Wisma with this for few days now and NO, this is not a big recyclable paper bag for shopping but this thing did cost me 2 shoes that needs to be sent for repairs now =(
This is a big big bag used by the hospital to give you your X-ray.

The time when I went to the clinic, they gave me a small pill bottle and I took it and kept it in my bag, thinking it's free or something wtf. Then she saw and asked me to go pee, in the most absurd way like "Pergi kencing" =.=
Stunned for a good 2 minutes and I got the idea that I need to pee into the small bottle for my urine test. I thought I would need to pee on a scale or something LOL!

By the way, thank god I'm not a guy cause I missed loads of time trying to pee into it and lucky enough, I had enough pee to fill the whole pill bottle. Too much info I know LOL!!

That says my name, Victoria Poh and stated there that I'm 19!
See! Told you I ain't no 20 yet *winks*

And below will be a picture of my crooked bone
And obviously a poorly taken bone structure of mine
And because it is free so I can't expect much
And because of that, this X-Ray had made me shit
And I'mma keep this shit
And start drinking more milk, even though there is a hate&love relationship in between
And I'mma prove that cheap things sucks.


I do have a minor scoliosis.


Amanda Janelle Quah said...

omg my best fren oso got scoliosis. but hers was damn bad she had to do operation. u take care k babe! =)

Victoria said...

Amanda: T_T I can feel how sad ur friend is cause even this minor one, I feel like it's end of life, sighh..
I will take care and you should too =)) *hugs*

joshuaongys said...


Victoria said...

yerrrr Joshua soooo mean!

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