Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Nice to Know

Took a day off today, unofficially, and invested my time on something I think that will interest me more than what I am currently doing. Matter of fact is, I'm already all hooked up and all energized up like an Energizer Bunny, to not only fulfill the plans made but to think out of the chow mien(noodles) box (because chow mien boxes are really small), take the dare and made myself worth it all.

Nevertheless, to fully use the skills that I possessed, I mean, I do think I possess some skills that not everyone has and yes, I'm that buay paiseh to say Lol~

I have always categorized myself as being a very straight forward person and yes, most of the time I don't really give a damn about what you say when I am certain on that particular product/situation/happenings because~ There is no because actually, I'm just born to be superior above all. I'm a perfectionist, I hate distractions, I hate works that are half way done, I hate uncertainty, I hate delayers, I hate people with unrealistic visions, I hate people who doesn't want to accept new things and most of all, I really do detest uncooperative people!

And it's nice to know that I am not the only one who thinks and feels and acts that way. This just shows that I am much more ahead and you're just much more left behind because you always quote "During my time blablabla"~ Hello! This isn't about your era, this is about the future and this is not the time where you still can buy a doughnut with RM0.05 anymore... Seriously, people need to grown up, mind wise, age wise inevitable what!

It's also nice to know that things will not turn up as what I initially thought it would be and much freedom will be granted. It's also good to have people who are in the same mind to be working together with, I mean, potential bloggers really has this kind of "their" slang thing and all the hoo haas in between and the rest just got lost in the atmosphere. It's funny to see =)


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