Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Decided!

I have been itching to blog today. Itching hands since 8pm on the 4th of June 2010? Reached home at about 7pm because it's so blardy jam for whatever reason, after a whole day of training. Came back, washed up and ate and was trying all my might to wake Boyfy up cause whenever his MSN goes IDLE, he is either downstairs watching Cinderella(wtf) or he fall asleep and left his MSN on. And whenever he puts AWAY, he goes out, as in out of the house, for a moment cause he is lazy to turn off his computer.LOL

So so, it's not about the Boyfy, it's about me who is itching to blog but I totally got nothing to blog. I do have 2 things to write about but I just don't feel like doing it and I feel the urge to ramble on and what ever that comes to my mind.
Whenever this situation comes, I'm always reminded of the days when I fully utilized the public transport to classes, tuitions, outings etc. I would sometimes take a longer route back so that I can clear things off my mind. Standing/sitting in a train/bus with music in ears, helps me relax and it's kinda therapeutic. In the sense that, I hate being alone but I hate large crowds too and when you're in the train, it's kinda love and hate relationship because, there are people around you but you're actually alone. Get what I meant? Unless you're boarding it with your friends, that's another case okay~

I don't really do anything thinking when I am in the train/bus, I just sit there and stare outside. Even sometimes, I don't know what songs that are playing on my device. I just let it linger in my brain, hoping that things will change and somehow or rather, I feel more relax. See! I don't need spa to relax, I'm cheap wtf. And public transport ain't that cheap actually. Let me just give you a rough figure of the whole trip from my house to TARC Setapak.

RM2.50 - Rapid bus to Sg Wang
RM2.00 - Metro/SJ bus from Sg Wang to Setapak.
(then I will reach college)
(after college)
RM1.50 - From TARC Setapak to Monorail Chow Kit.
RM1.60 - From Monorail Chow Kit to Monorail Imbi.

Imbi, which is Times Square, is usually my last stop as I tend to be kiam(cheap) and I would rather wait for hours for my mum to leave, which is around 5pm. Then I'l be walking around, Borders is where I will always hide cause I nerd like that wtf. =p
And when there are days that I feel like I just wanna go home, shower and sleep, I'l take a bus from Imbi and that will cost me RM2.50. I hate Metro/SJ so I chose Rapid, in which I need to pay an extra of RM0.50.

You do the maths. I'm cheap, I can't do maths =p

And and and have you all came across situation like for example, you are waiting at a place where you usually wait for bus, knowingly that there will be a bus(eg)at 2pm. Somehow or rather, the bus did not arrived at 2pm. So you went "Ohhh never mind, let's just wait till it comes, it will come *still optimistic*". Just because you're kind hearted, you gave up your bustop sit to another elder person, so you would need to stand. Looking at the watch and you go "Sighhh, where is the bus? It's 2.30pm already*muram*". Then that is when the temptation comes, in front of you, thousands of taxis are waiting for customers to board them. Tempted and checked purse and obviously just enough for taxi, then have to eat sand the whole week. So close purse and thinks "Since I have waited for more than 30minutes, no point spend more on a 5 minutes destination and eat sand the whole week,"
So wait some more...
Fucking tempted.
And the bus arrived at 4pm.


Always happens to me and it's even worst when I am hungry. I would need to decide to buy roadside stall's food to eat or no, thinking that the bus will arrive in a short while and there is food at home. So no point wasting money on dirty roadside stall food right?!
Then,*toot*, bus arrived 3 hours later.
Hunger disappeared to God knows where.
Then reach home and self console, "Never mind, I did not pound on the kg!"
My life is sad, I know.

It's even sadder now that I have just spam my blog space cause I'm too bored and I would love to type a lot.I have more important things to write but I ignored and rambled. Totally FML.


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