Monday, June 28, 2010

I-City With the Dude

Two weeks ago, on our normal weekend time together, we got totally clueless on what to do as I was not in the mood for a movie when he totally was in the mood for a nice movie, I got spoil sport laa~ Was plopping on the bed thinking of what to do. Then he said, "Let's do something random" which I think sounded quite wrong lol~

He kept it all secret but just asked me to change. All the while packing his camera, his violin and took his suit with him ... While, being the blur me, did not even had a single thought that he is gonna bring me to the place where I bising that I wanna go the other week.

I saw this awesome trees somewhere on Facebook and bugged Bie to bring me there.
Though it was "random" but still, he suffered the long drive and the ungraceful one hour jam outside I-City, did not gave up cause it was quite a distance to be at Shah Alam ... Would be a waste if we gave up on the jam and go back to Subang, probably I want to go eat SnowFlakes wtf LOL!!!


He was driving along the highway when I spotted "Icity/Klang" on the road sign and then it got me thinking, "Damn! Sam wanna bring me go Klang eat bak kut teh ar?" Cause I'm no fan of pork/pork lard/bak kut teh... Then I sempat question him regarding on that to double triple confirm that we are heading to I-City instead LOL!!
Eh, I trust my Bie okay, just that I don't quite trust him at being sweet.. xD

Paid RM2 for the entrance after the one hour jam, sigh when we saw that it's free&easy parking kinda thing ... I went totally jaw down when I saw the amount of people there!! Totally no space to ss and self take pictures without some random kids running infront of you/stay behind of you, totally had the time to stare at you, while you ss smile for the camera that you set on the tripod ... Very well hoping to get a nice & awesome picture .. Just to notice that there are kids behind doing dumb faces =.=

The minion me! And minion trees!
Yea yea~ not nicely dress, like I care, Boohoo~

*peeks at album*
Woohoo! The rest of the picture has me and Bie! He did not take much pictures and let me ss and said "I'm your photographer tonight." Lol? xD

Besides that it is "people mountain people sea"(direct translation of some chinese proverbs that meant HELL LOADS OF PEOPLE!), I really adore the creator of I-City. It's actually a waste land which he turned it into a tourist spot and charges a small amount for the parking which I think he did not fork out any large amount to make it nice or sort~ But he surely need to pay for the amount of electricity needed to light up those trees EVERY night!


There are plenty and many different kind of themes... We took picture with most of the themed trees except for the Chinese theme... Too China with the lanterns as leaves(?!)so I skipped that session with those trees.

My second most like theme! I like the feeling that this pretty lighted trees are just right above my head ... Minus the plastic flowers, I would totally feel like being in Japan with Sakuras dropping down on me =)

My favorite-st theme of all!!
But HAVE to have small kids behind one!
I HAVE to smile so retardedly and looked OMG so short here!
But I still like this theme the most!

Yes, all our pictures are set on the tripod by Bie, with me standing in the middle while he adjust to the height and all the thingiemathigjingie! LOL~
Whee~ Then lovey dovey shot! Got a lot but all either too fail/fail/fair/nothing special. Tripod man! With people running around behind~

Thanks for this random-ness.
I need more of this =)


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Blehhh!! I like la Muahahahahaha

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Awwww at ur last pic . dropping by :)

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Thanks @aureac and that was just an act act picture actually! Lol

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