Friday, June 11, 2010

A Skin-Caring Side of Me! LOL!

Have you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed, feeling all nausea,


with heavy dark eye bags probably from the lack sleep the night before

and a red dry lips?

It makes you wanna sing "Wake up in the morning feeling like WineHouse!" cause you look so screwed even a junkie looks better. What's worst is that you will be out of house in 2 hours! And excessively heavy makeup will only worsen the condition.
Well, there is no instant solution wtf. But here is what I do frequently. As I'm born with sensitive skin, my skin care regime involves a lot of natural ingredients such as

this slime here, which consists of honey, sugar, yoghurt and milk powder. Mix them all up to form this liquid slime paste which acts as a mask.
Honey to tighten skin,thus smaller pores.
Sugar act as a scrub to remove dead skin.
Yoghurt & Milk Powder lightens the skin.

Yes, each of them has their own benefit and not that I simply add what ever I like or my kitchen has!
As I was in a very cold aircon room for 2 whole week, my lips dried up and it turned red! So I applied the paste onto my lips


and onto my lower eyes for the eye bags


like this

and gave my lips a quick scrub. I just left the paste onto my lower eye and you should NEVER EVER rub that delicate part of your eyes with scrubs, unless you wanna have wrinkles all over and sagging eye bags.. By all means, go ahead LOL!

I was in a rush to go out, so I left it on my face for 5 minutes. Usually I would leave it till it is all dried up and I would rinse them off with tap water and apply on moisturizers to lock in the goodness and re-moisturize your skin after the scrubbing session


Let us all practice this method for a whole month and we shall measure the results! Are you gonna do this? Because I DEFINITELY am! =) Work took my time spent on the Internet away, so I took my sleeping time away just to surf on the Internet. LOL!


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