Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Have You Seen Sony Music Malaysia's Facebook Fanpage?

If you have not, Where have you been? Do you all know that you're missing out on loads of freebies on the Sony Music Malaysia Fanpage, such as free CD giveaways, latest grooves and happenings on your favorite singers/actor/actresses etc etc.

As we all know, the FIFA is the IN thing now. People are changing their phone's ringtones into songs from the World Cup, trying to get into the spirit of football and whatnot. Thus, the Sony Music Malaysia Fanpage has offered the Official 2010 World Cup Song (WAKA WAKA by Shakira) Caller Ring Tone for free. See! Not being a fan on the Sony Music Malaysia Fanpage has made you missed out on this offer! By Shakira okay!

Okay, So you're not really a World Cup fan, neither you're a interested in anything football, I'm sure everyone takes interest in musics. I, on the other hand, could not live without listening to music even for an hour. But I have a busy schedule, so there is no time to be sitting in front of the radio listening to the DJs, and finding out news songs from artists that I like.
What do I do then? I frequently stalk the Sony Music Malaysia Fanpage to get the latest update because they even gave out Autographed by Pitbull's albums! Who can resist Pitbull! LOL..

*clicks to enlarge*
See, you missed it! No longer want to miss any of the great giveaways? Go "LIKE" the Sony Music Malaysia facebook Fanpage now!

There are always a Photo section where they update them frequently for us to go gaga over.
In case, you still have not notice that I had actually spammed Sony Music Malaysia's Facebook Fanpage all over this blog, then go HERE. Be a fan and enjoy all the updates posted on the page and win freebies to the coolest concert in town! Thing is, be a Sony Music Malaysia Fanpage stalker and you're good to go! LOL


FiSh said...

aww they dont want bloggers who dont like pitbull and football rite T_T

Victoria said...

Fish:: LOL Arent you the cutest? That was just an example and after doing the post, please put you link at who had a post on this sony music malaysia as well =)

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