Sunday, June 6, 2010

On The 22nd of May 2010

Was my first cyber crime(wtf)for I have successfully remembered Bie's password but totally got messed up with his email address. And so I got help from Audrey, whom obviously and gladly helped me and joined my crime! LOL...


I shall announce that I'm such a great planner because even though I had this planned like 3 weeks ahead and within the three weeks, I even went to a trip with him and a bunch of his friends who knew about this. Okay, we were all great at hiding that from him. Bie did not even suspect cause profoundly, he is VERY BUSY! *hmm hmm, nods head*


He had told me earlier that he was gonna have a BBQ session for his birthday... With a few more culprit, we thought of showing the "thing" we made for him, right at his house, his own TV. Then Lao Niang had my mind changed and secretly posted up his blog on the 22nd of May...

Bie was out.
Bie came back,
I just finished posting and I quickly told him that I wanna go sleep.LOL
5 minutes later, Bie messaged and said,
"Wahh you did a post for me?!! I'm shocked! Thankss Biee, Lovess.."

I went to bed smiling and "Yes, successful!" Heheh~ I'm proud =p

And they live happily together =D
That day was a fairytale! LOLL

Ran out of words for picture caption LOL.. And so below is the video that I initiated on and the editor was Jackie at .


Hilda Milda said...

Congrats on yr sucess :D haha so sweet of you too :)

SonnyKazu said...

nice nice! Hehe! Lovely! :D

Victoria said...

Hilda Milda & SonnyKazu: Heheheh

Chris Thoo said...

sam is getting DARKER....
vic faster suntan yourself to match him o

Victoria said...

chris:: No wayyyy!! I'm aiming to be fairer, not darker! Siow ka

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