Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Lil Change

There's a little change in the weather now~

It was warm a month ago

Then it got a bit chilly

Then it was too sunny and hot for warmers

Abandoning thick coats and muffs
Now laying and sprawled all across the old wooden floor
On a sunny yet breezy weather.

I lay on the cracked floor
Wondering where I was meant to be

Then I realized,
I was born,
To be here
To live here
To adapt to the changing weather here
To find my better half here
(which I have)

My life is here
Though it isn't a smooth sailing one,
But hey(!) who has a smooth sailing life, right?

Cause if you do, you're gonna get ship wrecked the next moment.

Living here taught me that,
Nothing is never/impossible here
And never/impossible is nothing here

There's a little change in the weather now~
Laying on the cold hard tiles
I can now proudly say

"I have made it this far and I cherish it!"


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