Sunday, June 20, 2010

Animals Wears The Human Nature

I had just found this very very sad to see video, probably most of you had seen this, but this is my first time seeing this video.

It's almost human. As near to be able to cry and wail and mourn over the death of the another cat who died because some irresponsible driver just drove over it or something!
Do you think animals has no feelings at all?
Don't you all watch shows involving cats/dogs/rats/squirrels etc etc that actually communicates to each other with their meows/woofs/squeaks?

We may not understand them and they might not fully understand us, but they still feel pain when someone hits them, they still feel sad when their owners disown them and throw them away, they still feel hunger when they are not fed(worst is they can't cry out loud or take food off the shelves like what we do!), thing is, if you cant/think that you're not able to take care of them till they die of old age/sickness then why buy them to rear at the first place?!

Isn't that a bit selfish?!
It's just the same like, if married couples thinks that they are aren't able to take care of a baby on their own due to financial problem/time management problem/they are just not ready for it, then use a condom for god's sake! Don't be an ass and fucks with no safety protection and when the lady gets pregnant, you try to flush the infant down the drain, wtf, worst.. abortion. Actually flushing a new born down the drain is worst than abortion.

Aren't humans turning more and more into (very not appropriate to say but this is the only example) an animal, though we can't really say that as animals are more humane compared to us now. It's sad to flip the newspapers and see DEATHS, MURDERS, RAPES, etc etc.


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