Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can Free One Room Ka?

I love meeting new people who possesses different characteristic and behavior mainly because I can know more about the consumer's behavior or just plainly laugh and scoffed at the different yet funny/ridiculous things that people can do/behave/think ...

And working in a call center allows you to be "exposed" to the world and the different people in it, without even paying to travel, needless for you to go up to some strangers and say a simple "HI" ... So here was a conversation I had with one of my customer that totally made me WTFBBQKNNCCB~ and ended up telling the whole office and laughing about it.

Me: Good Afternoon, this is Victoria speaking. How may I assist you?
Cust: *mandarin slang* Er~ Cantonese can?
Me: *changes to Cantonese* How can I help you Sir?
Cust: *speak in Cantonese* Ahh! Thank God I found someone that is Chinese ~
*our department consist mainly chinese people, so wtf was that relived comment for!*
Me: *chuckles* So how can I help you Sir?
Cust: *began some long ass grandfather story about how he booked 2 days but stayed for 1 day only and when he was about to end, he was in a shy tone and asked* So er~ do you think you can give me er one free room to compensate me?
Me: *AHAHAAHAHAHHAHA in heart* Huh?! I shall just write down your details and I will ask someone to call you back~? *wasn't even a question, mehh~*

If you were me, don't you just feel like banging your head on your desk and ask for a 5 minutes time off? After approximately 10 more customers who acted like they either own *company* or their relatives of the owner of the *company*~

Then there was another bitch who totally lost her mind and wailed her fucking lungs out, demanding to be put on the reservation line because she badly needs a room, somewhere in the middle of July. Wtf. July. Middle of July some more. Badly need some more. Which only implies one thing, a fucking kiasu. Who probably needs a room to f*ck. Badly.

Just when I asked for shit to not happen on my day, it happens.
So I shall just stay on normal mode and hope that I will hope for nothing *doesn't make sense, who cares*.

I'm so sure that 5 out of 10 of my readers has/have/had/am behaving like this both customer above and I plead, minta tolong, chiew chiew you all to stop behaving like a bitch, and yes, I do know what is CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT no matter plainly he/she is on the wrong side, because let's not forget that I am a customer as well.
I, too, on the same mind with the customer who acted bitch today, does not like to be put on hold for thousand times, and then can't get through the line, and then when I do get through, I get cut off and when I call back, I'm back at square one .. Not able to do any booking or reservation. Money and time spent, nothing done. Much hated, I do understand that.

But mind you people, you do not need to be throwing abusive languages or shouting in my ears or demanding like I'm God and could grant you anything or behaving like I'm the owner of the company and you start to negotiate with me~ Like I can do anything for you besides what I'm instructed to.
I'm merely working and trying to earn a living here~
Not that I'm being a snobbish bitch and not giving you discount room rates just because (example) maybe you have a bitchy voice ... I'm not being a voice-ist okay~

This has been on my mind after working at call centers for the pass 6 months~
I was like "WTF I care with how this call center people feel, I'm customer and I'm right and I want it done now!" and that can only be implied to really fucked up telemarketers who aren't even trying to be helpful.
You obviously do not wail your fucking lungs out when the telemarketer tells you why she can't do this and was trying to find a solution for you. That's just inappropriate and unfair for the telemarketer.

Who is with me, click "Diggin It"
Who is against me, click "WTF" *but like I care la okay~*

P/s: *company* is the name of my company which I do not wish to disclose.


Vin Tsen Gan said...

Interesting job you have there XD

Lemon said...

Sometimes customers can be damn annoying since they think that they've the right to be served. ><

Victoria said...

Vin: *with no sarcasm* This is actually the most interesting field to be in, a telemarketer.

Lemon: I agree with you babe =D

v!vi@n said...

yea, customers are always rite, but customers got to be reasonable oso...this is over...

Victoria said...

Vivian:: You said that right babe! *winks*

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