Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"I Work As A Researcher"

Seriously, when ever I hear people replying to "So what are you working as?", I began to think of what ever task they would need to fulfill in their job scope. Usually I do understand/at least have a blur view on what they are suppose to do, for example, a sales person.. they promote products/services to customer and they earn by commission and their skills would be their ability to relate to people and grab their attention and direct them to the product/services that they are offering.

That was just a very simple example, okay, maybe some people work as a Human Resource Manager and you would agak agak know that their job scope would involve things like interaction with humans/people, give them a job or something like that. Doctors, whom has a wide range of doctors like Vet Docs, will be dealing with sick animals, Surgeons(who are actually doctors in general)will be the ones that enjoys cutting you into half and it's legal as well!) LOL!
Up to this point, you should get/understand my drift.

But when one says, "I'm actually a Researcher for *dotdotdot* company." and that will make you think of what a researchers does. I mean like, there must be a cause and effect thing right? So there must be a problem that needs researches to be done by (maybe) this namely researchers, in order for this job scope to exist, right?
I do understand that whenever one is sick or an epitome of sicknesses like the H1N1(by the way, how did this viral flu evolve out of no where, got me putting on my thinking cap too)happens, people or namely this researchers are needed of their skills.

But what is it with advertisements on things and products like milk powders, portraying a researcher holding a test tube filled with white liquid(should be the new milk). I mean, what are they suppose to do? Drying milks from the cow after adding (probably) "goodness" (like all those long long words), like BL Bifidus or something, make some milk and test it on some random poor kid? Then lock up the kid for a year or so and while at it, whacks on the poor boy with super duper hard random mathematics, science, politics, laws etc, feeding him the researching milk and see how his brain works?

Besides that, are there really researchers for the new pens made by some companies... I can so imagine them mixing all the weird thingiemagictic into the ink so that the ink will last longer and not dry up, all the while trying to steal formulas from competing companies...then there would be a group of hired part timers, sitted in a white room ala rooms for mentally-ill people and were told to write as long as possible to test on the life span of the new created pens compared to the pens of their old formulas.

Then here comes this researchers of soaps, bleachers, toilet cleaning agents(Mr Muscle wtf), toilet papers(no kid!), leg shaving products(with the girl dropping a velvety cloth down her legs and it's suppose to slide now nice and smooth), toothbrushes on what factors are needed in one fine perfect toothbrush etc etc. My listing could go on and on as I'm actually a very television-person but not very much now. I just realized that television commercials are filled with craps as such and I couldn't help but to think WHAT does this "researchers" really do on a working day basis!

Any how, I do have a point on this topic right? What do they really and actually do? Make some clothes dirty and then sit there and test on the workability of the detergents? And get paid like Opera Winfrey, not that she gets paid anyways, money just falls onto her lap and probably around her 2747130472 acre of land LOL~
Come come~ Let's think this together and tell me what do you actually think =)


buttercup said...

Reading this caught me thinking for a moment too. lol.

Well, H1N1, somewhere reported that one of the research/drug developing company actually released the virus so that, they get sales and profit.

Hmmmm, the world is cruel. but at a certain period of time, it's true (of course i'm not only talking about this case).

Lean said...

Dropping by ere. =). Smiles

Victoria said...

Buttercup:: Woah!! Seriously? People does this kinda things? See! now this got me thinking again, why wud this people do such a thing right when this viral flu will eventually get spread to them as well! All for money wtf money face giler!

Hey Lean

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