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Hennessy Artistry With Ad Bangers, Joe Flizzow & Sona One, Summer Daniels & DJ Tempo, Aftermath 2010

The month of May had been an awesome one with great highlights such as this Hennessy Artistry, which was held at Zouk KL. This is the second time of Hennessy Artistry for the year of 2010 and it was held at two places on two different days, as per stated.

And of course I went for the one held at Zouk KL which was on the May 29. We were there fairly early as we want to grab the opportunity to be able to meet&greet the artist before Hennessy Artistry starts. Yes, we were as early as 1 hour before the stated time.
Took the opportunity to take a picture with my date for the night, Hennessy Artistry's backdrop


We were then escorted to a chilling lounge for a bite and a drink, whilst waiting for the meet&greet session.

Hennessy Artistry family members!
A new way of self taking pictures and please excuse us *erhem* bloggers. *erhem*

*erhem* A massive one. With all the other bloggers me love!
Told you it runs in the blood of bloggers.
We are just born vainpots, LOL!

There were no pictures of the yummy food as it was too yummeh that we kept eating them up the moment the friendly waitress there served us, too busy eating and we have to fight for it like barbarics wtf. Just joking. We are well civilized people! LOL.

After waiting for quite some time, we were told that the meet&greet session had been canceled due to the weather, in which I don't know what has meeting the artist has to do with the weather when we will be seated inside with them. I was a little disturbed by this sudden arrangement as I was there way too early to start party. Then it got me thinking, "So what am I gonna do now? Sit here and eat for another 1 hour?" and I was a bit upset about the loose management. Was even thinking to write up a shit post about Hennessy Artistry.

But after 10 minutes of us being told that the previous was canceled, we were then again invited to go for a short meet&greet&taking pictures session with Summer Daniels and Dj Tempo. I wander where Joe Flizzow & Sona One went? And Ad Bangers totally did not show up. Hmm~ Great~


We were then allowed to go into Zouk and we got ourselves as bloggers a place on the upper floor, which is the best because it wasn't as crowded as it was on the ground floor. We totally got the whole place to ourselves.


I love love love the stage this time at Zouk KL! The last Hennessy Artistry which were held at The Opera had a floating stage, where we have to stand far far so that we are able to see who is spinning.
But this, is just pure awesome, I can even take pictures with DJ as my backdrop! LOL!!

OMG! Angmo messaging! LOL

After a picture or two before the event starts. We then headed up to the balcony floor and waited for the event to start.


It started off with Sarah Lian as the MC for the night and the first line up was Joe Flizzow with Sona One.

Them with Sarah Lian, cranking up the stage and heating up the dance floor with their awesome rapping skills and they even invited a few dancers from the floor to go on stage to have a dance with them.

The rest of the night were then entertained by Summer Daniels with her awesome voice, singing to songs which sounded techno to me. As we were on the upper floor, I did not bother to go peer over the balcony to see who is up next and I was dancing away thinking that the singing were some recorded ones. Summer Daniels really sound real good and looks REAL good too =)

She, who rocked the stage and night away and got my friend so high that she got drunk and fell onto the floor! LOL, shall not tell who but she shall know when she read this herself, is she ever reads my blog, LOL.

I really love being a blogger as we are treated as gold guest for the Hennessy Artistry, because half way through dancing, someone came up and asked "Are you all bloggers?" and stuffed two bottles of unopened Hennessy VSOP. The only main reason why she got drunk! LOL

Hire me please? I love my title and I love to party!

All in all, I enjoyed myself for this Hennessy Artistry. Everything was mainly the same compared to the previous one, it's just that it was held at a different place thus the different environment, different line up, different companion and a totally different experience I must say.
Yes, I am already looking forward to the next one. YES! You heard me, there is a next one, so hang on to my site for more updates!

Till then.


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