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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Judo-ism Is Back

It has been so so long since i remember myself being in the church's combined service, sitting there at the main sanctuary, listening to choirs practicing their songs and looking at the comical looking coordinator which is that darn talented, looking at ushers walking up and down not doing their thing, speculating the "interior design of the day" and make self comment... sigh~ good old days when i was younger and not that busy.

Brother did not go to church today and so i camho like hell in the car cause i love my hair today! I did not blew it, i did not style it, i din't anything at all today! I woke up, bathe, dressed and the hair dried by itself! Lol~



'Nuff said! Lol~

Later on, rushed to Leisure Mall for the Judo's 9th Eagle Competition which is held regularly once every year. I think. If i am not mistaken that is.
Brother was there for competition. Even though i have tons of assignments awaits and all are partially either half done or quarter done, i still go and ditch my assignments to give my bro moral support! Lol~ I sat and stare only! Lol~ Moral la tu right??! Lol~

Jeng jeng jeng!!
When we arrived, we saw him sitting there talking and we was like "whatt?? sit only??"

the arena.
gosh! I missed those days when i was in the ARENA and winning medals upon medals! I love that feel of victory and i so understand this tweeps that won and can't stop camho-ing which i think that it is quite annoying! Lol~

Milo is always the sponsoring company!! Bored! Why no other company support la! I think when i was Taekwondo-ing and at competitions, i would very much love to have something else except for milo! 100 Plus maybe~ Lol
cause i don't drink Milo.

He cute ar??
Single lo~ I think~ Lol~

Poser what turf
but he lose! lose all! ahaahahahah!!
still posing! Hahahh~
Thin like babi like that! hate!

Then there was scandal! Yes! even at Judo competitions!

Lame i know!
The one on top is trying to make the opponent weak so that he can lift and thrust.
But the opponent smart, he hid his hands and curled up like a sleeping hamster! Thus the humping position! Lol what turf

then the award ceremony which my brother had no business of so we went home earlier than what i expected and has been sitting in front here at the computer since then.


you know that i love you,
you know that i want you,
you know that i need you so much more,
more than i had before.

But you ignored.

Tickity Talk Talk

I know when i MIA from blog sphere, i will be "away" for a few days but when i am back, i talk a lot or in this case, i type a lot. There is just so many things that i feel like telling the world today cause i am not ashamed like that what turf.

So~ i procrastinated yet again another whole day today and not doing my assignments! In this case, assignment which is WDM cause i went and check out what is required and i found that it is quite easy and might can finish all up last minute. But i need to download a few things like Photoshop and Dreamweaver, so am downloading now but it is taking like forever!~ So the excuse now is, "The stupid farking thing not downloaded yet!how to do la what turf!!"

I check my emails everyday and maybe like gazillion times perday cause i am so busy and famous like that what turf. No~ i check cause i like to check! Lol~ Joking~ Then i received an email title "Wonderful Scenery". So being the gungho bitch about scenery, i was more that excited and i totally hypervetilate when i saw those awesome picture taken from all parts of the world. Then when i scrolled towards the end, mahai! out came a super scary looking blue color boy/ghost, the one from JU ON that goes "ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" non stop and freaked the shit out of me. cause it is wee hours now. Thank a lot Jia Jiat!

On the other side, i saw this really nice pictures of dessert which made me go hungry now! And to make it fair, i want you all to be hungry with me too! Muahahah!!! so here goes!

There!!! My sweet but sinful love! THE LOVE FOR ICE CREAM YA ALL!! Though i am lactose intolerant but i will still eat this babes! Lol~ I got the sinful love for chocolates too but i though you all might be super bored already cause you get to see but not taste! Later you all lick the screen! Lol~

Finally download reached 50% after 3 hours! FML~
Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Tribute to My King of Pop

As everyone would have know, The King of Pop has finally left us and thus the industry is now at a great lost of one really very talented young soul.

I am not being hu ha and only appreciates him when he died. I HAD ALWAYS been a fan, a great fan of him but i don't go around saying "HEY PEOPLE! I LOVE MJ! I THINK I AM GOING TO MARRY HIM WHEN I GROW UP!" Hell no. I am not as such. But his songs plays through my Mp3, Mp4 wherever and in whatever situation i am in.

I jumped up from my morning usual sleep in the car routine when i heard the radio commentator say "We are in a state of shock when we received the news that our King of Pop died of a cardiac arrest." I went what turf and i wanted so so much to replay to hear what i thought i just heard when what i thought i just heard isn't just a thought but was what and how i heard it was.

Thus, i leave it as a defame that people used to pull on MJ when all his life has people defaming it so i thought "what turf! another defame la kns! how can he die? got concert what this July!!!"
Honestly i was that damn pissed off when i thought it was another defame cause i am very looking forward for his world tour concert, his great comeback! Even my cousin from Japan awaits and bought his tickets. Now wasted lo buahahahahahaah!!! erhem~ excuse. I am still sad. Please.

I remember how mum tries to cultivate us, ok it was just only me, to listen more to music as i was quite a loner when i was younger as in 4 years old onwards. Loner was me cause i am very exposed to the "another world" so everywhere i go and do scares me and that holds me back from going to ANYWHERE. Thus grews my love for Elvis Presley and then Michael Jackson. Though i love Elvis more cause he was the first pop king, another era that is but here is my tribute to my first love when i had started to know how to love, and that is to Michael Jackson.

No. I am not going to post a great big ass picture of my idol here like everyone does in their post of tribute for him. I am just going to keep this simple and nice as how i always wanted MJ to be in my heart. A simple yet sweet hearted man with a great big talent hiding all his mystery. I used to think MJ of Phantom of The Opera due to his love for plastic surgery (i think he looks smexy being black though) and thus that plastic replaces the mask and also hides his true inner self. People never wanted to know about him but to just enjoy his Thrillers and Black or White which really represent who he is. He sings about himself. To those that does not or pretend to not know Black or White, go have a hear, you will know what i meant.

I will now miss the original MoonWalk, the Grab Crotch dance, the Glitzy Spinning Wheel spin, his great big sexy high tone "OWWWWW!!" and most of all his smexy "Heyyy" sound which made him sound gay and orgasmic to girls! Lol~

The King of Pop.
Michael Jackson.

A Week of ...(you fill it in)

Presentation week begins. Meaning that i can do less on tutorial and i can just walk into the class without my tutorials and just to have fun sitting there listening to people talking. Some are awesome and some are just, well, a tad bit too plain and i totally ignore and talk to the others.

Within this week itself, i learnt, self learn that is, people would do anything just to get to the top. In this case to get the best or highest marks in presentations. People would go all out to impress and be impressed. People would defame others so that they get all the good sit and sits there and laugh. People would even bring innocent fishes to tutorials and get the tiny fishes all scare when we kept knocking onto it's home howling for it to fight! When that darn fishes just want to swim around and be dandy.

well, i was the one that keep knocking onto it's home and then awaits them to start fighting cause i want to get the best shot of this Fighting Fish. But all i get was them swimming upwards cause i think they boring kept touching the ground. That's my two cent point of view cause i wouldn't know. I am not a fish. Totally homosapien that is typing! Lol~

But those are some awesome looking fighting fishes right? I totally love the white one.

There are also people that wouldn't care about anything or anyone around them and then selfishly lavish themselves in what favors them. Totally being ignorant, 24/7 around the clock and when karma its them, they jumped up and approach you with "What happened just now ar?"

Like this guy here. He sleeps through the whole day in, be it tutorials or lectures. Its like he is a nocturnal and he can't stand when the light hits his eyes and he must have it kept shut.
There are even more pictures of him sleeping but i think one picture speaks a thousand words. Ok~ i totally changed that say! haha what turf.

People always say that, after a hard week, it is time for all be it monkeys donkeys frogs or anything in between to rest and savors their one week of sowing. Then it will be reaping again for the week ahead. Ok~ so i totally sow and reap myself in the pool today and was omfgwtfbbq awesome fun!

totally wasted and dewasted myself out in the pool today and i think my swimming got better! I am currently on a train to regain my last time record of two minute under water, to regain my stamina, that is what i wanted to say.

So i cam-ho while waiting for the other which are my aunt, mummy, cousin brother and his wife to all get ready and head out to have brunch. I was so so hungry here after two hours swimming! Solid swim ok~ Cause i am aiming the V body shape! Yeays!

then i went and run around holding the camphone and started snapping pictures with thy loved nephews! Here is Yuan playing the comp when a minute ago he shouted,"Yi!! come and take a picture of me playing the computerrr~"
Then when i took it, he look away! what turf! xD

I then plushed back down to the chair and there comes my happy family!
I heart them! And especially loves this two rascal which had bring me higher up to the family hierarchy and made me a proud Aunty.

Though i am only 19.
Friday, June 26, 2009

I Got Unwinded

It was helluva week for me and with the help of my classmates, we, the three newbies got ourselves all comfy and laughing all the way through out classes and lectures too till i got my name, my surname that is, called out for laughing and giggling all the way what turf!

Got a few things all rolled up and packed up to be handed up to the lecturers, thus a heavy burden lifted of thy shoulders. Me and another besttie got really close and good to the few of the students in class too. Not much cam-ho-ing pictures cause we had got no time, but the rest does! So i had all my studies look, my terkejut look, my cheeky look, my sleeping picture etc all over in their phone till i had got no idea how much and how widely spread it is now! xD Oh wells, they wouldn't make use of my pictures la~

Meet a blogger that day in college when i was in a state of auntism and was in the state of pandarism too cause i did not sleep the night before sweating on my law report. I must say, we met and stared at each other in the most awkward situation ever but nonetheless, i am happy that you know who am i and now we acknowledge each other. Hope this friendship last a mile longer on each mile.

Slept very very less this few days thus the eyebags. Hm~ wonder whether has i grown thinner?? Cause rest less and eat less plusing the stress. Stresses would be more appropriate. Then why do the rest still has the time for OO Night or whatever shit nights that they are having! Can't they like do it abit more glamourous and please, don't reuse things that were use for the newbies of 2008 at the year of 2009! That shows poverty! Lol~

Other than that i am still very very healthy, not H1N1 affector and affectee. Bro isn't one too but he has all the syndrome! what turh~ and i saw an awesome pink furry mask for the H1N1 today! But why furry??what turf
Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Screwed

Things are getting more and more out of hand and i am getting more and more forgetful towards things that i should complete and by when. And now i am struggling. Struggling in between procrastination and plain stupidity, not forgetting ignorance. Yes, i totally ignore all this current course work thinking that i will have plenty of time to do it later on and it will be an easy thing, tip tap here and there and it will be all done. Hell no! And so i am stuck now. Stuck between a stupid law report, a 10 pages content blog and a draft that is really unnecessary to do. As if we had had not enough of things in hand! what turf.

So you might say, "then why still have the time to blog?", i told ya it's procrastination my dear readers.. And the thing that is running through my mind now is that i should just go early to bed and have a very refreshed mind the next day and then to continue the report tomorrow. Within an hour or so and be able to copy copy here and there with friends, instead of fretting like a hot cow here. But~ What if it does not turn out to be what i think it suppose to be?? So~ i am still here still thinking what should i do now. To go to sleep as planned or to do the report, in which i had no idea on how to do and i might just ended up sitting here in front of the laptop and continue surfing the web/playing games online till the wee hours of the morning AGAIN! Pheww~ Adding to the fact that my eye bags are really getting more and more visible, i should opt for "Sleep Early".

I don't know what to do!

OMG! sigh~ I think i should really really go to sleep and why i has this feeling that i am asking and answering my own question?? Please~ I hope that i would manage to finish all up. I am really that tired now. Tired till i could sleep till judgment day!
Monday, June 22, 2009

TOEFL English

For once in the past 5 weeks, i had been wasting my precious time going all the way to Setapak from Cheras by public just to attend the one hour or was it one and a half hour English class and then waste another 3 hours just to reach home, then i sleep through out the day cause too damn tired.

I love languages. English, Bahasa Melayu, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin.. you name it and as long as it is a language, i don't mind if i were to have to learn it. I even sacrifice time just to go to the pathetic one hour class ok. Even so, the class and the teacher isn't as great as once i thought college's English classes would be a tad bit more harder compared to the secondary level. Sadly, it's the same. Blardy same. We still have to learn the present tenses, past tenses, conjunctions, the -a and -an vocals, those ironic phrase that i like so so much etc.

During my first year second semester in college, i was so happy to see that i will have English class as one of the unit and i told myself, "hey! that's a secured A!". Yes, i am proud like that and i did get my A! An A+. Sorry i show off like that cause i am vain like that! Lol~ Then there wasn't any more English classes till now. But it doesn't have any difference, just that we have to do more live performance spontaneously like making your own advertisement in what ever form and tell them why we chose that medium, you know, things like that.
You know what, i don't know how to relate my college's English class's standard to the topic that i want to say, The TOEFL English.


To those that doesn't know TOEFL, it is Test Of English as a Foreign Language which is a standardized test of English for academic purposes, and is commonly used in university programs as a benchmark of proficiency in English for entrance requirements. Which also means that TOEFL brings English to a whole new level compared to what we used to study over and over again for 13 years! The same whole fucking thing for 13 years and yet there are people that still fail English what turf.

As a language lover, i would surely love to bring and test myself to which stage i could go and then stop and scream "I had enough!!" which i hope is from a high altitude in life. I would love to learn TOEFL. Reason?
Cause i planned to work and travel. People told me not to be so stupid cause there aren't work and travel and things aren't as clear cut as how it was made sound to us. But no harm giving TOEFL a try and then only i decide on the work and travel case right? Initial plan was to study till i get Advanced Diploma in E-commerce and Marketing. Yes, read again, TARC only has Adv Diploma and not Degree which i think is a waste of time doing Adv. And money.

I believe so that TOEFL can bring me far, if i pass my TOEFL that is and if i could and i would, once i am outta this country, i won't be back. With the whole family of course. People always say that grass are greener on the other side of the world. Personally, i don't think so. You still have to strive hard and be treated as an immigrant. But at least, the money currency or value there are greener than this side of the world ok! That i believe! So let's rephrase people, its~ "Money value are greener on the other side of the world"

pst, i got no class today! Going to watch "Drag Me To Hell"! Finally!
Friday, June 19, 2009

Should I Or Should I Not??!

Should i or should i not?




I really can't decide on it!!!

Me Love!

Never had i thought that time flies, flies as fast as this. In a year time, I am now in my second year and in a blink, i will finish my diploma! FINISH DIPLOMA! When I feel like i was just a newborn. I still can remember when once i had straws fetishes, i used to drink using it where ever and when ever i had the chance too. Then on one fine Sunday, daddy gave me a foldable straw and i was so fond of it that i used two hands to hold it and i forgot about the porcelain cup and down it went. I was so shocked that i will get canning from my mum, i ran quickly out straight from the house door towards the porch barefooted! I did not get canning but i got laughed at. what turf!

If i must too, i have got a lot of childhood stories that i can tell cause i remember those vividly cause i was so cute like that what turf! I was a fat little girl that when people walked past me even strangers, they would stop abruptly and give me a pinch on the cheeks or a big fat hug that suffocates. Then i would just laugh. They said i was cute. But i think(as now i look back with pictures)i was too awfully fat! And i feel disgusted. That's why now diet lo!! Lol~
Point is, NOW SECOND YEAR COLLEGE ALREADY! My friends ditched me and went head on with presentation cause their name starts with A and mine is V! what turf! Why wasn't i named with early alphabets too??! But i still love my name! ^^

The two besstie cum presenter of the day!
Amelia so proud what turf! You watch out girl! Lol~

we both hate our own hair cause of the faded colors that made our hair looked like our head rusted or something like that! Like lala what turf~
So we were thinking of blonde-ing ourselves.. We want something outrageously chio but can't decide on it!

Us again!!! Yes! Bleuks!
And the duo! This funny extravagant duo! Me Loves!
Yi Shuan and Wei Gen. And we both got hard time remembering their name cause it is MANDARIN!!
Actually they just slipped into our picture but they still can smile like they were supposed to be in this picture! Lol!

The camho-er! Lol~ And yes, she is booked people! Lol~

Then we went back together and we yet again do the silliest thing ever!! Lol~

Not only that i lean to it
i scraped it!
with my ticket!!! Lol~
Look at my gleeful face! hahahaah!
*picture by Amelia*

She too then join in the fun and started to scraped the paints off too!
with her nails!!!

Kami Anak Malaysia!!
Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! xD
Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Smiled

I smiled. And always will be smiling or not, laughing. Non-stop. But I don't care that people think that i am crazy for laughing or just simply being amused at things or speech that might sound lame and not funny to others, but it is too me.

People including my family members always assumed that i had no worries at all cause I always laugh things off. When i fall down, i laugh at myself for being silly and tripped over. When i failed my exams, i laugh about it and say that God gave me a slow brain, what to do?. When people around me scold and framed me for no reason, i just shut up and still laugh it off hoping for things to get better. Truth is, when i fall, i feel pain but i still laugh cause i don't want others to be pitiful towards me cause i am not pitiful. When i failed exams, I am so sad, sad beyond words so i laugh it off trying to fool myself wishing that it is all going to be alright.When i get misunderstood for things that i don't even know what happened, you all will never know the feeling of my heart that is crushed beneath all the heavy burdensome lies that people talk about me.

I had live my 19 years of life smiling and laughing in no matter what situation, hoping for a better turn out but people just don't appreciate.
The always smiling me doesn't mean that i got no worries. The always smiling me doesn't mean that i got no thoughts of my own. The always smiling me is just to hide the inner true me.
Sigh~ So i will just SMILED. no more SMILE.
Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Awesomely Madness!

Mad hot today and the few days ago and the few weeks ago and the few months ago! Can die what turf! And burn fats! Lol~

Today's class was "awesomely" boring! It's like today is super special that none of the class interest me! Not even Business Law! Let the picture do all the explanation and here are my say of "When You Know You Chose The Wrong Course To Be In!" by Victoria Poh Must cite la~ Or else people go copy right it themselves! xD

when friends start to camho you and you just strike a pose and say "Cheese"!
In her case, its "HAHAHAHAHAHAH"! Lol~ Madness!

when you got so bored of camho-ing people and things around you, you start to camho yourself! xD
see my pink nails! chio or no?!

when you rather sacrifice sleeping time and think that you can sleep in class and still pass with great grades! Ain't this girl and besttie of mine super awesome!
So i shall name her the Sleeping Ho! Lol~

when everyone is misusing the computer even though there were no internet connection, they some how find simple web building tools like paint and start to just sit there and do coloring!
Lol what turf! I still love them all!*muackx*

btw, realized that a lot of computer are not on?!
That is how TARC's computer lab is~ Got loads of computers, but can't use! Double sweat!

when you start to camho with friends that sits a sit away from you!
see my sepek eyes! Lol~

the multi million dollar capture! Lol~

Love ya all! continue reading my not so interesting post ok!?
Bye for now!
Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Something i looked forward too this days though i am not a big fan of it.

Yes, crazy as i am, i was very insightfully delighted to see those big fat fluffy dark clouds that i just feel like running fast and make a super jump up high and hang on to one of the clouds and squeeze out whatever and how ever many amount of water it contained in there.

what turf~ it did not rain.
and it made the world hotter! what turf~
Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Vox!

Hell yes! There is another vox online and that is not me. It is not even my own hosting domain what ever what ever, but i got surprised to see vox.com when i vainly tried to google myself. Instead, i got to Vox, or something like that the link. If the link doesnt work, just google Vox!

To add to the irony of it, i still name the blog Voice of Expression and i still name myself vox. Surprisingly, that name is still available and the blog add too. So i am going to stick to it and try my very best to update here and there. In fact, i updated a post at vox.com and now i am updating here. Sometimes i feel so stupid that i had to tell of the same thing twice at different places. First, it made me sound like a despo and am begging people to please notice me and read me. Well, hello~ News flash, I am not! And i will not be attn seeker. Hell no! Secondly, don't you all just feel dumb and annoyed that you have to repeat things twice, let the arena of different place to stand.. Well, i feel that it is stupid and actually a waste of time. Though i know some would just copy paste! Whst turf~

So yes, the bottom line is i would post twice of the DIFFERENT thing on the DIFFERENT blog site. that is if i update la ok~ What turf! This days i had only Malaysian Law assignments for breakfast, Business Communication studies for lunch and Fundamentals of Marketing for dinner. I even had supper lately with my Web Page Design for Marketing. Ain't my life cool! Makan buku, tidur Buku, main Buku!! lol~

If you all want to be Vox, then you all could visit the another side of me here at Voice of Expression which is the second blog! Who wants to make a bet that Vox can't last long with two blogss????!
Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh My God

Title will be a tiny winny bit of misleading i guess~ But well, your author here is also a tiny winny bit lazy for words so i shall picturized it all for the few days that i had not blog. Picture is random and not in any order..

The famous durian and coconut cendol in Malacca that i ate the other day and i still can taste the taste of the rich durian in my mouth.
And no, i BRUSHED my mouth ok~

The super fake and commercialized Malacca tree! So fake and so commercialized how Malacca has been and i feel that they are on this tiny winny bit of being too over commercialized in promoting the greatest Land of History in Malaysia till they almost stappled everything there
what turf~

It is easy and legal to change my own gifted name.
Though i sound like i am some retard kiddy in big human body with that name here~
Can i say what turf~ My name is Victoria with a R-I-A, not L-I-A~

It seems that my new classmates adorns and loves black as much as i do too! Now i have every reason to shout to the world telling how i very the love my classmates!
And they ARE my elements! Love~
*eh got X on my table like X-Men wtf* xD

Now i'm speechless, over the haze i can't see ya~
So don't blame her if she knock ya~
Cause we'r all blinded by the haze~


FAT #2
And yes, i post two fat picture of me cause i like to humiliate myself like that
what turf~

The weather is wilting me every by the second now and god, the haze~ I thought i got allergies with my geolens cause i see things at a very unclear sight and i was worried sick! Then only i realized that the haze got worst as days goes by...
Even after a heavy storm. Only God can create a miracle and clean the air now.Fast.
Thursday, June 11, 2009

And Then

And then she decided that she was too lazy to blog about her last two days in Malacca with the reason that she is busy with her assignments and tutorials but has the time to online as soon as she reach home.

And then she decided to not continue her 365 project but just to continue doing normal post with the reason that she always need to memorize the number of the post before hitting the "New Post" tab and then quickly jotting down the following number before her puny brain forgets. Also with the reason that she does not blog constantly now due to procrastinationS, she has lost count, literally, with the amount of post that she did and how much she need to continue. Lastly, she still don't get the difference of that project with the normal blog post, with the exception that we jot down AGAIN the date that Blogspot.com has for our post. Ridiculous ain't it??

And then, she was so angry today and she burst all her unhappiness and sorrow and frustrations to the uncle that sells book at her college canteen. Partly was his wrong because he seemed and sound like he doesn't want to sell the Malaysian Law book to her and kept making her go asking for it hour by hour day by day~
Her outburst also sourced from her tension-ness with her new college semester and she seem to be unable to keep up with the pace pathed by her other collagemates! She wants a really good long vacation in Bali and does spa cheaply, everyday~

And then to make her day today even worse, her wisdom toothS had finally realized the boredom of being engulfed by gums and decided that today is the best day to keep on continuing growing out~ and might last for the next week, or the next two, or the next three? FML~
I can't even open my mouth to talk, laugh, chew, bite with having the tingle of pain! Does God take away wisdom tooth miracously if i be a good girl and ask and pray everyday, day and night?

And then the public transport were the only thing that finally made her sigh in a sigh of relief when it came aften 5 minutes of her waiting and reached home earlier than expected. But fml too cause i had been in college for 9 hours straight for classes and i might sumarrize myself as NERD! NO WHAT TURFFF~

There were so many "and then" in life that made us kept saying "if only i knew"... Coincidence never exist, i believe~ I believe that eveyrthing moves and rotates around with a purpose made and assigned by the hands above.

*her last~ And then he eyes now has this prickly pokey feeling and it is annoying shit ok!!! Fuck weh! So i am going to go sleep now and keeps eye close~
Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Malacca Prophetic Seminar

This is such a back date post that i procrastinated for 4 days to do this post with the reason that i am too tired and i have loads of things to do, which i don't, for the time being and just wasted my time Bejeweled Blitz-ing ... FML~

oh wait! I just counted! I procrastinate three days only! Fuu~


This was a Thursday, where i got class till 6.30 p.m but i skipped it and quickly rushed down to Kuala Lumpur and waited for mum and drove all the way back to Cheras just to bathe and then out again, heading straight to Puduraya Station. My first time there and i think it is awesome, minusing the funny smell, the overcrowded-ness, and the amount of foreigners there! It was like an old fashioned untaken care of mall in the station itself! How chio right!

Then we were directed to our bus but this funny ticket man whom directed us to the wrong bus, almost boarding it to Johor! what turf~ Then luckily my aunt realized the accident made and quickly got down before we were shipped there illegally~ Lol~

Finally settled down and awaits the 2 hour drive to Malacca.
Yes, i looked tired i know, i saw the eyebags, i notice the unruly hair~
Don't have to pint point ok~ Lol~

This is my point of view. Me from an altitude!
You know why?? Because! I finally get a wish come true and that is to be seated on a double deckered bus WITHOUT being in London!
Except for the altitude, nothing much impressive about Malaysia's double deckers.
It is fucking small! No place to even walk up and down, or make out! Lol what turf~

Reached exactly thw hours later, with no R&R that almost cause me to pee in my pants all the way there and the fucking sit is so unadjustable cause the space is equals to no space, i nearly broke my neck! xD
Greeted by my another aunty and was taken back for a good night rest~ A room by myself! wee~


I should count this as the first day. Woke up really early cause i am not used to other people's things especially bed. So had a great long morning chat with the aunty that i feel i am so near the twilight of being an aunty! Lol~

To church then!! And the folks here are really very different from my own church. People here all worships like nobody's business and they don't mind kneeling down and shouting out loud in praises~They just enjoy worshiping God. How i wish my church people would just leave their ego down and worship like there is no tomorrow! That would be awesome right!

Then they had this really big space outside meant for cafeteria purposes, for us to just sit down, eat and talk..

Where there is food, they will be crowds...
How come i don't see that in many needy homes~ PEOPLE~

Their senior pastor, Pastor James who married a Chinese lady named Pastor Maggie..

The founder of Prophetic Seminar, Pastor Paul Ang who married an Indian lady named Pastor Christina Ang

Invited speakers from India which is very comical and i did not sleep and listened through out! How awesome!

The super duper awesome band and the cute saxophone guy! Oh my god, i'd fell for any guy who knows how to play the saxophone!

The handsome yet talented song leader which i got a so not flaterring picture of him here singing! Great awesome voice~

The two beautiful sweet voice back up singers!
Excuse my big flab! Lol~

Ok~ i shall continue my days 2 and 3 in the next post cause the uploading of the photos are melodramatically slow and i got better things to do than to wait it load.
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