Sunday, June 28, 2009

Judo-ism Is Back

It has been so so long since i remember myself being in the church's combined service, sitting there at the main sanctuary, listening to choirs practicing their songs and looking at the comical looking coordinator which is that darn talented, looking at ushers walking up and down not doing their thing, speculating the "interior design of the day" and make self comment... sigh~ good old days when i was younger and not that busy.

Brother did not go to church today and so i camho like hell in the car cause i love my hair today! I did not blew it, i did not style it, i din't anything at all today! I woke up, bathe, dressed and the hair dried by itself! Lol~



'Nuff said! Lol~

Later on, rushed to Leisure Mall for the Judo's 9th Eagle Competition which is held regularly once every year. I think. If i am not mistaken that is.
Brother was there for competition. Even though i have tons of assignments awaits and all are partially either half done or quarter done, i still go and ditch my assignments to give my bro moral support! Lol~ I sat and stare only! Lol~ Moral la tu right??! Lol~

Jeng jeng jeng!!
When we arrived, we saw him sitting there talking and we was like "whatt?? sit only??"

the arena.
gosh! I missed those days when i was in the ARENA and winning medals upon medals! I love that feel of victory and i so understand this tweeps that won and can't stop camho-ing which i think that it is quite annoying! Lol~

Milo is always the sponsoring company!! Bored! Why no other company support la! I think when i was Taekwondo-ing and at competitions, i would very much love to have something else except for milo! 100 Plus maybe~ Lol
cause i don't drink Milo.

He cute ar??
Single lo~ I think~ Lol~

Poser what turf
but he lose! lose all! ahaahahahah!!
still posing! Hahahh~
Thin like babi like that! hate!

Then there was scandal! Yes! even at Judo competitions!

Lame i know!
The one on top is trying to make the opponent weak so that he can lift and thrust.
But the opponent smart, he hid his hands and curled up like a sleeping hamster! Thus the humping position! Lol what turf

then the award ceremony which my brother had no business of so we went home earlier than what i expected and has been sitting in front here at the computer since then.


you know that i love you,
you know that i want you,
you know that i need you so much more,
more than i had before.

But you ignored.


leechon said...

hahaa...really supportive lah being ur brother's sister..though so much assignments..y u din continue leh

Victoria said...

hahaha! anyhow anywho still my brother what.

continue what yea leechon?

fluotone said...

I know.. I know.. don't emo ok!

Victoria said...


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