Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Twisted World


With this world filled with technologies as such of Internets, SMS, MMS and much much more, that it made our world move so fast and things get twisted in many ways and forms too. Have you ever wonder how twisted the story had been compared to the original ones when that fake and twisted piece of it reached your ears? You wouldn't even want to know or at least try to believe the original one then.. Cause the fake and twisted ones are just so awesome, and it just sounds so sweet~

It is so twisted that they even try to twist fruits as such of oranges and apples and try to make buyers think that the producers used twisting methods which will squeeze all the juices from the fruits till the bery last drop and you will get your 100% vitamin. You get what you pay for!
Not till you try it, then please don't make judgements on eye-held matters~

I was in the mall for nearly two hours today and all i see are couples. Guy and girl, girl and girl, guy and guy, lesbian and lesbian, gay and gay, you name it, they had it all! And what surprises me more is when i see this...

What turf!! Even can drinks are in a pair and did you notice the hole made onto the wall? It is in pair too what turff~

This world is so twisted that even college students can't take hold of it and needs rest away from it from time to time.

It is just so complicated that you will instantly wear out your mind and you feels lethargic and an instant rest is needed, no matter where you are..

In fact, it is so twisted that you burned your brain trying to figure out what cause stories to be twisted when passed from ear to ear and how to prevent it which causes a lot of misunderstandings~ This can be proven when we had been trying to wake her up from being stress for about 5 minutes..

After 5 minutes..
Miracles do happen after what i experience today. This lil girl had finally woke up when she hears the word FOOD! after all the crying out loud for her to wake up, it seems that there are only one magic word for it!
Not that twisted after all ey?!

Moral of the story is, we should always sit on the things that we hear, see, smell, listen, taste, feel, touch and ponder upon it and trys very hard to solve it or just to get the facts right! Then you can argue your way up to your ass and no want would even care.
So, don't try to be a stuck up or a Miss/Mr Know-It-All when you never know the facts and embarassment is what you get at the end of the day.

* i am still wondering what to bring tomorrow! Big question is, should i bring my laptop along? though i doubt there got wireless and i have to carry another heavy thing~ I would not bring should be~
* I will be away for awile starting from tomorrow and you will see me back here on this coming sunday and i will bug your life again~


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